The Solune Prince: Lilllith I

The Solune Prince

Novella 1

Chapter 13: Lilllith I

Author’s Note: >:3

They arrived at the castle as the guard were lighting the lamps for nightfall. Chloe tried to see if she could spy Alice, but she didn’t even see any guards that she recognised.

They met not in the throne room, but in the awkwardly-placed banquet hall. When they entered the castle, Astore led Chloe through the foyer and to the left. There were two sets of doors on the left wall. Chloe knew that the first one led to the armoury and also to the Royal archives, and the other one opened on a long corridor that led south, in between the throne room and the armoury. That was the door they went through.

Chloe opened the door, and Astore slipped past. They went down the hallway to the large room inconveniently placed in the back corner of the first floor.

“When did she get here?” Chloe called ahead.

Astore slowed. “Maybe an hour now.”

They reached the door. Chloe asked, “Has supper started?”

“It should have. The king told me that he would start shortly after dark, so…”

“So we will not be…too late.”

“Allow me.” Astore stepped ahead and opened the door for her.

Lilllith watched as Chloe strode into the hall. Astore entered behind, dressed formally in his grey, modestly decorated guard’s uniform. The blue pinwheel of the Solune kingdom was displayed on his right shoulder.

Chloe, however, was dressed in her day clothes; a loose-fitting white chlamys with a knee-length tunic underneath. She was the only one other than her mother who was wearing anything so loose fitting. She scanned the room as she walked to the seat across from her mother.

The seating arrangement seemed to amuse the King, though he did his best to hide it. Gwenhime had been placed between the King on her right, and the woman Chloe knew to be Lilllith on her left. Gwenhime, much unlike her husband, did nothing to hide her emotions. It was clear that she did not enjoy the company of her guest.

So I am to sit…with Kent on my left, and then Natasha on the end; and Senica on my right—oh no…And, ah, I guess Astore is on the far end?

Chloe did not sit yet. She first drank in all the presences around her. She almost had to; to mentally map out the people in the room in order to calm her anxieties.

And on the other side is…Alice on the end, across from Kent? Then my father, then mom right here across from me, and, ah, Lilllith, and… Is this a child? Who is this youth? Did Lilllith bring him? She must have.

Finally, Chloe moved and sat down. Astore sat after her, a curiosity on his part. He’s being very formal. Chloe and Lilllith examined each other. Lilllith looked very much like what Chloe had come to expect from a Lussa; that is, essentially a tall Riley. Black hair, pale skin, and sickly features to go along with it all. Lilllith lived up to the expectation except for her bright platinum-blonde hair. Apart from that, she was quite old, forty perhaps, and at the zenith of her beauty.

As Chloe sat, the King stood and exited the room, returning shortly after with the waiters and the food. He himself carried only a bottle of red syrups. She filled everyone’s glasses as the food was passed around.

When Chloe saw what was served, she began to squirm. Senica, being Senica, noticed. She said quietly, “What’s wrong?”

Chloe continued to fidget, organizing an explanation as she did so. “Ah, this is, it’s ah…this is a very traditional dish.”

They stopped talking as they were served, as not to be overheard. When everything was set, thanks was given to the Past and for the Future, and then the room began eating.

Senica turned her head and said, “Your mother looks far less grumpy than usual.”

Kent, who, sensitive to his fiancée’s voice, had heard, laughed. He said, “Oh, that isn’t about the food per say, Niccy—I mean Senica.” He blushed and lowered his voice, craning in. “Rather, she’s waiting for Lilllith to taste it.”


Chloe began, “Traditional Solune food consists of fairy bitter meat and…” she trailed off, as she had lost the attention of everyone—including herself. They had all turned their attention to Lilllith to see how she was going to react. Chloe became pensive, but Gwenhime nearly overflowed with supressed anticipatory laughter.

Lilllith took the utensils; the spoon and fingerspear (called a knife in other regions), and ate some of the meat. Her face froze in an ambivalent expression. She proceeded to chew, and swallow. Gwenhime sighed, and she, as well as the rest of the room also began eating (except for the King, who was far too polite to gawk).

She proceeded to eat about half of the main course very quickly, and then moved on to the side dishes for the rest of the meal.

The King, surprised and also unwilling to let his wife have the first word, said, “What do you think of the meat?”

Lilllith made a subtle movement that only Chloe and Senica recognised as a reflex gag. She rather smoothly said, “You are a bold man, King Rhye. We do not serve foreigners such alkaline dishes before they have acquired the taste where I come from. It is very fortunate that the Lussa use this sort of seasoning as well. Tell me, what is your motive?”

“It was a diplomatic decision.” He said flatly. Gwenhime, finding this to be extremely hilarious, let out a pitched giggle. The King continued, “Every second you are here doing official matters, you will be tested by me. You are the ambassador of another realm. You can expect to be treated as such.”

Lilllith smiled and moved wisps of her hair from her face. “Good. And what of any other time? As I sleep or tour the city, or speak to you and your family informally? When I am not engaged in official matters, how am I to be treated?”

King Rhye was impressed by how quickly she found the gap in his words. “You will be treated as any other foreign guest.”

“Very well. Then you would treat me better than the Emperor of the Djeb!” At this she, laughed, and to everyone’s surprise, so did Senica. The two women cut their mirth short and shared a look for a moment. Senica flushed and frantically looked at her food.

“So,” Lilllith continued, “let us discuss wherefore I have come. Which of you are to return with me to aid the Lussa City?”

Chloe said “—” nothing.

“It is to be my daughter,” said the King.

Lilllith smiled. “Nothing like a diplomatic woman, and a skilled man, as the old saying goes.” Chloe had never heard that saying. “Which is it?”

“Who,” Gwenhime corrected.

Lilllith sneered.

“It is, ah, it is I…” Chloe failed.

Lilllith examined her a fourth time and then emptied her cup. “Interesting. Let us rest. Set up an arena for the morrow. I would test the physical capabilities of the Lussa City’s new guests.”

The King nodded and ordered the servants in waiting to do as the ambassador bid. They nodded formally, almost curtly, and then exited.

“How hospitable,” said Lilllith.

“This is how the Royal workers acknowledge their tasks. It is efficient,” Gwenhime stated.

The King cut them off before anything happened. “They are to be subject to your whim, within limit.”

“Of course. I too am subject to limit.”

Only Gwenhime heard the touch of resentment in the woman’s voice. She sighed. Lilllith reminded her of herself when she was young and stupid.

Daniel Triumph.

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The Solune Prince: Stained Class; or The Stupid Tower Problem

The Solune Prince

Novella 1

Chapter 12: Stained Class; or The Stupid Tower Problem








“No, it is bronze.”

Astore looked down from the belltower. “Who—Chloe?”

I should be able to see her. Where—oh man, how can I, as an Agent of the King, not see someone who’s within earshot?

Her soft voice continued. “Brass dents too easily. You cannot make a bell whose wounds deepen at the sound of every toll or knell.”

Astore looked around the tower. He circled the bell and even examine the stone in the floor, and the pillars that held up the bell and its cover. Where… he almost called out for her, but, of course, a young man is fifty-percent pride. Instead, he mumbled to himself.

“Where… is she invisible? Why can I hear her? Is this…some form of ventriloquism?” He scanned the rooftops that surrounded him. Most of them were empty. There was a group of more wealthy noble Riley on a roof to the north, but no Chloe.

Finally, he gave up and called out. “Where are you?”

She said, “I believe I have made a mistake…”


She didn’t answer, but Astore had been paying attention this time. Her voice was coming from below and to the south. She must be downstairs!

Then, he saw a hand grab the ledge, gripping tightly.

Chloe jumped up off of the beam. She was just tall enough to reach the fingers of her left hand up around the stone guard. She grabbed tight and hauled herself upward, managing to get one elbow safely up onto the ledge. Her muscles shook with the effort.


Chloe tower

Astore’s voice startled her, and her arm slipped. Chloe lost her strength and fell down the side of the tower.

“Ah!—Ouch.” Chloe’s rear hit the scaffold beam below. “Hmm…maybe these are not that useless after all…” she mumbled.

Anxious, Chloe let her head fall and touch the tower’s outer wall. She leaned on it, breathing.

“Hey!” Astore peeked over, “we have to go back! Come on, I’ll help you.”

Chloe looked up. She didn’t have the energy to reply, so she sort of just waved at him, trembling. She was sure that Astore was still talking, likely saying something important. She heard a name that was familiar too, but she was dazed and her mind would focus only on the issue at hand:

She was dangling on an ancient support beam, level with the ceiling of the third storey. She looked down and the vertigo rush grounded her senses. I…I am dangling here, floors above the ground. Likely a lethal height to fall from, and I do not have the strength left to pull myself up after that. How—there are three and I’m on the third. If I drop down, the trip will be easier on my…arms. Chloe vocally sighed and opened her eyes.


Astore was waving his arms from the roof like an idiot. “Yes! Prince! Come up, I’ll help you! Didn’t you hear me?”

Chloe stood and then kneeled back down. She grabbed the beam and dropped off of it, hanging by her arms.

“I said that Lilllith is here already! Woah! What are you doing?”

Chloe, a highly neurotic woman by nature, lost her grip when she heard this. She fell; two cubits down; landing on the next beam. Uhhg. …that is beam two…one more and then the ground. I have to get rid of Astore before he gets me injured.

“Meet you on the ground,” Chloe called.

Then, she kneeled, grabbed the second beam, and dropped off again, pushing her body back and away from the tower.

“Are you crazy? Are you sure that’s safe?”

“It is not safe if you do not hold your words!” She shouted back in anger. Her long legs hit the wall and she braced into it.

Astore frowned and then disappeared.

Chloe walked her hands forward, climbing down the wall, digging her toes into the mortar cracks. When she was ready, she let her feet dangle, and then dropped again.

And there is the ground below me…

She considered beam hopping to the support that stood over the doorway and then jumping on Astore. She blushed and changed her mind immediately. Don’t flirt with the servants again Chloe! She kneeled and hopped the eight cubits down to the ground. The instant her feet touched earth, her anxieties caught her by the throat.

Then the prince’s countenance was changed, and his thoughts troubled him, that the joints of his loins were loosed, and his knees smote one against another.

She cried aloud.

Then came Astore: but his words did not make sense to the prince.

Chloe blinked. She was on the south side of the tower, between it and the city wall where no one could see her. What was that?

It took a full minute for Astore to get down all of the tower’s steps and find her. By then, she had mostly composed herself and was sitting on the ground despondently.

“Er…to the castle then? Miss? I mean, Sir?”

She stood up, caught her balance, and spoke to Astore.

“Are you okay?” They both said in unison.

“No, you don’t get to ask that, you scaled a tower. I just went down some stairs.”

Chloe laughed and wiped her eyes. She tried to stand up and failed, and then stood up again with Astore’s help.

“Y—ah,” she exhaled back, and then continued, “Let us return to my home…and let that I may greet our guest” Lilllith…

Daniel Triumph.

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The Solune Prince: Digression II

The Solune Prince

Novella 1

Digression II

Alexandre Dirge MSc,

A copy of your paper on epinephrine made its way into my hands thanks to an international merchant, Salt Resz. A portion of the paper is quoted below:

Epinephrine, its Effects on the Body, and its Effects on the Mind
Alexandre Dirge, MSc.


Epinephrine is the fight or flight hormone. Humans, when subjected to chronic loneliness, begin to release epinephrine and the hormone, left unchecked, will erode the body from the inside. It prevents the body from regeneration and inhibits the immune system.

There are benefits to the release of epinephrine. When confronted with an unknown threat, epinephrine is released into the bloodsteam. It is generally assumed that it comes from the kidneys, or somewhere thereabouts. The body, with the aid of this hormone, prepares itself for any possibility. It is for this reason that epinephrine is so destructive to the body if it remains for too long.

Further, I hypothesize that there is a connection between epinephrine and the third eye . . .

I believe it will be extremely helpful for my studies on the N’Tariel adrenaline rush phenomenon. I believe that there are more benefits to a rush than your paper leads me to think.

Do you believe that epinephrine and adrenaline are related? And, do you mind if I use your research for my own?

Keystone Sing, of the N’Tariel’s “New Province”

Keystone Sing,

To be frank, I didn’t know that there were academics of your calibrre in the N’Tariel lands. You are free to use my work and contribute your own studies on the condition that you use propper citation. In our community, we use Murdock style citation, but if you prefer Imperial (East Metch) cittation, or have your own cittation style, feel free to use that instead.

Next, I noticed that you ended your quotation of my abstract where I begin to speak about the mind. You would be wise to study the effects of epinephrine on the mind as well as the body. Likely, you will come to the same conclusion yourself even if you ignore my recommmendation.

To address your other question, yes. From what I could pull from Salt Resz, an adrenalline manipulator, not only is adrenaline similar, I believe it to be identical to epinephrine. Because of this, I would be interested in a copy of your study, or more favourabbly, a copy of the researchh paper that follows the study. I know this might be a hassle, as it seems that you make copies by hand, but it would be much apprreciated. We could even arrange to have your work published if it meets Solune or East Metch standards.

Jutt Dirge.

Jutt? Alexandre Dirge,

Thank you, I will reconsider my dismissal of the mind portion. However, the talk of the third eye is naught but conspiracy as far as I can tell. Forgive my dismissal of it in my work.

And yes, I can send you a copy. I can hire my daughter to scribe it. She is interested in my work anyway, especially since she is talented with rush. And, thank you for sending with the courier a guide to Murdock citation style. We have nothing like this in our lands.

Finally, your spelling is atrocious. Why is it fine in your paper, but not your letter? I am confused.

Keystone Sing, of the N’Tariel’s “New Province”

Keystone Sing,

Must be nice for your daughter. Since I spoke to Salt the first time, I’ve taken an interest into controlled adrenaline rush. I foundd out it isn’t exclusive to the Metch (East Metch, N’Tariel, and Djeb) peopple. Thus, I’ve been attempting it myself with limited but relevant success.

I think I might will begin a conccurrent study, we should keep in touch with our results.

As for my spellling, I have a physical tic. I can spell okay, but my handwritting jumps occasionally, usually resulting in an extra letter. In my papers, this is edited out. You will have to bear with my lettters.

Alexandre Jutt Dirge.

Alexandre Jutt(!) Dirge MSc,

Very well! I am excited to see what we can learn about rush. Send a letter whenever you learn something of value and I will do the same. I think we should collaborate on the final paper. I apologise about your spelling.

Keystone Sing, of the N’Tariel’s “New Province”

Keystone Sing,

I wouldn’t mind colllaborating near the end of our work. For the data gather stages, however, it would be easier to keep it separate. However, if you or I encounter anything of interest, I think we should both study it further if posssible.

Also, I think it would be favourrabllle if the final draft of our paper was constructed together. I think I will save some Solune and think about making a trip.

Jutt Dirge.

Alexandre Jutt Dirge MSc!

Sounds good to my father. He’s busy testing now, at least that’s his excuse.

Thanks, I would love to meet you. I think your paper is super cool.

Tincture Sing!

Daniel Triumph.
This is a slightly edited (to fit into the Novella) re-post of Epinephrine Correspondence.

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Poem: The First of Many

A Mess of Words on Chloe Rhye

I’ve created a mass of characters, in a similar world building vein to Pratchett’s Discworld. But out of all of them, I think my current “favourites” are Alexandre Jutt (shadow), Yaska May Däwngale (who may be my anima) and Chloe Rhye. Chloe is essentially a genius, but also a complete ditz who stumbles over her own sentences. She’s well read, but introverted and lacks formal education. I guess those are standard for her “type” though. Sort of.

I’m deeply interested in seeing how she reacts to the real world, as is her father, who sends her on a quest of sorts in her adolescence. Her young adulthood is where it really gets interesting for me though, and that’s the story I’ve been trying to write for over two years.

The coolest thing, I think, regarding Chloe is her potential as an individual, and her lazor eyes. I came up with lazor eyes being a sort of racial trait for the Solune when I was much younger (four or more years ago!), but now that I’ve begun to explore archetypes and symbolism as a young adult, I’m seeing a sort of meaning behind it. Chloe is possibly the most powerful user of lazor eyes/lazor plasma, and I think it has something to do with vision. Chloe, being a genius, is a visionary. In her youth, she doesn’t have a lot of control over it, and it emits passively out of her wounds. She avoids using her power because she doesn’t know what will happen. Later, she focuses it, and takes control. That is the character arc in The Solune Prince.

There’s a lot of symbolic importance to eyes, if you look back to the ancient gods Horus and Marduk. I don’t know where my subconscious finds it (although Jung would call it “The Collective Unconscious”), but I’m deeply interested in seeing what Chloe is capable of. Are you?

The Solune Prince is in progress…

Daniel Triumph.

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The Solune Prince: The Lussa Part3

The Solune Prince

Novella 1

Chapter 11: The Lussa Part3

Author’s Note: This chapter is dedicated to Luisa; I wish you vision and persistence, as armed with these, luck is becomes statistic and the world becomes a better place.


An hour passed.

Chloe got something for Alexander, then left her alone in her office.

Chloe Rhye walked the last few steps of the belltower’s flights. The spire was one of the tallest buildings in the city, third to the castle’s fourth tower, and the Royal Time Keeper’s building. The belltower was four storeys tall, and it looked down on the university and its inhabitants quietly, most of the time.

Chloe sat on the stone guardrail and thought about her position.

I have quite a list here—

She started to compile her information, but then the tower rang out. Ah, no… Chloe knew she would lose her train of thought if she waited for all nine chimes. She looked around. The stairs…there’s too many. What about the scaffolds?

Chloe looked over the edge of the tower at all sides. Old wooden beams stuck out a little more than two handlengths, partway down, at the base of where each ceiling went. They used to hold up the scaffolding, decades ago, but now they no longer supported anything. They would, however, put a layer of stone between her and the bell and shield her from most of the noise.

The bell went off a second time.


Chloe went to the south-facing side, the side where she was least likely to be seen and least likely to be yelled at, and she dropped her hips down off edge of the ledge. It was only a foot down to the first set of support beams. She lowered herself down with her arms,

This is a bad idea…

Chloe let go, falling nearly two cubits, then once her toes touched, she lowered herself down with her legs.

It hit for a third time.

Chloe sat, legs wrapped around the beam, leaning on the outer wall of the square tower. The bell was far quieter now.

So… a T-chart I guess…

Chloe compiled her list visually:

Category Person Role
Core Chloe (me!)

All roles (all academic roles, two-hand swords)
Core Alexandre Biokem, swords (Unknown)
Research ??? !!!
Guard Kent Two-hand swords

That’s, ah, I feel like we could use more people. I really do not, ah, I don’t want to have to focus on two things at once. And yet…who?

It seemed pointless. Almost none of the citizenry could had combat training, and all of the guard was busy with the reopening of the wall. I will just go home.

But Chloe didn’t go home. She sat on the edge of the beam and let her legs dangle in space.







You’re in a real PINCH Alexandre!

Get up!
I can see someone

Though my eyes are closed


Get up!

Alexandre awoke and saw the figure at her door. How haunting. She pushed the small blanket off of herself and stood. Where did that come from…I don’t have time to figure it out. Who is this here? The lights were unlit. Alex’s office had no windows, being in the interior portion of the building. It was very dark. Office dark has to be one of the worst types of dark.

The figure shifted as Alexandre stood up. It almost s poke, but Alex interrupted it.

“Do you need something?”

A woman. A girl, replied. “It would be unwise to follow Rhye to the Underside.”

Oh, we’re talking with vague ornate orature are we? Fine, two can play in that space.

“And yet,” Alex said to the pitch, “it would simultaneously be the wisest large-scale decision I’ve ever made.”

“Sh-She has enemies! It isn’t safe!”

“I am not safe here. I betrayed all my” Alexandre stopped to scoff, “all of my closest friends except for Finch. Isn’t it safer than my life here?”


“Yes, you!” Alexandre shouted.

She moved to the centre counter and let the lamp.

“Oh, what the hell, you’re that kid. Man, get out of here.”

The ‘kid’ blushed. “I can’t! This is my mission.”

Alexandre sighed and kicked her blanket back into the cupboard, closing the doors. She took one of her two chairs and impolitely threw it at her guest. Then she too the other and sat.

The chair hit the girl in the collar and bounced to the floor. “Ow!”

“Sit!” Alexandre again shouted.

She was obeyed.

“You’re a fool.”

“Wha!” The visitor’s blush deepened.

“Your wisdom is ass-backwards. Give it up.

“I can’t! It’s… I don’t know; it’s all I have.”

Alexandre sighed. “I just told you the same thing you said to me when you got here. I don’t want to hear hypocrisy.”

The visitor rubbed her collar. It was bruising.

“So, fool, what is your name?”


“Listen, youth, let me tell you something about the adult world, the world you have decided to interact with. No one listens to kids. Kids are stupid.”

Ammelia began to cry silently. Alexandre ignored it.

“There’s only one redeeming thing about a child. Do you know what it is Ammelia?”

“What,” Ammelia murmured.

“The fool foreruns the hero.”

Ammelia began to weep openly. Alexandre stood, walked past her, and exited the room. Ammelia considered leaving too, considered running away, but the convulsions from the weeping had exhausted her, and her leg was throbbing. Alexandre returned two minutes later, frowning. She closed the door behind her.

“The library is not open at this hour. We will use the other book instead…the manuscript of sorts. Here it is.” She walked to the far overhead cupboard and opened it. One of the shelves, right above the cups, had been repurposed as a bookshelf. There were only four books on it. She took one, a black book, and flipped until she saw a memorized page number, and read aloud.

“A curious combination of typical trickster motifs in the…er, his fondness for sly jobs and malicious pranks, his powers as a shape-shifter, his dual nature, half animal half divine, his exposure to all kinds of tortures and last – but not least – his approximation to the figure of a saviour.” She reflexively added the citation, “(Jung 255)”

Ammelia’s crying became loud and violent, and she stood and ran no around the experimentation table no no and into Alexandre’s arms. Damn it.

Alex closed her eyes and sighed. Being rather tall; four full cubits, or six imperial feet; Ammelia was able to take refuge in her neck. Her head felt gross and wet.

As the Lussa calmed, Alexandre let out a sigh. It was finally coming to an end, although, it wasn’t as bad as our first meeting.

“You’re blushing!” Ammelia was looking up at her. She has returned to her usual state of idiocy.

“No!” Alexander said. It was less a protest and more an exclamation of disappointment in her body.

Alexandre sighed, surgically removed the now much calmer girl from herself, and sat down.

“I’m assuming you don’t read, or I would lend this to you.”

Ammelia ambled around the tiny space. She said, “Why would you assume that.”

“I assume everything I believe; that I have justified, to be true until proven otherwise. You don’t read, right?”


“Most people do not.”

Ammelia picked up the doublelens and said, “What’s this?”

“A doublelens magnifier. Most people don’t read, which is why most people either don’t go to, or drop out of university.”

She walked over to the rat cage. “Is this needle for these rats?”


Ammelia moved to Alex’s poster the periodic table. “Are there any more of these?”

Scientist in the making? She wants a periodic table? “More periodic tables? I have some smaller copies I had scribed a few months back.”

“No, more of the…ele…elements.” Ammelia sat on the ground near the far counter and stared up at the elements. “There are…”

She can barely read. “There may be. That one is based on Chloe Rhye’s work that was done around a century ago. I had been working with a law of octaves to re-arrange the table, but Newlands has taken that over. Since then I’ve considered trying to measure mass in order to find a better ordering by putting elements into identical containers and comparing density but…”

“There are sixty-four elements?”

“Yes, that’s why I think the rule of octaves is so potent.”

“Sixty-four is eight squared…” Ammelia mused.

Good at math at least. “Yes. But Chloe proposed invisible, insensible elements.”

Alexandre looked around. She could tell Ammelia was getting bored. I hate teenagers.

Eventually Ammelia noticed and felt the urge to fill the void. She wiped old tears from her eyes, then said, “God elements?”

“…she read the Djeb paper on that, but she didn’t like the name. She believed they could be measured because they must have mass. She called them noble elements. They would ruin my idea of a perfect eight by eight table of elements.”

“So, how do you even know the God elements are real?” Ammelia laughed.

“First, she found Hydrogen. Then, she found that it existed in a double bond, like a lot of other gasses. Chloe decided, quite arbitrarily, that hydrogen was the classical indivisible unit, the atom, and that all elements were made of hydrogen. She further concluded that the noble gases were to be found in the weight category between Hydrogen the atom and Lithium the metal, which she said was made of three atoms.

“That was all before she figured that there must be an entire noble column of invisible elements. Umm, where did you learn about ‘god elements’?”

Alexandre looked down and saw that the girl had fallen asleep on the floor.


Daniel Triumph.

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