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Refathomable Flashbacking

1 (Saccharine Sweet)

Truly a teeth-first woman,
Not quite sharp tongued,
Sharp toothed.
Black metal teeth, perhaps,
The source for that.

Put past her teeth,
Not sharp tonged,
Almost quick witted,
Her mouth,
Like sugared, overripe fruit,
Warm and saccharine.

— Anselm Siren

2 (Meditations on Sight)


And I saw her near the shore,
And she hadn’t followed me, but there was she,
Knees d(ee)amp in panic and water anxieties.
And her test is internal, as mine always is.

The cold will teach you lessons, my thread,
The water tastes like being taught,
Inhale it tastes like being caught.
Even when nose breathed,
Breathed into, given to soul.
And can you see the water around me?
See the powers surround me? But
You aren’t concerned with them because,
I can’t tell but perhaps because,
You are more concerned with me.

Maybe there’s a place for me in this,
Maybe there’s a life I should not miss.
Maybe it’s only in my dreams.
If I could only keep my life awake.


Must ignore all of the signs of my past,
Burdens of the past
And maybe finally out of my mind.

Because I can see her new there, on the shores of my life,
And she is hesitant, expressions bright.
She’ll in dip her feet, but that’s it all for presents.
Not everyone goes into death and life first as I have,
And maybe that’s why we’re to one-hundred-twenty.

But I don’t know why she’s here.
And I don’t know her right now,
Don’t know that we’ve met.

And why else should she be here?
Wading in closer in case.
Eyes on me, in case.
Case the fires she can’t see,
The angels surround her and I,
And she knows in my heart must surely be there,

And just in case they aren’t.
And maybe they never were,
Because maybe it was me all along,
We can never know for sure, but
God knows.


So why is she here? She looks beautiful I can’t see her face,
But almost I know it.
I know that, and,
Is she maybe you?
And she’s turns away,
Her hair
And now that she’s gone,
I wonder along,

Might she have been the same?
One person, two names?
— [Remaining removed]

3 (The New Hatred)

The goth types are now
The grunge types are now
The nu metal types are now the
The old school anime types are now the
The depressed types are now

Identifying as who they were yesterday,
Not who they should to be tomorrow.

4 (Song Fragments)

Sing me a siren song,
draw me — to the rocks.
Sing me your siren song,
You know — I’ll cling fast.

Sing me oh sing me oh singing me love
Sing me oh sing me oh sing into life.

Sing me a pretty song,
I love you, your voice.
Sing me a lovely song,
You know I am yours.

Take you oh take you oh take you away,
And take you oh take you oh please let us stay!

I hold fast to your hand my love—
I’ll hold on your shoulder
Oh lovely be bolder!
And I’ll seize your waist
Oh not so much haste!
Please band, slow the tempo,
My body’s a temple,
Oh oh ever chaste!
None of you I’ll waste!

5 (Further Song Fragments)


6 (Lake)

I’m just a lie, she’s just a fake
I’m just alive, she’s just a lake
I’m just alive, she’s just a lake.

And my hand dissolves from
In the lakes.

I thought it was as it seems
But everyone is alone
I thought it was as it seems
But everyone is alone
Is everyone all alone?

7 (Haiku)

Hold me if you can
Touch me with intent and I’ll
Never let you go

This is mostly slightly edited reprints of earlier material.

Daniel Triumph.

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