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The Solune Prince

Chloe Rhye was a recluse. She needs nothing from the world, and so, she just reads…but the world needed something from her. Her father, the King of the Solune gets a letter. An ancient kingdom, thought to be lost in history, is still ruled by Chloe’s own distant bloodline, and needs help…

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When she arrived in the Lussa City, she could tell she was in a land similar to her own, but stark and silvery in differences. When she was not learning, she would explore the city; it was friendly and loud.

But she got used to the flow of life in a City State. When she was not reading or training, Chloe would explore the city. She was especially sad about the lack of libraries—here, knowledge was held by experts and law tomes.

TSP: The Solune Prince – A Serial (which is currently on hold while I’m in classes)

The Solune Prince Chapters

Volume 1

Volume 2

Coming Soon (under revision)

Note: Chapters 34 and after are being re-edited, while the chapters below (42+) are being delisted and will have major reworks/rewrites. I will be re-uploading updated versions of 34+ and then uploading brand new versions of 36+.

(This table is not always 100% up to date. Please see the tag for the newest chapters.)

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I once thought my sister could hear it. I thought it was the screams of the spirit of Ethics. Now I know that it is only I. As I matured, I recognized hers as my own adult voice. My hormones, my soul. An agonizing cry that called for Justice.

Note: The Solune Prince is back!

(For more information on the now past hiatus, check out this blog.)

“Manuscript Status”

Although all chapters have been proofread at least once, this is an early version (usually second or third draft) of what is ultimately a work in progress; a manuscript.

Characters may be a little inconsistent or in need of development, details may get forgotten, scene and description may be too brief or too long, and pacing may be…jagged in some places.

Nonetheless, it is all here for your consideration, and it’s good enough that I’m willing to publish it on my website, so nonetheless Please Enjoy.

Essays, Blogs, Journals

Analytics essays, as well as reflective journals (or blogs) that I’ve written on the Solune Prince.

Readings (Audiobook Version)

The audio recording / audiobook version is read by me and has no specific release time (unlike the text version)

The Soundcloud recordings are quite a few chapters behind. The YouTube only has the first couple chapters up. As of writing this, I’ve used up all my free Soundcloud space, so it’s stuck where it is. I intend to move to another service soon (likely Audiomack, and perhaps YouTube).

Supplementary Content


Chloe Rhye

Alexandre Dirge

Everything Else

Please note that the TSP Preview was made for the second draft. Some things may be different in the third draft.

Material from the Old Draft

Somewhat Relevant Chloe Rhye Art.

Chloe, TSP, Arena 1 2019-06-23 - Copy
Chloe Pen - Copy
Chloe - Killer Chloe crop.jpg

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