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Passive Regressions 2


Come into my empty body,
A rotting corpse that once was proud.
Ate alive by my depression,
Abandoned ’cause I am a coward.
Emotion systems overloaded
Neck got smashed ‘ the way back down.

Possibly I’ve had too much,
But never did you give too much.

I lost my fingers to your hungers
I lost those fingers to my hungers
I cannot feel a thing
I’ve killed myself
I’ve run away
And on the other side they say

Suicide is cowardice
An act of selfishness.
Fuck you get out of here
Medallion noose
Snaps my neck
Snaps itself
Neck got smashed on the way back down.

Possibly I’ve been too weak
But never have I given up

I return to the Hangar
I know too much
I open my eyes, skull in a brace
I open my mind, what will it take
I take the world, my fucking world
I’ll have your life

Coward no more
Run into my fears
It is the cure.


You were like sand,
Slip through my hand.
I cupped my fingers,
So part of you lingers.

Now we are closer,
I want you more.
Sandstone in holster.
What am I good for?



Talk to me!



You’re supposed to say,


No, not “oh”!
try again.


What is it?




I wait outside the gates,
And it is not safe.
I invite you out here,
But it will not take.

And so I give up.
It is not safe.
Do not leave you bedchaimber.
Do not leave your safe.


Resentment and revenge
Both punishable by death.


I see dead people in my dreams
They all have my own face.
Will I die unfulfilled?
What do you dream of?
A plant?


Shower away
my skin
Touch the
nervous within
be nice to me
don’t be mean
i just want
love me.

Head Crusher Ballad

If you are a Condor


Than I am an Ostrich

No flight!

Or a Troodon

Greek for “wounding tooth”!

I am very smart


And I love you

Do I love you?

You do.

I do love you.

Of course :3


And you fly through the window Outside and you
told me to search for you there
Among these fools, you do not belong.
Among your peers, you may carry on,
And I will lose contact
But I will win battles
And then I will see you
Through the mystery.


Is it a poem
just a link to a video?


Woman will explain nothing, and expect you understand.
Man will explain everything, and still not understand.
Either way, man will know nothing.


I take your morality hostage.
Now what, damn it?
I’ll have your emotions too.
They are subject to me
Your mind? Keep that
Tyrannies aren’t worth it.

You asked for it, hun,
We’re in love!


Collect these tears;
Little memories,
Cute like you
I like them lots.
They remind me just
How much
I Love you.


I am so hungover
You poisoned me
I’m addicted to you
I don’t like the withdrawal
But next time
You will be good for me
And I’ll be good for you.


I have a trembling love.
I want to stabilize it but she says,
Don’t look, just touch.
I will do what I must.

Daniel Triumph.

Daniel Triumph.

Passive Regressions
Active Impressions

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