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Of the New Religions

Let us define religion as any philosophy or theory that affects a person’s beliefs and actions.

You must think, after the 20th century religion changed with Modernism. Modernism spelled the end of traditional religions in the west, in part thanks to Nietzsche.

We had all sorts of strange new movements claiming to be ancient. Theosophy, neo-Gnosticism, neo-Platonism, Golden Dawn, New Age, Satanism, and even new branches of Christianity. Now, we’re moving into a Post-Modern age. The nature of religion shifts again. It’s more diffuse, more political. But, thanks to the division of church and state, politics is the new religion.

This is why I think new movements that people cling to like religions, with new ideas of how people should act, including genders, relationships, and so on, might very well be the seeds of what could grow into religions. Maybe they already are…

(Shift) Janna Rhye, Fourth Prince of the Solune.

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