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Interview with Gwenhime Rhye

When I arrived at the castle to interview Gwenhime, I was not greeted with warmth.

Once we were seated in her office, I proceeded to hand my list of questions to her, and she proceeded to turn down all of them.

This article should have information on the various conquests, strategies, and cultural shifts brought about by Gwenhime the Conqueror, but instead I had nothing of the sort.

When I returned home from my failure, Lunesca, our editor, told me to return with new questions. I refused. I did not want to get turned down a second time.

So, Lunesca made a mock up and went in my stead. What she returned with is not what I would call inspiring or even useful, but it is insightful.

Interview, Transcribed 4016.07.36

Lunesca: So, you have created many heirs with the King, correct?

Gwenhime: Yes. We have six children together.

Lunesca: I thought there were seven.

Gwenhime: There are seven, but only six are mine.

L: So one of the King’s children was born of a different mother?

G: …

(Editor’s Note: Gwenhime’s eyes are capable of creating silence.)

L: So, what are your children’s vocations?

G: Well, Zealott is adventuring. We have not seen him in many years. Natasha is transitioning, she was the guard captain but now she’s shifting to law. Additionally, she will be running the [censored in circulation] in the King’s stead. Kain is… starting a family with his wife, really his life is going nowhere. Janna is readying to become the next king.

L: And Chloe?

G: Last I checked she was starting an army to face against Venus.

L: Venus Rhye? Her uncle, the King’s brother?

G: Yes.

L: Why would she want to start a war with him?

G: …

L: Have you considered having another child? Perhaps you are too old?

G: My people, the Condor race, do not go through menopause. I can have children my entire life.

L: Do you intend to?

G: I might have another.

L: Really? Hasn’t it been centuries since your youngest was born?

G: There’s something many people don’t know about families. Generally, once you eclipse six or seven children, you’ll find that they split up into separate generations. It’s natural. My older generation is Zealott to Kain. Generally the woman, Jealousy, the King’s oldest, is included in that group. The other generation is just Janna and Chloe.

L: So, if you had another, would the child start a third generation in your family, or would they join Chloe’s?

G: I am unsure. It’s generally the older kids and the younger ones. I’ve never seen a family with more than two.

L: Isn’t a family of such a size rare? Are you implying that you’ve encountered multiple?

G: Dear child, (Editor’s Note: I’m in my mid twenties…) I have lived for over three millennia. Rarity is meaningless when it becomes the subject of time.

L: Ah, very true.

G: Yes. Additionally, the same can be found quite easily if you include cousins. They generally separate by older and younger.

L: You know, I never noticed, but thinking back, you’re quite right.

G: Very rarely am I wrong.

L: Rarity is meaningless when it becomes the subject of time.

(Editor’s Note: At this point she have me a very contemptuous smile. I’ve been told that this is a positive sign.)

G: I like you, child. What are you called?

L: Lunesca.

G: …

L: Ah, Lunesca September Solaris.

G: That surname is not yours.

L: No, I am bound to a man.

G: Very well. Child, you have great potential. I enjoy your presence. I will permit you one question. I will answer your next question no matter what it is.

L: Tell me what you know of the King’s eldest child.

(Writer’s Note: Gwenhime assaulted Lunesca at this point in time. Primarily it was a show of dominance, but she became vary shaken. Her writings became nearly illegible at this point. I am unsure of certain words, if something doesn’t make sense, I apologize, but it was the best transcription I could get. Lunesca will fix errors in reprints, but for now I will not ask.)

(Editor’s Note: I did what I could to remain cool, but I’m certain Gwenhime the Conqueror could hear me whimper. Despite her rage, Gwenhime is a man of her word, and answered the question.)

G: Crystal Jealousy is her name. When she was reunited with Isaac, she took on our family name, Rhye.

L: So, Crystal Jealousy Rhye?

G: Yes.

L: And you don’t like her?

G: …

L: Sorry, you said one question. Please continue.

G: She has black hair, darker even than Kain’s. Let me make it clear that Jealousy is not an illegitimate child.

L: No? Please elaborate. This transcript will be published, so our readers can help clear that up. Knowledge, right?

G: Sure. Jealousy cannot be an illegitimate child because she was born of the King’s first partner, a Riley woman. She gave birth and stilled. It was only after the woman had died that the King mated with me.

L: So he was widowed.

G: Right… Further, Jealousy is older than me. There’s no way that the King could have been with her mother at the same time as me. Temporally, she and I could never have even met.

(Editor’s Note: I assume that Gwenhime is intimidated by the fact that Jealousy is her elder, a relic of the King’s past life.)

G: Crystal is a nomad, one might call her a bard. She is a jack of all trades, and her immense life has allowed her to be a master of all her trades. She is omnicapable not because she’s particularly special, but simply because she has lived over fifty lifetimes, and has very good work ethic. She lives to improve.

L: And-

G: No, this interview has concluded.

L: I-

G: …

L: Apologies-

G: Crystal Jealousy is very clearly the daughter of a King. In fact, I deign to admit, but she has more presence than even he does. In her youth, she was an omen of bad luck, the black cat. Now, she’s above even luck. She has firm control over the present.

L: Is it true that she can see into the future?

(Editor’s Note: She stood up at this point. Gwenhime is over seven feet tall. I was further subdued by this action.)

G: It is not that simple.

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Written by Wallace Solaris Ceramar and Lunesca September Solaris. Trascribed by Lunesca. Notes by Wallace and Lunesca.

Edited by Daniell T.A. and Lunesca September

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