Alexandre’s Inquiry

Book 1

1 Primary Dusk

“Falling in love is easy, to marry is the hard part.” – Alice & Finch Dawngale Dirge Zeth

Alexandre Dirge got off easy. She was only in for six months. But, that’s not important right now.

It was the first week of class and she was cursing at God, and more than that, she was cursing whoever had designed the campus layout. It was a nightmare. Jutt didn’t know where anything was.

2 Primary Dawn

“I’m going having late now!”

“Yeah, but it was worth it?”

Alice blushed, “Yeah…”

Alice went to work, and Finch lay in his bed. They had promised not to do anything until they got married… and so they got married. But, it took him seven years to finally make it happen. He mumbled to himself,

“Falling in love is easy, but man is getting married ever the hardest part.”

He fell asleep for another hour and then woke up for class. It was the first day of his second year. Finch was late the party. Most of his peers in age were either a year above him or in their final year. He had served in the city guard for a few years, but now that he had achieved his goal, now that he gotten Alice safely back home; now that he had married, he didn’t have to do it anymore.

So Finch decided to follow his dream of becoming an academic of natural studies. So far, it was going very well. He got “A’s” in all of his first year classes. He stood up and started getting ready.

Alice was a short, dark-skinned, bright-haired woman. Finch was the opposite in all of her physical traits except for the short part. They were of equal height. Alice, being in the guard, kept her physique up, and being as one, so did Finch. He was still almost as fit as when he was actually in the guard, not that it mattered in school.

In fact, it was quite irritating. There’s nothing worse than being a dark-haired, muscular, smart man with life experience. He found that it was like having a magnet for girls. Luckily for him, he had a wedding band to defend himself with.

Finch made it to campus early. He was always on time. He wandered about the overgrown assemblage of buildings, admiring the ivy and vines that covered most buildings, and occasionally stepping off the path to wade through the chest-high grass. They played man-hunt in the grass during their first year. He wondered if anyone would still do that now that they were older.

He returned to the path and headed to his first class with time to spare, and then he bumped into someone.



He was not expecting to hear his name, so he paid attention and looked to see the person’s face. It was his cousin.


“Where the hell is this room?”

Finch looked at class list the Alexandre thrust at him.

“That’s—wait, that’s where I’m going.”

“Why are you going to kemia 110? I thought this was your second year.”

“Yeah, but I’m introducing my natural studies one at a time. I did fundamental nature first semester, then biology second semester, and now it’s kemia. I saved the best for last!” Finch said.

Alexandre gave him a funny look. “Well anyway, show me where it is.”

Finch had never seen Alexandre Jutt like this. His stomach lurch, he felt incredibly sick with himself. Finch’s first love was Alexandre, when they were both very young. The last time he had seen her had been maybe a year ago. Since then, Jutt’s beauty had done something akin to doubling. It was like she was a full woman now. Finch couldn’t put his finger on it, but he also wasn’t trying to. He shook his head and focused on the image of his wife.


Finch tripped, stepping off of the path accidentally. “Whoops.”

Despite all this, they made it to class just fine.

Table of Contents

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