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Last of the Last Act: 5 – Walk the Earth Alone

I of V
I’m alive,
And this is where I am,
The area is too confined and the footing is poor.
It would be wise not to linger.
But I want us to linger
I want you too.
I want you
I want

And I suppose we could say
That we did all we could,
And you extended your hand
Further than you should.
Did you feel me, all around you?
I could feel you slip away.
Grip tightly to
you woman of glass,
A woman of ice

Red Flash—the clouds—
choking out the morning sky!
She said it’d never come, I knew it was a lie.
All forms of life die now, emotions now succumb,
It’s my world now, it’s my world! IT’S MY WORLD.
Time to kiss your ass goodbye, the end has just begun!
No survivors!
Walk the Earth alone!

Summer 2019_0005
III of V
Open your red eyes and say that you’re
Not related to a the verse I once said,
The hours of work put in,
All the while you never once said with your lips,
One day you’ll walk alone!
And I suppose, and I’ve worked it,
Grip tightly,
That one day I would not,
But certainly!
Today is not this day,
So draw not near one last time,
For it is said that after the third,
There is no escaping, a jest.
‘Tis clear to me enough that,
There always must be for you one so,
Sit on the sidelines of my life as before,
And never say that I didn’t tell you,
And never again look reveal to you how weak I am,
Am I a weak man?
My hand is getting caught in the grinding wheel
often, because I put it there,
Because this is how I learn.
Abrupt shocking emotional pain.
And my limbs grow back like those others,
And I will grow more legs as running continues,
And I am the man with four arms,
One for each kingdom.
And here I digress,
And turn I back to
Turning away from you.

“If you could date one celebrity, who would it be?”
And the emotions cry out, I would that she
Become famous, that I may dance with her once.
Yet even my quotidian is interesting.

Do you ever flip through your tunes and hit
Something you’ve imprinted memories into?
“Maybe it’s meant to be this way,
‘Cause we are the young in love.”
“Take, take your time
But move so fast,
Because hearts move on,
And this was real,

Summer 2019_0004
And so today, as we part ways,
Again, for the uncounted time,
I will do what little I can to say goodbye.
And I suppose that means a five part text,
And a piece of coloured art,
And a repetition of something I told you the first time.
Come to || where the || waters || meet the shores,
I’ll be there, and I will stay,
Leaving you.

I walk,
I walk the earth alone, for now.
And it will always disturb me,
Why is it I tower over you?
Is it only me, and did you simply move on, While I
like a Condor, grow wings mid-fall,
And struggle to fly off into the mist?

Luisa - Copy

IMG_0007, full, unfinished, as of August 28, 2019

Copyright Daniel Triumph July 22 – August 29, 2019

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