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Alexandre Dirge M.A.

The goth types are now
The grunge types are now
The nu metal types are now the
The old school anime types are now the
The depressed types are now

Identifying as who they were yesterday,
Not who they want to be tomorrow.


Anyone whose favourite colour is red
Might be suspicious.

I like purple and green and orange.
She likes yellow >:3


You don’t have to love me
You only have to choose me.

Love is kind of dangerous anyway but
Intimacy is nice :3

Jin and Salt (small)


Corruption in the scriptures.
Tell me who Thomas is, and what is his gospel?

Corruption in the scriptures.
Why didn’t Erasmus print in his bible
John’s Comma (1 John 5:7–8)?
“The first and second edition texts did not include the passage  that has become known as the Comma Johanneum.”
It was added to the Vulgate. Who has the wool?
Is it over your eyes?

No. Go back to the old.
Go ask thee a rabbi.*
They will tell you.
Christ was a Jew, so to be like Jesus,
You need to ask yourself,
What should you do?
Why not ask a Jew.*

(* I am not Jewish, or Christian. Don’t come to me with your religious issues unless you want a debate. My knuckles are wet with the sweat of debate. I’m ready.)



It’s time to gut Hollywood
Of it’s rot.

Make it new (Ezra Pound)!
Make it old (Jeff Derksen).

(Megadeth 1990)

Part 1

Daniel Triumph.


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