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This is the hub for all of my workings. I focus on narratives, reviews, writing and essays. The end goal is to improve as an artist and as a content creator, bringing value to people while developing my skills, and to one day elevate myself to the status of full-time artist. Here are some helpful links.

The Solune Prince

Alice and Finch

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At the moment I am restarting Alexandre Dirge‘s story, and writing a second draft for The Solune Prince. Additionally, I’m starting the second drafts of Evidence, and Alice and Finch. On the side, I am also seeking to improve my artistry skills in the medium of pencils and coloured pencils. That venture is to be found more on my instagram than anywhere else.

I personally recommend starting with Alice and Finch, it’s a more lighthearted and contains less violence and politics than other pieces. If you’re looking for something more edgy and longform, check out the Evidence series, although be wary, as the quality is that of a rough first draft.

Alternatively if you’re only looking for light reading, you can head to my entry, Astore Lungeblade. Finally, if you’re confused about anything in the world of Dawngale, Chloe Rhye and I are building an Encyclopædia and a Index of Characters.

Finally, you may choose to find your own way via the Table of Contents, or the most recent submissions.

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