W005 – Her Hanging

I always thought this was a cool concept; a way to escape hanging. I got the idea from a movie…”The Imaginarium of Doctor Parnassus.” I don’t really remember it, but I do remember the metal tube.

I really want to rewrite this piece, and I might do it for my Creative Writing project. If I do, I’ll be sure to tell you how it goes.

Tehufn's Raw Compositions

This is adapted from my online Roleplay. All text is my own. This is how it would have played out if no one had helped her.

Chloe’s body swings three stories above the empty street. She hangs, suspended by a wire noose that digs into her neck. She looks dead, but is she? Blood runs down her shirt, dripping off of her black stripper boots into the streets below.

Her neck is tense, bulging tendons keeping the wire from cutting her circulation of completely.

In an instant, Chloe regains consciousness, as if coming back to life. She gags for a bit and then grabs the wire and pulls herself up, taking tension from her neck. She holds herself, trying to figure out where she is and what’s happening.

She cuts the wire from her neck, falling three stories, rolling and breaking one of her legs. She tries to scream, but…

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