I’m Daniel Triumph, and I write with a focus on the characters and settings of Dawngale. On the web, my handle is usually @DaniellTriumph or @DanielTriumph.

My goal is to improve as an artist and as an individual. Cicero stated that a good piece of orature should “Teach, delight, and move.” That’s what I want. I want to develop my skills to allow for depth and engagement in my work. I aim to do it by practising and applying my abilities through writing and review, but also through studying and applying literary techniques.

You can find me online, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, or DeviantArt.

Thanks for coming to this page, I’d love to hear anything you’ve got to say. Liked a story or series? Tell me! Thought something was rubbish? I’d love to know. I welcome feedback and criticism.

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