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The Solune Prince: Minor Destiny

The Solune Prince
Novella 2

Chapter 41: Minor Destiny

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Lilllich exited with Astore following not too far behind. Kent stared at the window, trying to make out what, or who, was spying on them and then had accidentally let their presence slip. But the figure disappeared into the darkness.

A minute later, those who remained inside the mansion saw Lilllich appear and point, and then Astore blaze across the lawn into the woods, taking huge leaping steps as he ran out of sight. Lilllich watched, and then strode in after him. No one in the room saw anything for a long time. Senica held her breath. All were silent except for Alexandre, who was still getting stitches. Another minute passed.

“I am going,” Chloe said.

“Me too,” Alexandre said, but Annissette pressed down on her ribs.

“No,” said the small girl.

But they didn’t have to go. At that moment Astore strode into the room. Lilllich led the intruder in, pushing on her back.

It was a small girl with soft looking black hair that reached down her back. She looked to be around eighteen, perhaps younger.

“An old friend, yes?” Lilllich said.

The girl moved hair from her face.

“Ammelia!” Chloe’s mind exploded into thought.

The girl seemed on the verge of tears and doing her best not to let them out.

“An old friend indeed.” Alexandre stood—Annissette finally let her—then realized she was half-dressed from the operation, and hastily pulled her shirt down over the bandages and slipped her arm back into the sleeve. Her introduction was ruined. Regardless, she approached the girl.

Ammelia looked up at Alexandre, who was considerably taller. The two women stood near each other; light skinned maidens with dark raven hair. Though, Ammelia was still slightly tanned from her time on the Overside, and Alexandre would always be quite pale due to her Riley physiology.

“They look…similar,” Chloe said. “Perhaps there is some relation?” If Chloe was related to prince Ryann, then why not these two somehow?

“No…?” Ammelia said, with a sudden sense of uncertainty.

Lilllich stepped forward, and the energy of the room shifted. She said, “Ammelia, in the name of the Lussa prince, and as a royal guard, I am obligated to ask, what is your involvement in conspiracy against the throne?” It was a question, but it sounded more like a statement.

Ammelia, impressively, stood to order. Turning to face Lilllich, she looked for a moment older and nobler. She spoke well, however, and with good enunciation. “I was at council yesterday. It seems my failures have been too many, and I have been cast aside from my royal house. The AnLussa let me keep my title, and my father’s home, but that is all. And it seems…their hands may yet reach for more.” She shifted, her voice becoming hesitant. “My status is meaningless in their eyes. I suppose…I suppose I will have to defect!”

“Yes?!” This was Senica from the back. Chloe wasn’t sure if she had ever met Ammelia, but the Djeb woman seemed…amazed in some way.

Ammelia took her question seriously. “Yes. I know almost nothing of what they are planning. I also fear that—no. I won’t say, not yet.” Her eyes turned down in thought.

“Well,” Chloe said, reaching forward to hold Ammelia’s hand in both of hers, “You’re welcome to stay with us tonight.”

Chloe lay in bed. It had been a long day. Very long. When had she slept last? Was it in the jail? It hadn’t a very good rest. Tomorrow would be important, she felt, and the day after even more so, when they would meet the prince as a full group. Chloe pondered and wondered and even worried a bit too, until she fell asleep.

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Daniel Triumph.

Update: I know that I have missed 2 weeks on my “weekly schedule.” Things are difficult right now. I’ll be back in action in some form or another soon enough.

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