It’s dark in here
And uncomfortable
But it feels so warm
It’s easy, I sit
I sit and sit and
It’s so easy
Never sleep right
I can’t really tell
And I’m dizzy
But it’s warm and
I don’t worry about anything
Until it’s too late and

Then we panic.

Daniel Triumph.

The Order of the Hammer

The Order of the Hammer
From which they taketh the gear,
And from which he taketh the gold.
For he will step silently among you,
Though troublesome, not nearly as deadly as the one who taketh the gear,
Who taketh the order, who taketh the builder
And cover him over.

My order, the old order, nothing new.
Forged in the furnace of the Builder himself,
We were a beacon—we built the beacon!
A beacon of hope to the unbelievers,
To those who chose not to understand the Builder and his way.
Worse, though, the pagans,
They chant,
let them stay away.
And worse yet undead! Defiled undead,
Their corpses do rise again, unless they be burned
Burned in the furnace of the Builder.

But none of these have threated the order so,
None, pagan, the dead, not the Thief Garrett, oh no,
As much as the man dressed in green,
Them, the new order,
Their a masks of pure bronze,
The man who lead our poor builders

This is a dumb little poem heavily inspired by old Thief games.
I may rewrite this later, and turn it into a less dumb poem inspired by Thief.

Daniel Triumph.

Like it?

Convince yourself that you like it
You like it
And know that convincing isn’t even strictly necessary,
Because it isn’t a lie, it’s
Reminiscence, because you do like it,
Once you get down to it, you do like it,
Once you get down to it, but to start it is…
To start is the hard part because you don’t remember that you like it,
And so even thought this work, this task;
Even though you need convincing,
Convince yourself that you like it,
Really you aren’t, you’re simply
Remembering that you like it.

Daniel Triumph.

Here’s an old practice poem. Really busy this week moving!!