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Hello, welcome to my fiction blog. This website mostly functions as a workshop for my my writings. You’ll find serialized novels and short stories, as well as the occasional poem and more traditional blog post. A new post is guaranteed every Thursday at 10am.

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The Solune Prince (new!)



Alice and Finch

The Hero and the Star


I personally recommend starting with Alice and Finch, it’s more lighthearted and well composed than other pieces. You might want to browse the short stories or poems. Or, you may choose to find your own way via the Table of Contents, or the most recent submissions.

Nearly all of my content takes place in a fictional setting, Dawngale/Duskride. (More generally called the Overside and the Underside.) Most of my work so far seems to be localized in the Solune Kingdom and the Plainkind Desert east of it, although Span takes place in the N’Tarial lands, and The Solune Prince is to be set in the Lussa City.

Current Projects

  • Thinking through the third attempt of The Solune Prince.
  • Span, on and off.
  • Actually improving my planning and drafting abilities—and writing, of course.
  • The Second Draft of Alice and Finch
  • Improving visual arts

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