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The Tour (part I)

2021 Dec 10, 19

Walk in the outgrown path
Sink into the soft tall grass
Wander, see the spire, the buildings around you

The clock strikes, bell tolls,
Knowledge surrounds you,
Held in humans and tomes

And what do you see?
Here at the overgrown Academy?
The scholar passes by,
Impressive and regal.

Of course I’m right behind you,
You didn’t forget about me?
And why are we here?

I had a question, and I wanted to look for the answer,
And even now, still I remain unsure.
The scholar? The anima?
A projection? I clue? A premonition? But who?
Is it her…? I am not sure.

And—oh, where are we going?

Here they study Kemia, and there it’s statics and forms.
For laws, they even have their own library, beyond that building…
There was even an attempt to formalize the mysterious knowledges,
But for now it’s left obscured
In literature times, not unlike “The Lost Princess,”
By Rabbe Nachman of Breslov.

Come now honey, let’s away from here;
I’ll show you the lands
The city is large; yet easy to cross
Many live here, yet it feels so quiet and quaint

Let’s go to the gates; don’t you
know what’s there?

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