Leah the Wild Cow

Studying Leah. She reminds me of someone who I want to make happier.

Tekoa Manning

A friend of mine sent me an intriguing podcast the other day about Rachel, the wife of Jacob. She was the mother of Joseph and Benjamin. She said, “I keep seeing Rachel everywhere!” When she said it, I thought that’s funny because “I keep seeing Leah.”

Oh, Leah, you break my heart.

What can women learn from you and your eyes that cried a million tears?

Our backdrop starts in Genesis, where we learn that Jacob, the patriarch later named Israel has just fled from his brother Esau who is looking to kill him. Why is he on the run? Jacob, with the help of his mother, takes the savory game she has cooked and pretends to be the firstborn (Esau) in order to get the blessing. He’d already stolen his birthright. He deceives both his brother and his father, Isaac. Let’s look at that real quick.

“Jacob said to…

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