Categorization: An Unsound Guide to Characters [Part 1!]

High Achieving Women


  • Openness: 99th Percentile
  • Chloe Rhye, GE Age 14-26 (Adjusted. True age: 830-990)
  • Female, Solune, Incel/Married/Widowed.
  • Apprentice Healer > Autodidactic Study > Liberal Arts BA > History BA > Mentor > Secondary Teacher > Military > Lawyer/Poet > Expedition Leader > Elsara > ?
  • (Born year 3171 by the old calendar, around 16/800 years before the fall of the Wall)


  • Extroversion: Low
  • Yaska Rheya May Duskride Dawngale, GE Age 17-48 (True age unknown)
  • Female, Plainkind/Celestial, Marital Status unknown
  • Hunter > Hunting Mentor > Military Mercenary > Wanderer > Servant of the Servant of Death > Military Mercenary > ? > Heratic/Antichrist > Stage 2 Shriken (savage) > Enlightened Imprisonment > Messiah > Return to Mortality > ?
  • (Born year 3983 by the old calendar, around 17 years old before the fall of the Wall)

Unfriendly Women


  • Agreeableness: 20th Percentile
  • Alexandre “Jutt” Dirge, GE Age 17-24
  • Female, Riley, Marital status unknown.
  • Gang Member > Expedition Member > Human Slave > Kemia Doctorate > Biology Masters > Royal Harbinger: Hormones
  • (Born year 3983 by the old calendar, around 17 years before the fall of the Wall)


  • Agreeableness: 0th Percentile (zeroith, possibly the least friendly person alive.)
  • Janna Rhye, GE Age 17-29 (Adjusted. True age: 900-1100)
  • Female, Half Solune/Riley Half Condor, Married.
  • Prince > Agent > Independent > Felon > Heir > Agent > Redeemer of Souls > King > ?
  • (Born year 3098 by the old calendar, around 17/998 years before the Wall fell)



  • Agreeableness: 85, Extroversion: 77
  • Salt Resz, GE Age 14-26
  • Male, N’Tarial, Married.
  • Domestic > Merchant > Military > Tactician > Merchant > Domestic (Ring Comp?)
  • (Born year 3982 by the old calendar, around 18 years before the Wall fell)


  • Neuroticism: 5, Extroversion: 70
  • King “Mars” Rhye, GE Age 15-40 (Adjusted, True Age 15 or 4000)
  • Male, Solune/Riley, Married.
  • Vanguard > Leader > King > Warlord > King > Advisor
  • (Born year 3 by the old calendar, around 3997 years before the Wall fell and 2997 before the Wall was built. Built the Wall.)
  • Chloe and Janna’s Father

Honorable Mentions / Next Time


  • Astore, Male Riley, King’s Agent
  • Jin Sing Resz, Fastest Swordsman in the World, N’Tariel/Elken, Married to Salt
  • Wallace, Journalist/Wizard, Friends with Alexandre
  • Hanna Alz-Aeur, Prostitute > Cleric > Guard > Revolutionary > Emperor’s Assistant > Emperor Slayer > Emperor > Follower of Elsara > Emperor

Daniel Triumph.

“Revivafy” or something. And Time Travel. x2.

If you’re here, you should probably go read the latest chapter of my novella instead…or start at the beginning? Either way >:3 it’s far better than this piece!

Chloe Pen - Copy


Recognize anyone?

1 “You would give her up for me?”
2 “Time travel is a very simple thing. Safely shifting timelines however, is not. In fact there is a Servant; a deity whose sole domain is affecting timelines safely.”
3 “Tendrils”
2 “Right. Anyway, he doesn’t want to talk to me, or your friend for that matter, which means he is likely against what we are about to do.”
1 “Is that bad?”
2 “Usually, although he doesn’t seem to be directly opposing anything, otherwise we would likely be dead already.”
1 “Unless we are valuable individuals.”
3 “I’m not.”
2 “Not yet. Maybe in the future.”
1 “So you are really okay with this?”
2 “Yeah. I don’t think warping masstime is a good foundation for a relationship anyway.”
3 “Yeah.”
1 “Well, I just captured the antiservant; how difficult could this be?”
2 “You will not be aided by your Servants. They will be aiding the “selves” that are already present. You do not understand now, but being godless; as the demons are; is extremely difficult.”
1 “If you could manage it, I can too.”
3 “Yeah, no problems. I predate Tendrils anyway. I’ve known a world with much fewer Servants. I remember when there were only two. Father. Mother.”
2 “Fair enough. As long as the Servants don’t notice that there are more than one of us in that timeline we should be fine.”
1 “Well, all we have to do is stop your younger self from saving her life?”
2 “Yeah…that’s it.”

I wrote this a good two or three years ago and found it recently while stalking my own facebook feed.

I think I know who the characters are here, but it’s very hard to tell.

1: likely Janna Rhye. It may be Jin Sing Resz though.
2: Almost certainly Bradley Jeremy, although there’s an off chance it’s Azure Death.
3: Yaska Rheya May Däwngale.

The Hero and the Star

Some of the villagers had gathered with Yaska and Jan around the fire, anticipating the story from the outsider, Chloe.

“My father told me it was long ago, I always assumed two or three thousand years. A star fell from the sky. It was unlike a dead shooting star. It was alive. It landed on the planet. The ancient people encountered it, and came to fear it.

“The first person to find it was a great hero. When the star encountered the hero, it took on the hero’s image as its own. For the citizens, it was uncanny to see this false form. They accused the star of being a demon, and captured it out of fear.

“The hero feared for the star. It would be charged will all forms of frivolity, and then ancient nation would decide to kill it. Standing around the star’s prison, and surrounded by his people, the hero took a risk in order to save the star.

“The hero gave a great laugh, and then pointed to the cage, ‘you fools, you have captured the wrong person, for I am the star, and he is the true hero!’

“The star was cunning. It said, ‘Indeed, I am your noble hero, please free me!’

“The hero gave the star a hidden smile, and then ran away. Half of the ancient people pursued, and the other half hastened to free the person they thought to be their hero. The star was yet more cunning, it said, ‘I will chase down the imposter! Leave it to me!’ And it gave chase. The two heroes ran about the city, each claiming to be chasing the other.

“The true hero stopped at his house to rest. He hid, and watched through his doorway. The city calmed. The star, seeing that the hero was missing, assured everyone that it was he that had chased the imposter out of the city. In truth, he was still himself in search. He walked around, fearful at the civilization before him, fearful that his impostering would be uncovered.

“Finally, the star noticed the hero in his doorway. He beckoned. The star approached, and the hero pulled him in. Safe inside the house, the hero told the star to journey out of the city and return to his home. The star told him, ‘I need energy,’ so the hero fed him. The star said, ‘I need an energy different from this.” The hero was confused. He gave him drink. With this, the star left the city under the guise of the hero, and returned unto the skies.

“They say that the star still looks down on the hero in thanks, and that the hero looks up in wonder. Supposedly, it’s the hero that passed this story down to his children, and to the next generation, and that’s why I can tell it to you,” Chloe finished.

So, anyone who visited around December-January will recognise this story. I’ve been meaning to give it a stand alone version for a while. For those who don’t recognise it, it was embedded in a less polished story series, Starman.

Daniel Triumph.

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P.S. I know I’m “re-releasing” a lot of things, but actually, this is one of my goals. Not cheating my blog, but rather editing, a weakness of mine.

P.P.S. Hey, this is short enough to qualify as flash fiction!

Mariça (Final)


Jolanin had explained very basically to Mariça that she had been captured because she had entered too deep into Shriken territory. Then she’d left Mariça in order to take the dead body to the council. Since then, Mariça had spent her time sitting in the room and trying to figure in her mind what was going on.

Memories had begun to come to her. Everything that had happened to Marisa before the incident with Death began to leak into her own brief experiences. Mariça remembered what it had felt like to be Marisa, right up until then end. What a sinister memory for Death to leave. She realized that the body Jolanin had taken away was her own, and she got confused again. When Jolanin finally returned, Mariça had mostly figured out her situation, except for the time around when she was captured.

Jolanin said, “The body has been planted, and we have also seen your friend searching near it. There is someone monitoring the situation to make sure that she finds the body and gives up her search.”

“Okay. What about me?”

“No one knows about your existence, and it would be best for you if it remained that way. I will escort you out in secret, but it will be after your friend finds the body and the scout leaves.”

“But won’t that mean Yaska will think I’m dead?”

“This is the only way to keep the Shriken from knowing about you. It will be unfortunate for her, but in a very literal sense you are dead.”

Mariça shook her head.

Yaska sat near the Shriken’s mountain, eating. She had searched for two days and had found nothing besides Marisa’s bent sword. She stood and returned to her task. It wasn’t long after that she found a set of tracks in the sand. She was immediately suspicious. The tracks would have blown away overnight, so she knew that they were recent. Yaska checked her feet against them and confirmed that the tracks were not her own. She then followed them.

She was led into another cave, and in it she found the body of Marisa. Yaska was gripped by dread. She put her hand in her hair. Her breathing became shallow. A tear ran from her eye.

But then she took a breath. She would postpone her emotion until the burial. Right now it was more important to take Marisa, and the story, back to the village. She knelt down by the corpse. She thought it was strange that the body was so cold. It seemed like it had been dead for more than one day. Were the tracks hers, or someone else’s? She lifted the body. The blood from the wound was dry, but none of it had pooled on the ground.

Yaska’s scepticism heightened. She lifted the body and tested its feet against the footprints outside. She hosted the body over her shoulder. She would have to return later.

Mariça followed Jolanin through the Shriken temple. She was wearing a cloak to hide her face in case they were seen. They moved through the stone halls that cut cleanly through the mountains. They seemed empty for the most part. Jolanin said that they were passing through a residential area, and that everyone had been gone since morning.

“If we do see someone, act as though you belong. Keep your eyes down. We do not need questions about them.”

Mariça nodded and they continued for a few more minutes, until they did encounter another Shriken. It was a man holding a box. He stopped when he saw them.

“Oh! Jolanin, I was, ah, just getting something from home. Why are you here?”

Mariça, keeping her had down, looked at the man’s feet. She couldn’t see anything else.

Jolanin replied, “I am showing someone where to go.”

Before the man could ask anything else, Jolanin continued walking. Mariça kept her head down, and followed her feet. Eventually Jolanin stopped, and Mariça looked up. There was an inconspicuous looking wall at the end of the hall. The only thing unusual about it was how regular it was in contrast with the planed surfaces of the halls to this point.

Jolanin said, “We are at the exit.”

“Thanks, for all you’ve done for me.”

Jolanin smiled, “You are welcome. Remember though, that had there not been interference, I would have had to execute you.”

Mariça frowned, “would you have?”

For a moment Jolanin paused, reflecting. She said, “I might have tried your method of faking your death. And, if it had failed, I may well have chosen to fight our way out. Although, I am unsure as to where that would have left us.”

Mariça laughed.

“Well,” Jolanin continued, “we might meet again if you—” she stopped herself.

“If I what? See you when you’re outside the mountain?”

Jolanin nodded, “perhaps I will see you outside the mountains. You might watch the skies for me, I suppose.”

Jolanin grabbed at a couple of jagged edges in the wall and pulled it upwards, revealing the outside.

“Your friend is in that direction,” she pointed, “you may want to find her before she leaves or becomes too distressed.”

“Thanks,” Mariça gave her gratitude and then left, following the edge of the mountain where Jolanin had pointed.

It wasn’t long before Mariça saw someone, a burly female figure with a person over one shoulder, walking away from the mountain. Mariça stopped, seeing her own body in person. It was uncanny. She realized that she wasn’t sure how to approach her old friend, Marisa’s friend. What would happen when she saw her?

As Mariça pondered this, Yaska’s attentive eyes fixed on her and adjusted. She stopped walking and stared. Unsure what Yaska would do, Mariça raised her arm in greeting. She guessed that Yaska would also approach, but she might also assault her, or even just ignore her. It was hard to tell what someone would to when faced with a living impossibility. She decided to approach in a leisurely pace. In response, Yaska carefully laid the corpse on the sand. She seemed to study it before looking again in Mariça’s direction. Then, she unclasped the sword from her back and approached slowly.

Mariça was unarmed. She didn’t want to die again, and she wasn’t sure what she would do if things went poorly. She decided to believe in her friend… or was it Marisa’s memories that believed?

Slowly the two women met. They looked at each other. Yaska said nothing, and they stood there for a long time. Mariça began to think that she might leave. Was she waiting? Did she want to take a reactive stance? Mariça wasn’t sure. She decided to speak first.


Yaska waited for more. When she saw that there wasn’t going to be any more, she said, “How do you know my name?”

“I, ah…”

“She,” Yaska pointed, “knew my name. How do you?”

“I, I took— I mean, I have most of her memories.”

“Fine.” That seemed to be enough for her in that respect. She then asked, “Who are you?”

“I’m Mariça.”

Yaska frowned, “Marisa?”

“No, Mariça.”



Yaska paused. She considered Mariça, and she considered Marisa. “You are slightly different in name, and in face. And your hair is lighter.”


“Fine,” She said, “well, come. The village has been worried about—” she paused, “worried about most of you, if I am to be specific.”

Yaska picked up Marisa’s corpse and she and Mariça headed back to the village. As they walked, they spoke to each other. Mariça did her best to recount to Yaska what had happened. It was a good conversation for both of them, but they each got the unusual feeling that something had changed.

When the two had returned to the village, they agreed to be honest about the strange situation, and Marisa was buried. Mariça’s mother hard remained silent and stone faced during the burial. Afterwards, she got to know Mariça well enough to recognise her, and accepted her as a responsibility. Things started this way, and as the days passed, they got better. The village returned to normal, except for one thing.

Mariça threw her sword, and it stuck in the back leg of the dinosaur. Now that it was slowed, she chased the creature down and took her sword out, cutting into the beast’s neck.

What next? She thought back to Marisa’s experiences, and then she tore the sword out and cut again until the head disconnected. She took the leather bag she had brought and put it around the stump to save the blood.

It was shortly after midday when she returned to the village. Yaska came a little after.

“You are a lot better at hunting,” she said.

Mariça nodded, “From what I can remember, I was always this good just… distracted.”

“Well,” Yaska said, “I can help Jan open these. You have time to go out exploring, if you wish.”

“Yeah, I guess I do, but… maybe some other time.”

“Do you not have the desire to?”

Mariça shrugged, “I can remember the feeling of wanting to, but I haven’t felt it since we returned.”

She looked at Yaska with her inverted eyes.

“I wonder how much has changed.”


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This took a lot longer than I wanted it to, but here it is.