Leah the Wild Cow

Studying Leah. She reminds me of someone who I want to make happier.

Tekoa Manning

A friend of mine sent me an intriguing podcast the other day about Rachel, the wife of Jacob. She was the mother of Joseph and Benjamin. She said, “I keep seeing Rachel everywhere!” When she said it, I thought that’s funny because “I keep seeing Leah.”

Oh, Leah, you break my heart.

What can women learn from you and your eyes that cried a million tears?

Our backdrop starts in Genesis, where we learn that Jacob, the patriarch later named Israel has just fled from his brother Esau who is looking to kill him. Why is he on the run? Jacob, with the help of his mother, takes the savory game she has cooked and pretends to be the firstborn (Esau) in order to get the blessing. He’d already stolen his birthright. He deceives both his brother and his father, Isaac. Let’s look at that real quick.

“Jacob said to…

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Very Large Announcement

Very large.

Current Projects

The Solune Prince

The first (and second) draft(s) of The Solune Prince’s first novella are coming to an end. On paper, I’ve completed fourteen chapters, and the blog has up to chapter eleven primed and set for the following few Thursdays (with occasional breaks, as usual), whereas the manuscript in my word processor brings that up to twelve.






This number changes a LOT (usually, it gets bigger as I find out that some chapters need to be split up for pacing and atmospheric reasons). Suffice to say, this is only Novella one of nine or ten, so it will not be too long or else no one would ever read it. (Unless they also read Tolstoy’s bloated monstrosities.)



I write so I take my time and remember it better. It is a very deliberate and loving action.

Word Processed


I type to prepare it and make sure everything fits. This is what will be edited and turned into a full novella PDF, and possibly published properly.



This is my safety window. I have a few week’s worth of writing scheduled, so I can take my time and not worry.

Online at danieltriumph.com/the-solune-prince/


Waiting to be read (and loved :3) or at least viewed/criticised so I can improve.

Recorded and on Soundcloud


I made the first couple recordings mostly as a preview or advertisement. The rest are for a certain someone. (I would have finished them without her, of course, but not as expediently.)

Hopefully those who enjoyed Novella 1 will join me for the others as well, and complete the story of Chloe Rhye’s late coming of age.


I think the biggest one, apart from my novel, is the audio recordings for The Solune Prince, currently on both Youtube and Soundcloud.

YouTube: I invite you to subscribe to the channel, Daniel Triumph

Soundcloud: Follow my soundcloud, https://soundcloud.com/daniel-triumph

Sabbath City

With the anticipated launch of Sabbath City, there’s going to be a huge shift in the way this site functions. I don’t know how long it will take, perhaps years, but soon I will have two websites. One that is like this, a place of calm reading, without any marketing. (If there are any ads on my site, please blame WordPress, not me…), and another where I will put things up for sale. Merchandising. It is soon time to cash in on whatever value the free market will judge me worthy.

HeartBeat - Copy


Yeah, I have no idea. Writing. Reading. In University. Trying to trade services and goods for money.


Daniel Triumph.

P.S.: I love Luisa :3

Fathom’s Second in Three

Daniel Triumph.

Note on the phone, make me
Trace the line back to your
Home, where you are
And my shaking hands, I’ll
Choke your breath I’ll take your
Heart and eat it up, bear my
Fangs and rough it up, you’ll have
All that you’ve ever asked
of me
I am the line
But it’s too late, lover,
You give up too late. You can play this small game, but you can
No more escape, you are subject
To you—I’m here to
Stay and you will call for me, you’ve called my
Name and now I know
Know who you are and I will
Know you like a single knows the
Second, your unfathomable
Imago Dei within the self, inside your soul
Conquer me, unfathom’ble; it’s
Fathom’s Sexond!

I’ll defy your words;
but take your actions to heart;
Keep coming back, you tell me when it’s right to
From the ballroom to the bedroom
And I’ve taken in your hands
(You’re stuck to me—)
And put them into my
(And you would have me.)
And no longer do you retreat,
But now you may cry,
No more away,
(Or I may die)
Away, you retreat into I.

Fathom’s Second I

Fathom’s S***** II