The Solune Prince

Chloe Rhye is a recluse. She needs nothing from the world, and so, she just reads…but what if the world needs something from her?

Her father, the King of the Solune gets a letter. An ancient kingdom, thought to be lost in history, is still ruled by her own distant bloodline, and needs help…

NOTE: The Solune Prince is (likely) back on track! [TSP: The Solune Prince – A Serial; a new chapter Thursday morning, every 2nd week (or more!)]

The Solune Prince Chapters

“First Draft Status”: This is, essentially, the first draft of this work. (Though it’s been edited at least once, since I handwrite and then transcribe.) As a result, certain things, such as the beginning, aren’t as well written as they should be. Characters may be a little inconsistent, details may get forgotten, scenes may be too brief or too long, and pacing may be…Jagged in some places.

Nonetheless, it is all here for your consideration. Please enjoy.

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Readings (Audiobook Version)

The audio recording / audiobook version is read by me and has no specific release time (unlike the text version)

The soundcloud recordings are generally one or two chapters behind, to keep interest in the originals. The YouTube only has the beginning live right now because I am struggling with video editing software. It should be caught up with the soundcloud in a few weeks.

Supplementary Content

Analytic and Reflective Essays

Chloe Rhye

Alexandre Dirge

Everything Else

Please note that the TSP Preview was made for the second draft. Some things may be different in the third draft.

Material from the Old Draft

Somewhat Relevant Chloe Rhye Art.

Chloe Pen - Copy



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