The Solune Prince: Posters Part2; or Alice’s Wondrous Cooking

The Solune Prince

Novella 1

Chapter 7: Posters Part2; or Alice’s Wondrous Cooking

Not since her final year in study had Chloe done so much in a single day. Talking with Finch, meeting the Djeb woman, Senica, encountering Alexandre, making posters, and then the assassination. Assassination attempt. She was so drained that she barely made it home. She reached the city gates, exited, and then re-entered the castle.

“Chloe!” It was her mother.

“I cannot…”

Gwenhime could tell by face that, even though she had good news, it would be best received in the morning.


Chloe fell face down on the bed. She craned her neck to face the window above her, and then her eyes pacified.

Alexandre… Alexandre and who? I wonder if that Djeb woman would come. What does she study? I should not have brushed her off. She is from the south, she said. How strange. What is in the south? I wonder if anyone will look at the posters. I should… add a time and place to them… so people know, so I know when to meet.

Vision returned and she took a few notes, and then slept.


In the morning Chloe, forgetting that her mother had a message for her, left the castle early and headed to Alice and Finch’s house. Finch was still asleep when she arrived.

Alice was cooking with fire. Chloe had witnessed this before; the younger woman would take the cover off of her stove, light the wood within it, and cook over the open hole.

“We mostly have eggs, because they’re cheap. And moose too!” Alice said.

She had already cracked seven of them into her little pan, so Chloe wasn’t sure why it was being brought up, especially in a manner that implied she had any other options.

“Can you hold?”

Chloe took the pan. “You know that I burn things, so, ah, whatever you’re doing, do it fast.”

Alice laughed, stated that eggs could not be burned, and then returned from the indoor cellar with vegetables and a block of white cheese. She cut them into small bits and, even though the pan was well past maximum capacity, added it all in.

She took over again and said, “Crush me some salt and pepper, yes?”

Chloe found their salt stones and peppercorn, and threw them into the mortar and pestle on the kitchen counter and mashed.

“Ah, I want to add a location and time to all the posters we made.”

“Yes! When do you leave then?”

“The third. So, the day after tomorrow. That’s a guess, but it rides on the assumption that Lilllith would like to rest at least one night before leaving again.

Alice nodded, and then yelled as a piece of something went into the fire.

“You should have used a bigger pan.”

“This is the bigger pan!”


Finch woke up around the time that food was ready.

“Usually I cook, you know.” He made sure to inform them.

“I know, and you cook like a normal person too, with the stove elements in the stove, and coals for heat.”

They finished—it was very well made—and updated the posters. Chloe decided that the date they used would be the day of Lilllith’s arrival, at noon.

They hit the university right as it opened, and had enough materials for each building. The cafeteria was their last stop, as it generally was not in use until lunch time. It was not empty when they got there. Senica was present, as well as a dark-haired person sleeping in the far corner. They put up a poster, and then a second after a few excited urgings from Alice, since it seemed they had extras. When Alice and Chloe finished putting up both ads, they turned back and saw Finch talking with the Djeb woman.

“Yeah,” he said, “my morning class doesn’t start for another hour or so. I definitely have time. Why don’t we sit?”

“Sure,” Senica replied.

“Me too!” Alice jumped in.

Chloe sat with them for a while. Senica, it seemed, was an anthropologist, which explained why she had lived in the south: for study.

“So, I am conducting a few surveys. I have talked to the university, and I’ve set up this booth here.” She handed them clipboards. “Do you all have pens?”

“No!” Alice said with glee.

“Okay, you can use mine.” Senica turned to Chloe, “Hello again, what was your name?”

“The name is Chloe.” She paused, then added, “Chloe Rhye.”

“Wonderful, would you add your data?”

“No thank you.”

During the short survey, Finch managed to fish out some information from Senica; she was born and educated in the Djeb, that anthropology seemed far more developed there than in the Solune kingdom—he even got her to admit that she was engaged.

“No ring?” Finch flashed his own.

“Oh, that is not customary in the Djeb, so no. Maybe after the marriage.”


Chloe asked, “How long are you staying in the kingdom?”

“Not very long. Conducting studies doesn’t actually pay very well, so I just go wherever he does. For now, we are here.”

“What does he do, to have enough to support both of you?”

“Ah!” Alice jumped up, “Work!”

“Well—” Senica stopped to watch Alice. The Plainkind woman tripped out of the room, waking up the sleeping individual on her way out.

Chloe looked to see, and they locked eyes. She recognized her from last night—the dark haired girl in the corner was the failed assassin! She gave Chloe a cheery smile, watched Alice leave, and then went back to sleep. The girl, Ammelia was her name, seemed to fit in with the university very well, looking like a typical sleep-deprived student, asleep in the cafeteria.

“When does she work?” Senica asked.

“Still has an hour probably,” Finch replied, “she just likes to be early. She’s likely to be Captain soon you know, what with Natasha Rhye ascending to Captain Commander.”

“Really? Well, thanks for participating. We’ll compile this for the university before we go. You should grab a copy of the journal!”

“Did you talk to her?” Chloe motioned to the person in the corner.

“No. She’s actually not a student here. She looks quite sickly too.”


“And did you see her leg? I saw when I got here. It’s bandaged and pink.”


“Blood pink.” Senica had the uncanny look of maternity, “Although I don’t think it’s still bleeding, it must have been pretty bad when it was, to go through all that expensive cloth.”

“And you said she was here when you arrived?”

“Yes—and I got here quite early! Likely she came some time last night. This building is always open, you know? For the students.”

I believe I have an idea of when she arrived…

“Well, if your husband is interested,” She gave Senica one of the extra posters, “Feel free to join the Lussa expedition. In fact, if you do, I will answer your list of questions.”

Senica read it over. “You’re working for royalty?”

“I am the royalty.”

Senica’s eyes widened.

They spoke for a while longer, and then Finch left for class. Senica folded the poster and followed him out to meet her fiancé. Chloe was left behind, but not alone. She stood and moved to sit across from her Lussa visitor. She intended to wait, but eventually she lost focus and her mind wavered.

Senica the anthropologist, Alexandre the Kemist, and who… me the historian? That might make a decent team, but if feels like we are missing a leg from this table. I wonder…

She wondered herself to sleep.

Daniel Triumph.

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Link to Alice and Finch; my first novel.


Untitled (or “I Remember My Life”)

I remember my life of Eden.

In my first few years, something akin to freedom.

And when they caught up with her one day

I was thrown away just to be saved

Imprisoned, she’s gone

Liberated, I seem.

Then, I was seven, and all alone.

I could hunt, and kill, and gather food

But that was all. I barely knew how

To speak. Not that I had anyone

With whom to do so with; was alone.

Weep not for I am far better now.

It was some years before I found one

With whom I could speak, but I did not

Know her language and she would run off

And hide from me. She was a spirit.

She liv’d of the water, and in it.

She was the only one who would let

Me see her. She, once we were friends, taught

Me her language. The language

Of Däwngale and her children.

Now I speak four of her languages. Mine,

Elken. His, N’Tariel. Solune,

And hers, the language of Nixies.

We learned from each other and taught

All we knew. She said we would be sep-

Arated in some years, forever. She

Was wrong, but she was worried always.

Years pass’d and I bled into womanhood.

It was and it is an annoyance.

Gift from the mother to the daughter

To be a mother and enter her—

Enter her eternity. To fill the voids.

This I would do much later.

It was around this time I started

To explore the north woods. I went south

And almost got taken in by a

Tribe, caught in the age of stones. I left.

I would not return for many years.

I explor’d and avoided all those

Who could speak but were not spirits. But

There was a tenacious boy who saw

Me. He enter’d the death trance, I saw.

He had to know me, he said. I ran

As far away as I could. I hid

For many weeks. And the terrible

Mother Däwngale had a plan for me.

My time was near, and she said “re-turn.”

I did not listen. The Nixies laugh’d,

And I wept. I enter’d the death trance.

I too would know him, I decided.

I returned to the south but he was


I am to blame, I pray’d I ask’d Him.

And I grieved and I slept there on Earth.

And I woke and he was there I saw.

I woke and looked through the trees I saw.

Daniel Triumph.

I may write more, in time.

Anyone who can guess the narrator’s name get’s props.

P.S. Holy hell does verse do wonders. I was trying to figure out who wrote this. It was me, a week ago. Try it!

We are the Horseman

I met a man in 1990,
He told me,
“Next thing you know,
They take my thoughts away.
I know what I said,
now I must scream of the overdose
And the lack of mercy killings”
We met again in 1984,
I met Big Brother for the first time

A document was drafted, he said,
“Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion, or prohibiting the free exercise thereof; or abridging the freedom of speech, or of the press; or the right of the people peaceably to assemble, and to petition the government for a redress of grievances.”
Its name was,
The First Amendment.

I met a man in 2016,
He told me that Bush did 9/11.
What do I care?
I am not American.

I met a man in 2018,
He told me to fear hate speech legislation.
Why should I?
Do not hate.

I met a man in 2018,
He told me,
Hate Speech 1.PNG
No longer are we allowed to say,
Jews are wack,
Or post nice videos—

Dating Advice: You Wont Hear From Anyone Else!

Okay Facebook, let’s run the social science experiment.
“Catholics are wack!”
I dare not try to test Islam next.
Facebook holds a double standard.
Oh, and by the way, we are all wack.
Wack is too stupid, too ironic a word to be HATE SPEECH.
Facebook, you’re next!

I met a man in 2007,
He told me,
“Novus Ordo Seclorum,” “Annuit Coeptis!”
I told him I don’t know Latin,
He said, “keep an eye on the eye on the dollar bill.”
I don’t have any American dollars.

I met a man in 2007,
He said,
“NATO invaded Yugoslavia to end ethnic cleansing, there was no U.N.
The U.S. invaded Afghanistan after 9/11, there was no U.N.
Saddam Hussein violated seventeen U.N. resolutions
The U.N. was asked to join the war in Iraq
The U.S. invaded, there was no U.N.
Libya bombed a discotheque in Berlin killing Americans, there was no U.N.
And Iran funds Hamas and attacked the U.S. in the seventies, there was no U.N.
Facing war without end, looking into the future, there was no more U.N.”
I said I don’t care,
He said,
“Disengage their minds, sabotage their health
Promote sex, and war, and violence in the kindergartens
Blame the parents and teachers; it’s their fault; “Annuit Coeptis”
Attack the church dynamic, attack the family
Keep the public undisciplined till nothing left is sacred, and
The “have-nots” get hooked and have to go to the “haves” just to cop a fix”

Related image

I met a man in my fourth semester,
He was my English professor,
He said,
“Magic Realism came about as a way to publish censored ideas under oppressive, censoring governments.”
He gave me a book.
One Hundred Years of Solitude.
I don’t know what to say about it.

I met a man in 2018,
He said,
Hate Speech 2I said,
“Don’t you guys have a first amendment or something?”
He said,
“That only covers government censorship of the press.”
I said,
“According to CNN, “The $6.3 trillion debt binge: American companies have never owed this much”
And then I sourced it.
He nodded, manically.
“The government owes American corporations a few blind eyes.
The price has been paid.
It is in the billions.
The best way for the new authoritarian
dictators to circumvent American rights
is by circumventing the law.”
I laughed. This man has historically been wrong,
about nearly everything.

So shut your mouth!
Don’t mention the broken promises and lies of hope and change!”
Still I feel nervous,
Because, like Catholics, and all the rest of us,
Jews are wack,
But Facebook won’t let me say it.
Here is a joke from the Tanakh.
1 And when Rachel saw that she bore Jacob no children, Rachel envied her sister; and she said unto Jacob: ‘Give me children, or else I die.’ 2 And Jacob’s anger was kindled against Rachel; and he said: ‘Am I in God’s stead, who hath withheld from thee the fruit of the womb?’
Is that allowed?
I don’t know anymore.

I can’t decide,
Is that another conspiracy?
Or is that big brother
In his infancy?

We are the horsemen.

I met a man in 2016,
He was my Communications professor.
He said,
“Before the telegraph,
The news moved at the speed of horsemen.”
I suddenly understood the old saying,
And I ask that you do the same,
Whether you be a citizen, corporation, bureaucracy, or government,
Don’t shoot the messenger.
Even if he is wrong, even if he is the manifestation
Of HATE SPEECH on earth.

Because if our equine friends fall,
If the doors to the technological revolution close,
If our telegraphs are taken away by
The private manufacturers,
Then it will fall
To us

To be horseman.

Daniel Triumph.

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The Solune Prince: The Assassin’s Secret; or The Lussa Part1

The Solune Prince

Novella 1

Chapter 6: The Assassin’s Secret; or The Lussa Part1

Before she left Alice and Finch’s home, Chloe said, “When do you think I should—”

“We!’ Said Alice.

“When should we put them up? Tonight?”

“Probably in the morning,” Finch said.

“Before work!” Alice shouted.

“So, come by the same time you did today.”

Chloe nodded, and exited, leaving the advertisements with them.


The clouds above, as well as what Chloe believed was a lack of moon beyond them made for an exceptionally dark night. Chloe had mapped out the city in her mind long ago, so she had nothing to worry about. At least, I hope so. As she walked, Chloe hummed the old Solune Royal Lullaby.


     “—is what they say,

Shed no tears is what they say,

But my little baby, shedding tears you may

      Shedding tears you may.

Your father’s died the people say,

Not coming back, so cry you may

Your fathers died—”


As she crossed between residential districts, rather unceremoniously, Chloe was grabbed from behind. Unable to see, she struggled and shouted.


But she knew that there were none around. She had memorized the patrols as well as the streets; no one would be here for more than half an hour.

Chloe steadied herself. She felt metal on her neck. What do I do? And this to a prince! Why—

“Are you the royal going to help the Lussa?”

What is this about?

Where did she come from?

Why me?

You ARE going to help the Lussa.

That makes her a stated enemy to, ah, to my current tasks, right?

Fight back.


Chloe pushed her toes into the ground, steadying herself, and then pulled her hands in, grabbing the attacker’s arm and digging her thumbs into the wrist. She heard metal hit the cobble and quickly took her assaulter’s arms, pulled them forward and craned her own head straight and back. She heard the other person’s face smack the back of her head; and pain ran through her own. Ah, I hate that feeling.

She turned around and, underwhelmingly, saw only a shadow of a person standing in the dark. It took a few steps back, rubbing its head.

It spoke, “If you leave the city, if you go north with Lilllith, we will kill you.”

Chloe searched her waist. Unarmed as usual…

“Is that clear! Don’t help the Lussa, we don’t want it! We don’t want you in the City.”

It was clear to Chloe that this person was a woman, and she seems to be young.

Chloe stepped forward. Her foot hit something. The dagger.

“If Lillith makes here, then I will be returning with her.” She said.

The shadow shifted, doing something with its arms.

With a single blunt word, it said, “No!” and dashed forward, cutting across with some sort of weapon. Chloe dropped to a kneel and pawed the ground for the knife. She kept her eyes up. She felt a slight wind pass above her head. She felt a sharp edge with her and took up the dagger with an overhand grip. She saw the woman’s weapon glint as she recovered, a dull, thin sword.

“Damn it! Why is it so dark here?”

Chloe closed her eyes and opened her ears.

“Where are you! I… I can see you!” The assassin stammered, trying to seem in control, “I don’t have to kill you, you know, just give you an injury severe enough that you don’t take the trip. You know, send a message that—augh.”

Chloe let go of the knife. It lodged firmly in what she assumed was the woman’s thigh.

“Now, ah, now you have my message—you would do better to fight me in the bright of day.”

The woman grunted through her teeth. Chloe took her by the shoulders, and kicked her legs out from under her. She fell, and Chloe followed her, dropping and pinning her to the stone path underneath her knee.

“So, who are you? What brings, ah, what brings you to my kingdom?”

Instead of answering, the woman, whose arms were still free, swung at Chloe. It was a slow and clumsy attack.

Make sure she does not cross us again.

Chloe let the blow hit her in the abdomen. The attacker, now detained, took this a sign of victory, and swung with her other hand, cutting across with the sword. Chloe pulled the dagger out of the woman’s leg, blocked the attack with it, and then pushed it back into the wound.

“Ah,” her voice writhed, “what did you—!”

“You have to keep it in to slow the bleeding.”

She stood up and held the woman’s chest underfoot, then stomped on the weapon with the other leg. To her surprise, the sword shattered into three pieces.

“What, ah, what kind of weapon is this?”

Chloe waited for a response, but got nothing. She said, “The guard will be here any second now. We will learn what we need from you—even if you do not speak. Your clothes, your skin, your blood, Natasha can read it all and learn what we want to know.”


The intonation was filled with terror, so much that Chloe began to question which of them was the assaulter. “What do you mean no? Why not?”

“I can’t—you surviving is one problem, but then to be captured—no, they will abandon me! And then—”


Chloe knew the words weren’t meant for her, but she figured she could pull something useful out of the hysteria. Instead, there was a long silence. Chloe couldn’t tell the time that passed.

“L—just let me go.”

Chloe looked down with condescension. For a moment, the clouds parted to reveal that there was in fact a moon in the night. They saw each other clearly in the silver light.

The attacker, assassin, the woman; she was very young, a girl almost. She couldn’t have been any older than nineteen. Her hair was long and black as ash. Her skin, in contrast, was a slickly pale in colour, and her expression matched her tones, a face of desperation. There was something wrong with her eyes as well, but Chloe wasn’t sure if it was just the dark of night. Her look sought Chloe’s eyes for mercy. Never, in all her life, had Chloe been subject to such a request. Before she could make a silent reply, the clouds took over once more and they returned to the black.

“Tell me about yourself and, ah, I’ll let you go after.” Chloe addressed the darkness beneath her foot. “Why did you attack me?”



“That’s a secret!”

“Okay, what is your name then?”


“Well then Secret, my is Chloe Rhye, Fifth Prince of the Solune.”

“The Solune Prince!”

“Why are you here? To kill me?”


Chloe put her other foot back down, and the girl finally spoke.

“There are those who oppose the Lussa crown.”

“What is your name!”


“Chloe pressed her right foot down into the girl’s chest. A threat.

“…Can you keep a secret?” She spoke in a tiny voice.

Chloe nodded, but then remembered how dark it was. “Yes.”

“I am Ammalia. Don’t tell anyone, especially not Ryann! I am Ammelia, a Lord of the Northern Quadrant.”

“I will say I was attacked by a Lussa.”

“Telling others that would… be in my best interest,” said Ammelia.

Chloe frowned in the dark. She began to doubt whether she really should tell someone.

“…Now let me go?”

Chloe looked at the Lussa girl’s face. Her vision was only now beginning to adjust. Whatever had been wrong with the girl’s eyes before was currently gone.

“One more.”


“How old are you?”


She sounds like it. She even acts like it.

“Do not remove the knife until—” How long do I have? Probably at least ten minutes before the guards come, I think.


Five minutes later, Chloe finished dressing Ammelia’s wound. She had removed the sleeves from her silk overcoat and created a makeshift badge from them. It seemed to her that she hadn’t hit anything important or cut particularly deep, so it wasn’t too difficult a procedure.

The last thing Ammelia said before leaving was, “Thanks” and “I’ll see you the next time we attack you.”

Chloe sighed, hoping that whoever Ammelia was referring to was as incompetent as she was. Though I doubt it.

The girl disappeared into the night, and shortly afterward, two guards showed up with torches. Chloe told them what happened, keeping the secret, but pointing to the shattered sword on the ground as evidence. A report was made, and then Chloe was offered an escort home, which she accepted.

Daniel Triumph.

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