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Shade the Past

In the shade, stand, of my life,
I used to run but no more
I had teeth. Given weapons
To turn against their owners.
I used to.

In the shade, little room, like a cage
Walls of stone, window, light filters in,
And I avoid it, sit, don’t strain
My eyes. I don’t want to see.
I don’t.

In the shade, standing, look, through leaves,
Cross the grounds, a visitor, for the owner.
No, not for me, no, go away, no, wait
Who is this, woman, dressed grandly,
Steps off the path, toward me.
Can I hide

From the shade, look, I recognize,
Saved her life, escape in the night.
Why is she here? How did she find me?
“Why hello there young lady,
is the property owner in?”
Nod to her, and then, “Mother?”
I strain.

She smiles.
Finger to lips, leans in, whispers,
“Returning a favour.” Gives a sacchrine laugh.
Steps back. I reach out. “Wait.”
She takes my hand. The past echos in.
And then, “We have a bit of business to get to.”

Daniel Triumph.

Part of the vaguely connected stories of Alexandre Dirge. I haven’t ironed all the details but Dirge’s Second Operation would precede this piece, and Wraith Hail would follow it.

P.S.: This piece was released a day late from the regular Thursday schedule. Sorry about that, it’s exam season :[

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