Categorization: An Unsound Guide to Characters [Part 1!]

High Achieving Women


  • Openness: 99th Percentile
  • Chloe Rhye, GE Age 14-26 (Adjusted. True age: 830-990)
  • Female, Solune, Incel/Married/Widowed.
  • Apprentice Healer > Autodidactic Study > Liberal Arts BA > History BA > Mentor > Secondary Teacher > Military > Lawyer/Poet > Expedition Leader > Elsara > ?
  • (Born year 3171 by the old calendar, around 16/800 years before the fall of the Wall)


  • Extroversion: Low
  • Yaska Rheya May Duskride Dawngale, GE Age 17-48 (True age unknown)
  • Female, Plainkind/Celestial, Marital Status unknown
  • Hunter > Hunting Mentor > Military Mercenary > Wanderer > Servant of the Servant of Death > Military Mercenary > ? > Heratic/Antichrist > Stage 2 Shriken (savage) > Enlightened Imprisonment > Messiah > Return to Mortality > ?
  • (Born year 3983 by the old calendar, around 17 years old before the fall of the Wall)

Unfriendly Women


  • Agreeableness: 20th Percentile
  • Alexandre “Jutt” Dirge, GE Age 17-24
  • Female, Riley, Marital status unknown.
  • Gang Member > Expedition Member > Human Slave > Kemia Doctorate > Biology Masters > Royal Harbinger: Hormones
  • (Born year 3983 by the old calendar, around 17 years before the fall of the Wall)


  • Agreeableness: 0th Percentile (zeroith, possibly the least friendly person alive.)
  • Janna Rhye, GE Age 17-29 (Adjusted. True age: 900-1100)
  • Female, Half Solune/Riley Half Condor, Married.
  • Prince > Agent > Independent > Felon > Heir > Agent > Redeemer of Souls > King > ?
  • (Born year 3098 by the old calendar, around 17/998 years before the Wall fell)



  • Agreeableness: 85, Extroversion: 77
  • Salt Resz, GE Age 14-26
  • Male, N’Tarial, Married.
  • Domestic > Merchant > Military > Tactician > Merchant > Domestic (Ring Comp?)
  • (Born year 3982 by the old calendar, around 18 years before the Wall fell)


  • Neuroticism: 5, Extroversion: 70
  • King “Mars” Rhye, GE Age 15-40 (Adjusted, True Age 15 or 4000)
  • Male, Solune/Riley, Married.
  • Vanguard > Leader > King > Warlord > King > Advisor
  • (Born year 3 by the old calendar, around 3997 years before the Wall fell and 2997 before the Wall was built. Built the Wall.)
  • Chloe and Janna’s Father

Honorable Mentions / Next Time


  • Astore, Male Riley, King’s Agent
  • Jin Sing Resz, Fastest Swordsman in the World, N’Tariel/Elken, Married to Salt
  • Wallace, Journalist/Wizard, Friends with Alexandre
  • Hanna Alz-Aeur, Prostitute > Cleric > Guard > Revolutionary > Emperor’s Assistant > Emperor Slayer > Emperor > Follower of Elsara > Emperor

Daniel Triumph.

“Revivafy” or something. And Time Travel. x2.

If you’re here, you should probably go read the latest chapter of my novella instead…or start at the beginning? Either way >:3 it’s far better than this piece!

Chloe Pen - Copy


Recognize anyone?

1 “You would give her up for me?”
2 “Time travel is a very simple thing. Safely shifting timelines however, is not. In fact there is a Servant; a deity whose sole domain is affecting timelines safely.”
3 “Tendrils”
2 “Right. Anyway, he doesn’t want to talk to me, or your friend for that matter, which means he is likely against what we are about to do.”
1 “Is that bad?”
2 “Usually, although he doesn’t seem to be directly opposing anything, otherwise we would likely be dead already.”
1 “Unless we are valuable individuals.”
3 “I’m not.”
2 “Not yet. Maybe in the future.”
1 “So you are really okay with this?”
2 “Yeah. I don’t think warping masstime is a good foundation for a relationship anyway.”
3 “Yeah.”
1 “Well, I just captured the antiservant; how difficult could this be?”
2 “You will not be aided by your Servants. They will be aiding the “selves” that are already present. You do not understand now, but being godless; as the demons are; is extremely difficult.”
1 “If you could manage it, I can too.”
3 “Yeah, no problems. I predate Tendrils anyway. I’ve known a world with much fewer Servants. I remember when there were only two. Father. Mother.”
2 “Fair enough. As long as the Servants don’t notice that there are more than one of us in that timeline we should be fine.”
1 “Well, all we have to do is stop your younger self from saving her life?”
2 “Yeah…that’s it.”

I wrote this a good two or three years ago and found it recently while stalking my own facebook feed.

I think I know who the characters are here, but it’s very hard to tell.

1: likely Janna Rhye. It may be Jin Sing Resz though.
2: Almost certainly Bradley Jeremy, although there’s an off chance it’s Azure Death.
3: Yaska Rheya May Däwngale.

Wavering (second draft)

For those who are interested in how the first draft became the final draft. This might be my least favourite of the three, but so it goes.

She felt a numb pain in her forearm. She looked to her right. A branch jut out from the space between the two bones in her arm. Janna looked around. She was in a pit, a lush bright brown hole of moss, grass, and dirt. Dirt from where the roots of a tree had torn out the earth. It was long covered over now. Long enough that there was this younger tree. This tree whose branch had intruded on her arm’s wellbeing.

She couldn’t take hold of her senses. She was in an uncanny world. In the distance, it seemed, a hazy figure moved with purpose. Then, it stopped.

“Ah, the King is awake.”

The voice touched her ears, but seemed to skip all the formalities that her nerves had put in place. It was a strange feeling. This person, who was notl her sister, was very easy to listen to.

The person looked away, a blue glowing blur, “twelve percent of your blood is here, shared with Mother Earth.”

It was definitely a man, but her voice was deep, deeper even than Natasha’s, who spoke low due to the immense height of her trachea. Janna blinked and tried to focus, but nothing worked.

“You have fluid in your eyes, focusing won’t help you.”

Janna was becoming irritated with this glowing man.

“You’ll be fine in this one,” he said. “In certain distant timelines you lose a lot more.”

He stood over her, outlined in blue. Through her wavering eyes, she could see wisps, lines of light coming from him.

“You can leave now,” she said.

“I came to ask for your help.”

“And you thought now would be the best time? Isn’t this some sort of deathbed-type manipulation?”

“Umm, no, I don’t think so. I mean, as far as I can tell, you aren’t going to die. Otherwise, actually, I wouldn’t have bothered showing up.”

Janna tried to focus on the figure, but her vision kept waving. She said, “I don’t know what you want. You’d better spit it out so I can disagree with it.”

“I’m the Servant of Tendrils, I can see future timelines. From what I can tell, we can benefit the next few centuries if we work together. You have influence, and an open mind.”

Janna sneered, “Not that open.”

She looked at her arm. It was mostly red.

“Why don’t you help me first, and then I’ll talk to your dumbass after, when I’m not attached to a plant.”

Tendrils frowned, “I thought that you would agree, but… maybe my reading was wrong.”

“And,” Janna continued a thread that had been dropped, “not that open, and I don’t have influence. I am only a prince.”

Tendrils saw his opening, his teeth glowed irritatingly, “Ah, you are young now, but you will yet have influence. I can see it.”

“As well as you can see how much I’m interested in helping you I suppose.”

“If you don’t want to help me, I’d rather die without your presence.”

The Servant of Tendrils shrugged, and ceased.

Janna closed her eyes. What a stupid death vision to have. You’d expect to at least see the Servant of Death.


“She’s gone catatonic. Oh good, the bleeding has slowed. Although, it’s probably from being catatonic.”

Janna opened her eyes. Her younger sister was kneeling over her. Behind, her older sister loomed. Janna saw that she was also bleeding in the forearm.

“Oh, look Natasha, she’s awake! Actually, ah, maybe that’s not so good. Hey, you can take a little pain, I guess?”

Janna felt a pinch as Chloe’s arms moved over her wound. She said nothing.

“Actually, it’s better to be awake when you’re hurt like this. I think. Hey Natasha, do you have a, ah, do you have a knife? Of course you do, we just used it, haha… Can you hold the top, I don’t want it to move until I’m done.”

Janna closed her eyes.

“Is she dead now?”

“Hey, wake up!”

Janna gave a shallow nod.

“I wish you would open your eyes. Ah, fine. Look Natasha, just hold that, and I’ll cut it, and then we can pull it out of her arm. Ah, I’ll tighten the tendon first though. Blood flow, right?”

Janna felt the pinch get a lot tighter. Then she felt the branch move as they hacked away at it. She almost vomited when they pulled it out. The sensation oppressed her head, and she again lost consciousness.



It was dark for a long time, and then she saw blue.

“Oh no.”


“Do you think she will be all right?”

Janna recognised her brother’s voice.

“I think so. I’m not really, ah, I don’t actually… I’m not a doctor so…”

“And also, what did you do to Natasha?” He asked.

“The Condor have a vestigial tendon, I used it as a tourniquet… everything else kept snapping.”

“I guess hers would be strong,” He laughed, “ey captain?”

“I am not a captain, Kain.”

“You’re getting there. Hey look, I think she’s awake. Can we move her yet?”

“You know,” Janna grumbled, “for a Servant, Tendrils is a dumbass.”

Chloe gave her a perplexed look, “Not Death?”

Janna laughed weakly, “I almost would have preferred Death.”

Again, this is the second draft of “Wavering.” I don’t really like it, but luckily there’s a third draft that I do like.

Daniel Triumph.

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The Wavering World

… .

When Janna finally woke up, she felt a numb pain in her forearm. She looked to her right and remembered what was going on. She was stuck to the tree, a branch jutting out from the space between the two bones in her arm. She was in a hole, a lush bright brown hole of dirt, moss, grass, and the tree. The tree who’s branch was intruding on her arm’s wellbeing.

She knew her sister was there with her, but everything was so blurry. She was in an uncanny and wavering world. Off in the distance, it seemed, a hazy figure moved with purpose. Then, it stopped all of a sudden.

It spoke with the voice of a feminine man, or perhaps a deep woman.

“Ah, the King is awake.”

The voice touched her ears, but seemed to skip all the formalities of her nerves and go straight to her mind. It was a warm feeling. This person, who was not at all her sister, was very easy to listen to.

“You have lost four ounces. You use ounces, correct? No? I apologize. You have lost two-hundredths of a stone. Oh, no stone either?” The person looked away, a glowing blur, “twelve percent of your blood is here, shared with me in the ground. I thank you, dear, I have taken what I require.”

It was definitely a woman, but her voice was deep, deeper even than Natasha’s, who spoke low due to the immense height of her trachea. Janna blinked and tried to focus, but nothing worked.

“You have fluid in your eyes, focusing will not help, dear. Look, I will show you.”

Then Janna felt a spined tongue lash out softly and clean her eyes. Yes, it was so large a tongue that it cleaned both eyes at once.

Janna blinked again, and focused, and this time it worked. Before her a lioness stood, grinning smugly as cats do.

“You will be fine,” the creature growled, licking Janna’s arm, “but this will forever be the weaker for it. In certain distant timelines you lose a lot more blood, so perhaps you might consider how close you are now to joining me and my company.”

The lioness looked to the sky as she said “company,” and then became a blur once more. Janna blinked, and between instances, the cat, Mother Nature, disappeared.

“She’s gone catatonic. Oh good, the bleeding has slowed. From being catatonic.”

It was the deep feminine voice of Natasha.

“But it still hasn’t stopped. And I didn’t find anything.”

There was a great sigh. She was blurred but Janna, who was entirely unable to move or act, could see what she was doing. She came into focus, but only slightly.

Janna watched her older sister as the young woman closed her eyes and, taking a bone razor from about her neck, cut neatly across her inner wrist. A small but deep vivisection. Natasha violently tore a tendon and then noticed Janna’s open eyes.

“This is all I could find. There are no vines around. Do not look at me so, this is the vestigial tendon, it does nothing.”

Even as Natasha said this she realized that she had pulled the wrong one and no longer had control of her pinky finger. She inhaled sharp regret, swore, and then continued regardless. She wasn’t going to go pulling out any more, but she still had what she needed.

Natasha tied the artery closed, then cut the dead tendon and wrapped it around the forearm near the elbow. Then she removed Janna from the tree and lifted her. Janna at this point was a lot smaller than her sister. She had yet to hit puberty, while her sister had just finished with it.

Natasha held Janna close, facing away, and then sat against the tree with Janna in her lap. They stared up out of the hole. Natasha embraced her little sister, and Janna, who had begun to shiver and turn blue, was grateful for the warmth.

Natasha held the wound tight. She had slowed the blood flow a lot, but it seemed not enough. An hour passed. The wound stopped bleeding. Natasha studied it and after another hour she removed the tendon that bound the artery. The now healed tube did not reopen after blood flow returned at full force.

“Oh, thank the spirits.”

Minutes passed, and Natasha removed the other tendon as well. She no longer had to apply pressure either.

She realized that Janna had been sleeping for a long time. Good. Natasha lay back and rested, but did not sleep. Her wound also healed, although she would not notice the regrown pinky tendon for some time.

Not a moment later, Chloe, the youngest of the family, jumped to the mouth of the fissure. She always ran with a sort of bound, prancing about with her tongue sticking out at the corner of her round face. Natasha looked up and saw her.

“I got mum! And also, Kain and dad and Zealott too!”

Only then did Natasha sleep.

Daniel Triumph.


Table of Contents: Alice and Finch

Alice is the sequel to Inck.

This is been deemed “non canonical,” however it was an interesting exploration, and also yes, Plainkind lungs can do this.

Alice looked at Inck for a long time, frozen, staring at the vacant expression of hope for many moments. And then, when she felt she had absorbed all she could from this last mortal message, the final emotion from her mother, Alice moved. She reached forward and closed the eyes. She took the fruit and ate it. Then, she began to dig.

It took a long time to complete the task. When she was done, the night was nearly upon her. Alice looked around curiously. The fruit had been dry, and she would need water before she slept.

Alice didn’t know this, but if she hadn’t gotten anything to drink soon, she would have died in her sleep, only hours after her mother, forever failing her quest. But that did not happen. It would not have happened even if the other woman had not seen and helped her. There was a river to the east, and Alice would have found it.

Instead, an eccentric older woman found her. A woman who had ruined many lives, and was now renowned across the entire world for her misdeeds. She hadn’t been watching Alice for very long, she didn’t even know where the girl had come from. The little creature appeared to be no more than four. Crystal Jealousy watched the tiny creature with great interest. Yes, she thought, no more than four, and only just. She has a baby face, but her body is far more capable than a toddler’s. This girl will likely survive without my help.

Jealousy wondered what the creature would do next. She could see by its dry, cracking lips that the small girl was dehydrated. It didn’t help that Alice also swayed as she stood. Jealousy watched her peering around, looking for a lake, or stream. She wouldn’t find anything for quite a distance.

Jealousy knew about the Plainkind. In fact, like a bard, she knew a bit about everything. Unlike most bards, Jealousy was neither musically inclined, nor mortal. Her four thousand years on the planet had allowed her to become an adept in every venture of life. Every venture except parenthood.

She watched Alice hunt and kill a rabbit, and mused as the girl promptly sunk her fangs in and drank its blood. Clever. Jealousy remembered that the Plainkind had evolved specifically to drink blood, not water. Water was a delicacy in the desert, but blood was rather easy to come by.

Jealousy had hidden herself in a tree, upwind of Alice, and so the tiny creature could not smell her. The Plainkind didn’t hunt by scent, but it was a precaution nonetheless.

“Water is found downhill.” Jealousy said.

Alice heard and looked up, exactly like a feasting leopard. She looked around, but saw nothing. She hadn’t even understood what was said, because Alice didn’t speak the language. She only barely spoke her own language. Jealousy watched as she looked around, and then gazed with approval as the girl focused on the east. Alice began to walk, stumble really, towards the river.

Jealousy figured that her job was done now, and decided to leave. Instead, she followed the girl. They walked until both could see the river. Good, she’s safe. I can leave now.

Alice, quite dehydrated, had decided that she would like very much to sit down for a little bit before continuing. She really should not have.

Jealousy watched the trembling girl sit down. Oh Mother Nature… Why? She’ll die in her sleep in that condition! Why why why!

Crystal Jealousy Rhye was not the kind of person who just watched and didn’t interfere. That had been a phase back when she realized that she was never going to die of natural causes, but immortals quickly grew out of such infantile ways of thought.

Jealousy marched up to Alice, very huffy, and lifted her up. She awkwardly carried the small child down to the river, and threw her in.

Alice awoke, entirely wet, and underwater.

The reason that Jealousy did something so surprising was actually quite brilliant. It’s a little known fact that the Plainkind don’t have lungs. Instead, they have an organ that can adapt at high speed to breathe whatever it inhales. So, Alice’s breathing membranes changed, and instead of drowning when she inhaled the river water, she began to breathe it in.

Alice, entirely confused, lay face down on the bottom of the river and breathed it in. This, Jealousy knew, would be the fastest way to hydrate the girl. Eventually Alice realized that the reason it was a bit harder to breathe and move, and the reason everything looked so dark and warpy was because she was in the water.

“Wet.” She bubbled, and then laughed.

Jealousy watched her from the shore. The part of the river Alice was in was not deep, and when she sat, her head came out into open air. She choked, her lungs no longer capable of taking in regular atmosphere. Then, they adapted again, and she was fine.

Alice looked at her saviour for the first time and imprinted. Plainkind people imprint, similar to birds, but with one very important difference. They only imprint onto outsiders, meaning some Plainkind people never imprint in their lives. Jealousy quickly realized her mistake.

“Oh no. No no no. Stop, no, you can’t!”

Alice began to cry. Jealousy ran into the river and picked her up. She gave a deep sigh.

“Dear girl…”

Years passed, and Jealousy raised Alice as her own. They toured the kingdom, and Jealousy taught the girl anything. Mostly how to speak. They would have long conversations that looped back on themselves. She learned the girl’s name was Alice.

When Alice turned twelve, Jealousy decided that they should probably settle down somewhere nice, and so they stopped at the capital, Murdock.

Jealousy gazed at the castle that stood in front of the city. A very large man, the King, exited it. They locked eyes, and the King frowned.

“Who are you?” The King asked.

“I-” Jealousy felt a deep connection with this man, it felt like a deep, cranial nerve had been touched.

Alice, ever cheery, shouted, “I’m Alice!”

Jealousy put Alice into the King’s arms, and then she ran away and never returned. The King watched her run, far into the woods and wondered.

“Was that my first child?”

He thought long and hard into his past, but his thoughts were interrupted when Alice grabbed his nose. He put the incredibly heavy girl down.

“I’ll have to do something with you.” He said.

He would not have given her away to the nurse if he had known the woman would die in a matter of months suffering of cholera. But she did, and once again Alice was left alone. But now she was nearly thirteen. Lucky for her, there was a nice priest by the name of Batshiva who helped her, fed her, and did what little an impoverished immigrant could.

And even better, over the next year she befriended every single child in the city. And a year after that she met a young man named Finch Dirge Zeth and both of their lives merged to become one single story. A story filled with strife, longing, suppressed memory, love, discovery, and 1980s style action. The first half of all that has already been told, but the second half and more are currently happening, and as I cannot see into the future with great accuracy, I can’t tell you more quite yet.

And if you’re wondering, yes, Alice does meet with Crystal Jealousy again. And Jealousy does reconcile with her family and realize her last name is Rhye, and that she is the first Prince of the Solune. But all that happens much later.

Daniel Triumph.

Table of Contents: Alice and Finch

P.S. I’m happy to declare that Monday is now the day for short stories, and other experimental art forms! I’ve done so many serials that I forgot how fun the short story medium is.

So, Monday, unless a serial is getting particularly interesting, expect something that is not at all a serial.