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Fantasy (v2!)

There’s a place you’ve always dreamed of,    where your heart’s always at ease,

Ring your fingers, crown your forehead,        ‘cause in here you’re royalty,

Turn around, you’ll see your castle gaze         from spires that reach past the trees,

Beyond a rainbow grew around it,                 open up the skies and your mind will see.

And sometimes you’re taken back here,         to the mild and to the free,

Here your minds at its most comfortable,       avoid your memories.

And you take your sword around your hip    —in pastoral lands its only use

To dub your honoured knights of glory,         meritocracy fabricate by you.

One day amid your congregates,        you see a Noble Sage,

A familiar young foreigner,                who could tell you anything.

She’s studied quite a while,                mentored pupils in all things,

From the Trivium, Quadrivium,          Five Magics; and she sings!

But now would you lay defences down,        her beauty shows a frown,

You know that if you heard the words she has,         this land would lose its ruse,

And its place for it.


But you put it off, oh maybe later.

Now you keep your fancies up and

hike your pants up through the fields as

maybe now to-day you’ll go.

Like yesterday, excite your senses.

Kingdom, estate, glory, bounty,

Orch-ards are for everybody,

Fruits roll to your feet for you—

From tree to hand, berries drop too.

Benevolent, magnanimous,

This realm you open up to

all the Peasants, farmers,

those who serve you.

Those in need, come to your throne room,

Same requests, they’ve always had,

Day after day, and each like the last.

Lords and ladies, vassals, peasants

“home,” “a steed;” “a cow,” “a hat.”

Like Jubilee year, seven sevens,

On your estate, the bounty opens…


Now all those who were before you are granted what they sought.

Nearly all of them leave you, taking what they ought.

One person remains—the troubled Noble Sage.

It’s clear she doesn’t want anything, and you wonder why she stayed.

You consider moving on as always, and avoiding her troubling look.

You know that if you heard her message, this existence would be shook.

But something deep within your memory, rouses you act.

“I have served my land as always, Sage, and everyone but you is in harmony.

Your face conceals something dire, Sage, something I might have ignored; tell me.”

The Noble Sage takes a breath and says, “I have what you’ve missed, the Five Magics.

These Magics are from a natural place, a world lost in your memories.

Would you take on this burden and face your fears, though it would bring you misery?”

The ruler replies, with anxious sighs, “Tell me the misery and memory I must face.”

The Noble Sage nods wisely and says, “It is this land that you must face.

Face the memories that linger here; what you’ve ignored in this place.

You have forgotten what was, joy and abundance in truth, not lies.

Once we had glory without fear in order to return, just open your eyes,

We came here together, seems like moments ago.

I came to learn and to visit, but you established a throne.

Beware for you’ll weep when you learn how you fell from there to here,

How once we were eagles, but now we are mice.

How you lost your way in deceit and lies.

Our forgotten past brings tears to the eyes.

For us to return to our former ties, you must face the truth! Pack up the lies!”

The Sage composes herself, and then finishes her message.

“Remember these Magics Five, and you will find your successes.

I will see you again, I hope, returned as you were,

Where you belong in our world, and not over here.”

Then with a voice of femininity, she conjures the Five Magics for herself.

“Give me Alchemy! Give me Memory! Give me Certainty! Curiosity! And give me Clarity!”

They open up the skies, and she departs. You consider her wisdom, and the estate.

You’ll uncover yourself after you start. Abandon lies, and face your fate.

Face the fears within your heart, face the kingdom you grew.

Return to the old world as if it was new, and return to knowledge, that once you knew.

There’s a place you’ve always dreamed of,    where your heart’s always at ease,

Ring your fingers, crown your forehead,        ‘cause in here you’re royalty,

Turn around, you’ll see your castle gaze         from spires that reach past the trees,

Beyond a rainbow grew around it,                 open up the skies and your mind will see.

Daniel Triumph.

This piece still isn’t perfect, but this is where it is now, and may very well be the last version I work on. This is actually technically version 3, but version 2 was mostly an intermediary step, and was never released.

Also formatting this took far longer than it should have, and I learned a bit of HTML in the process. I worked for quite a while trying to get this single spaced, while also having hanging indents…but I never managed it. However! You can tell lines apart thanks to the hanging indent trick I used!

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