Alice and Finch Epilogue 3

What Happened to Alexandre “Jutt” Dirge

Alice and Lex lived together in the temple for a few days before Alice moved into the castle. A few days later, Lex turned twenty and left the city to find her mother. Within the next year, she succeeded in her quest, but lost most of her teeth in the process.

Much later, (and after another adventure in which she invented an absurdly large instrument by the name of “a Quartet”) Alexandre finally turned her efforts to her dreams and began studying chemical research at the Solune University, followed by classical music composition.

Alice and Finch

Also, Jutt looks like this now.

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Alice and Finch Epilogue 2

What Happened to (Henry) Artus Zephophile

Artus moved up swiftly in the castle guard’s ranks. Soon, he became a member of the military, and later became a tactician for the army that fought in the Legendary Event. He was knighted, and became Sir Tact. Artus Hellion Zephophile, a high title for someone in their early twenties.

Shortly after his knighting, he decided to take advantage of the kingdom’s new freedom and access to the outside world, and so he joined a rock band and toured the world. Obviously, as a non-musician, he plays the easiest instruments, vocals and the bass.

He is on good terms with the guard, and hopes to return to their ranks in the future.

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Alice and Finch Epilogue 1

What Happened to Alice “Jessica” May Däwngale

The third floor was finished by the time Alice had moved in, and the entire royal family’s rooms had been moved up with it, to keep away from the noise of the first floor. The second floor was now half guard’s quarters and half guest rooms. Between both was Alice’s room.

Alice learned all she needed from Chloe to get her secondary diploma. Afterwards, the two girls studied history and bloodlines together, without any sort of curriculum. After Lex left, Alice started training to become a guard.

Once the year had passed the guard Captain retired, and Natasha took her place, transferring from the Castle guard to the City guard. Alice joined soon after, and slowly befriended literally the entire city. Alice and Finch worked together for a few months, but he left soon after to follow his own goal of going to school.

Alice and Finch: Duodenary Dusk

In case you missed it, it turns out I finished Alice and Finch, but didn’t publish it. So, here it is!

Table of Contents

“Lovely! You didn’t tell me your bond was so pretty!” Chloe gushed.

They had met not in a library, but in Chloe’s lamp-filled bedroom.

“And look!” She grabbed Alice’s arm and squeezed it, then pulled it, “She’s rock solid! Must feel safe sleeping beside someone so strong.”

Chloe blushed, and Alice gave her a weird look.

“Tell me dear, have you had any education? Ah!” Chloe couldn’t help herself. She rubbed Alice’s hair and squeezed her cheeks, “You’re so small!”

Alice was the same height as Finch, which meant that she was fairly short. Chloe was nearly two heads taller. She was actually the tallest person in the room, Jutt coming in second, and Artus being the only person of regular height present. Those two were sitting on Chloe’s surprisingly hard bed.

Finch began the process of detaching Chloe from his mate.

“Oh sorry.” Chloe wrapped her delicate arms around herself. She hadn’t realized how lonely she was until now, but that she kept secret.


“Oh, umm, I like learning about families. I know all about yours.” Alice said.

“Oh! Ancestry! How wonderful!” Chloe was radiant, “I personally love history. We might make a good team in the future.”

Alice nodded. She wasn’t sure what to think of this woman. When Finch had told her that Chloe was hundreds of years old, Alice hadn’t been expecting someone who barely looked twenty.

“Finch told me that you had some sort of plan.”

“Right.” Chloe nodded. Her face became authoritative, almost imposing. It was a look that suited her in a strange way. “You look like a completely different person. I saw you, you know. It was Janna who gave you all that meat.”

Alice didn’t believe her, “Batshiva did!”

Chloe nodded, “You’re right about that, but he could rarely afford meat. It’s expensive you know. Ah, well, Janna ended up donating most of what you ate to him.”

During this, Finch’s mind was racing. Who was Janna? Why did he recognize the name?

“Isn’t Janna in a relationship with Drake?” Alice asked, “I know Drake from Baracus.”

Chloe stared, “What?” This was news to her.

“Oh! Yeah! I saw them one of the first days I came here! Right before I met Vinth for the first time!”

Chloe turned to him, “You saw them together?”

Finch nodded, “And Janna, whew! She wasn’t wearing much.”

Chloe put her hands on her face. Her voice stuck its highest pitch, “Well, it could always be worse!”

Alice poked Chloe’s nose. Lex, who had been patiently watching, laughed sweetly. Chloe blushed.

“Ah, I’m sorry. I’ll have to talk to my sister though…” Chloe looked out the window, “If the guards ask, your name is Jessica May, and you’re my board, my live-in student.”

And, interestingly enough, in a few short days, that’s exactly what she became.

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Alice and Finch: Undenary Dusk

In case you missed it, it turns out I finished Alice and Finch, but didn’t publish it… so here’s the beginning of the end.

Table of Contents

Finch slept until the next dusk. He awoke frequently, and fervently, and every time he did, his eyes searched for Alice. She was there every time after the first.

“Ah, mother?” Finch looked around, “Ah!”

Alice was gone, it was just Jutt. Jutt looked a lot like Finch’s mother, except that her face wasn’t as wide, and her hips and chest weren’t nearly as laden with healthy layers of motherly fats.

“Yes Finch?” Jutt turned to him.

He immediately realized what was going on. This was the second time he had woken up injured and looked on by a pretty girl. He wasn’t going to embarrass himself this time.

But after asking, “Where’s Alice?” He realized that he had failed.

“She’s getting you food. And bandages.”

Finch nodded.

“Keep breathing. My mother told me about this. There was a guy who got a lung infection in her gang because he wouldn’t breathe deep enough.”

“No!” Finch shouted. Talking didn’t hurt, not as much as inhaling did, “I can’t leave her alone! Where’s Alice?”

“Alright, dear, just go back to sleep. I’ll wake you up in a bit to make you breathe some more.”

Finch gave her a dirty look, as if he really were a child again. Jutt just smiled.

“Hey Lex?” He said.


“If you see my mother, tell her that I want to see her again.”

Alexandre “Jutt” Dirge nodded solemnly, “Don’t worry, dear, I will.”

Finch, comforted, went back to sleep.

He was woken up only twenty minutes later to the sound of arguing n’juzu. Or rather, arguing women.

“No, you can’t bind his chest, that’ll make things worse! He needs to breathe!”

“Well! Well! Well!” Alice stumbled, “Help! I want him to have my help from me!”

Jutt shook her head, “Look, the second, er, the first think he did when he woke up was ask for you. If you want to help, just be there next time he wakes up.”

Alice glanced at Finch and stopped. She dropped the abnormally large bandage roll and sprinted to him, crossing the temple in a vigorously short period. A second, maybe. She grabbed his hand, and almost broke more bones.


She instantly loosened, “No, no! Did I break more of your parts?”

Her face was bright red.

“No, I don’t think so.” Finch proved it to her by moving his fingers inside of hers.

Alice spent the next few minutes feeling his body parts, squeezing things and asking, “Does this hurt?”

He realized that she was testing his pain thresholds. He was amazed. He didn’t think Alice was that clever. Jutt watched them, amused. She half hoped that he would grab the one piece of anatomy that they didn’t share. She did.

Jutt laughed, and Finch inhaled, causing his ribs to pain him. “Don’t touch that!” He managed to growl between clenched teeth.

Alice withdrew, “Why? What? Ah!”

Jutt took Alice by the elbow and took her away to explain a little about how men and women were different, and also, to Alice’s horror, how children came to be planted inside of a womb.

Finch fell asleep to her soothing words, filled with technical terms and unrelenting description. Lex was enjoying making Alice feel entirely uncomfortable, and also a little curious.

When Finch next awoke, he heard Artus talking to Jutt.

“Yeah, he seems a lot better. I figured it’d be okay to let him get a full cycle or two of sleep. That’s three or four hours, you idiot. Learn basic biology.”

“Hey, you’re the genius not me.”

Finch opened his eyes. Alice was still red faced, and she was looking around, bashful. She noticed his stare, and they locked eyes. Neither person blinked for over a minute. Eventually, Finch’s eyes began to burn.

He whispered so quietly that Alice had to lean in.

He repeated, “What did she tell you?”

“Everything!” Alice hissed, “You adults are all so disgusting!”

She pointed at her chest, “I’m almost happy that Plainkind don’t have breasts!”

Finch gave her a wary look.

She blushed, “But I wouldn’t mind if we… but later.”

Finch nodded, “Yeah. Later sounds good.”

He sat up.

“Alright, good folk. It’s time that I told you all of my news. Chloe would like to meet with Alice. She looks a lot different now, and Chloe thinks that we could use that to our advantage. She’d also like to know if Alice has any sort of genius… for personal curiosity apparently.”

He found that breathing was a little easier now. When Lex looked at him, he took his prescribed ten deep breaths. Then he stood up.

“Let’s go. She wanted to meet today.”

Alice nodded, and then Finch’s blood rushed to his head and he promptly lost his balance and fell over.

A few minutes later, he was on Alice, piggyback, his nose no longer bleeding.

“As I said, let’s go!”

They all shared a laugh, and Finch let Alice carry him to the castle.

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