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Active Impressions


Answer the Question.

__If you have a problem, you just tell me
I’ve more power than you know.
__Right now I’ve more power, thanks to you,
More than before
__Your enemies will fall to me
In time so will you.

__Oh, hi Mark, I mean, hi you
__No, we do not wait on this day.
This day we fight.
__Lisa, you’re my future wife!
(After all, she’s my future wife)
__Stop comparing me to tragedy
Yes, my lady.
__Conquer me.
It brings me great pleasure to say my next target’s you.
__Of course,
If you wish,
__My love.


Hold me if you can
Touch me with intent and I’ll
Never let you go

Fathom’s Second in Three (ver 2)

Note on the phone, make me trace the
line back to your
Door, where you are
And my shaking hands, I’ll
Choke your past I’ll take your
Heart and eat you up and you’ll
Have all that you asked for.
But it’s too late, lover,
You give up too late. You can play this little
game, but you will no more
Escape, you are subject
To you—I’m here to
Stay and you will call for me, you’ve called my
Name and now I know
Know who you are and I will
Know you like a
single knows the
Second, your unfathomable
Imago Dei within the self, inside your soul
Conquer me, unfathom’ble; it’s
Fathom’s Sexond!

I’ll defy your words; take your actions to heart;
Keep coming back; you tell me when it’s right
To start my life

From the ballroom to the bedroom
And I’ve taken in your hands
(You’re stuck to me—)
And put them into my
(And you would have me.)
And no longer do you retreat,
But make you cry
No more away
(Or I may die)
Today retreat into thy
Away, will you retreat into I

Box of chips?

eeeew ketchup chips!

disconnect, I suspect.
The knife in your hand
Much smaller than I thought.
No fear,
Anxiety is a form of excitement
You are a form of myself.


Got a problem with ketchup




When nothing is left

All that is left

Is who we are.

Happy Sabbath.

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