Alexandre’s Inquiry

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6 Primary Dawn IIII

Finch left his class very confused about natural studies and science. He headed toward the lounge and cafeteria building. He found a table and sat down. He looked around for anyone he knew, and shortly after returned to staring at the table. Eventually, the sneakiest person he knew snuck up on him.


He knew the voice. “Alice?”

It was not the first time she had come to him at lunch time. In fact, they had planned around it, scheduling his classes specifically avoid running during her lunch. So, often they ate together.

“What have today?” Alice asked.

Finch rummaged and took out two sandwiches. Alice’s digestive system didn’t really like anything that wasn’t meat, but bread was cheap, and they were both living on her payroll, so she didn’t complain.


Across the room, Alexandre entered, followed by her new friend. They saw Alice and Finch and joined them.

“What did you get for lunch!” Alice shouted.

“Uhh, nothing.” Alexandre said.

“What?” Lunesca asked, “You don’t have a lunch?”


[July 27: The writer stopped. He has lost his inspiration. Or better yet, he has been inspired to write something else… or focus on his classes. Something. He has resolved to take it easy and finish the book anyway. For your sake.

This book began to solve a problem in the writer’s life, but now he’s solved it. So, it will solve a different (although likely lesser) problem now instead.]

Lune sucked her teeth. “Do you ever bring food?”

She sat down next to Alice. Finch moved over to make room for Jutt, but Jutt continued standing.

“No.” Alexandre crossed her arms.

Lunesca made a face, a really stern, sort of disappointed face. Alexandre scowled, turned, and began walking away.

“Where is she going?” Lune asked.

“You made her mad, and she has no reason to stay,” Alice said, “of course she would leave. She doesn’t want to deal with you and she doesn’t have to!”


Finch shrugged. “That’s how she is.”


As they spoke, Ansel entered the room. It was much larger than he expected, and it was all open concept.

“What a feat of engineering!” He thought, “There aren’t even supports. How did they do this? I wonder of Alex knows.”

Ansel looked around, and saw her exiting the building. He followed.


“So she just got triggered?” Lunesca asked, “She’s that type? Touchy?”

“Not really, it’s actually a lot worse.” Said Finch.

“Tell me.”

Finch at some of his sandwich. It was mostly cheese. Alice’s had no cheese, since her dairy tolerance ended shortly after she was weaned.

Finch started. “Alexandre was in the mob, you don’t remember? You’re the one who brought it up when you guys met.”


“So!” Finch threw up his hands.

Then he had an idea. He grabbed Lunesca’s arm from across the table, her right with his right, and then with his left he reached under and grabbed her neck. Lunesca, of course, tried to stop him, but her right arm was in the way of her left, and Finch had control of it.


“So, this is how she’s been conditioned to respond.” He let go and sat down again. “In the gangs, she’s told me, you just fight it out. Someone argues with you? Beat the shit out of them. Show them who’s boss.”

Lunesca considered this, rubbing her arm. They ate the rest of their food in silence. Alice kept glancing over to see how Lune was taking it.

When they were done, Lunesca sighed.

“So her default response is to fight, and since she’s a civilized person, she leaves instead, is that it?”


Lunesca frowned. “If I wasn’t such a weak bitch I’d fight her.”

“What language!” said Alice.

“Well,” she shrugged, “Alexandre Dirge is going to have to get used to leaving.”

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The Solune Prince: Alice and Finch; or Posters Part1

The Solune Prince

Novella 1

Chapter 5: Alice and Finch; or Posters Part1

Why did I let her go?

Because I did not have an answer for her.

What do I do now?

Find a reason, and give it to her. Figure out what will entice her to join
Certainly she has not given the offer a fair chance.


When Chloe finally came back to reality, she was extremely disoriented. She opened her eyes and looked around, getting a feel for her situation. It was still afternoon. She was still in the market. The sounds returned to her, the bustle of trade. She had unconsciously moved to a bench. There was a child on the bench with her, and he was poking her face. She was so tall, however, that the child had to stand on the bench to reach.

Chloe didn’t like this, so she told him to stop. He sort of yelped and then ran away. As usual, she recounted that which was useful from her bout of deep thought.

Alexandre did not say “no!” she said, and rather arbitrarily, that she was not going to work for the castle. I said that it was an expedition, and all she had said was, “So?”

Chloe held onto the fragment of hope.


The sun was setting by the time she reached the western-central residential district. To her surprise, Chloe ran into Alice. Or, more appropriately, Alice almost ran into her, tripped in the act of avoidance, and gallantly turned to apologise.

“Sorry madam—oh hi!”

“Alice, what brings you here?”

“Going home, evening shift’s starting almost soon now.”

“Hmm, well, I am going to visit Finch again.”


“Alexandre Dirge was… difficult.”

“Oh, let’s go then!”

Then, unceremoniously, Alice grabbed Chloe by the hand, and she was forced into running. Chloe didn’t have much trouble up through, due to the difference in leg length. She is so much shorter than me, while Alexandre…

Very soon they did reach Alice and Finch’s home, and Chloe was able to have her discussion.


“She must have been in a bad mood”

“Is she always in a bad mood?” Chloe retorted.

“Ah, well, truly; she’s been conditioned to see the bad in the world. But do you think there was anything specific?”

“She was trying to buy a sword.”

Finch frowned. “I guess you interrupted the exchange with your offer.”


“Well, maybe she took it as a bribe? You, as the Fifth Prince, could easily get the sword for her.”

“What!” Chloe stood up. “Why would she take that as a bribe! I was not even going to do that, and even if I was it would be fair payment for a job! An…”

“An advance!” Alice finished.

Finch’s eyes tightened. “Didn’t I just tell you that she sees the world—”

“Hang on!” Chloe shut her eyes. She didn’t hear them anymore.

Alexandre “Jutt” Dirge. What has Finch told me about her?
Negative perspective.
I mean in the past.
She’s half Solune. Very tall. Taking a Masters in Kemia.
She was a gang member for a while, right?
She started the Murdock-Baracus gang wars.

“Why did she start the Murdock-Baracus gang war?”


Alice became starry-eyed. “To save her mother!”

Chloe frowned. “I would have her on my expedition.”

“Umm, okay…” Finch was lost, but this was not the fist time he’d missed a few steps in conversation with Chloe Rhye.

“Yes!” Alice jumped, shaking the house.

“But, if she is to be this volatile all the time, it will make problems with the rest of the team. Talent is nothing if one is anti-social and unable to apply it.”

“Well, she’s not anti-social, not technically.”

“She’s nice!”

“Not technically? Is that a fact?” Chloe eyed him calmly.

“I mean, no but…” There was a minutes long silence, “maybe…”

“She’s just having problems with teacher!” Alice cut in.

“Professors,” corrected Finch.

“And writing her Masters final paper essay!”

“Masters Thesis.”

“You just have to learn how she is and she’s fine.”

“What a strange family you have Finch,” Chloe said, “I do not know if I should take Alexandre after all though. Do you think there is, ah, that there’s something wrong with her?”

Alice kept a neutral expression, but Finch spoke, “I know there’s something wrong with her, but look at what she’s done anyway!”

Chloe sat back down. She closed her eyes to think, but nothing happened. She would have to move with intuition; Limbic Thinking.

“How do I get Alexandre on my expedition, and how do I control her once she is on it.”

“Get to know her!” Alice said.

Finch said, “Set it up as a challenge. Give her a threshold, something that could stop her from actually being able to go.”

Chloe took a breath. “I, ah, I really do no know…”

“Posters!” Alice shouted, excited.


“Yes!” Finch said, “Advertise, you’re so smart Alice! You need a whole expedition team! Send out a general advertisement—”

“One with high standards, something that might compel Alexandre,” Chloe finished.

“That’s actually a good idea,” said Finch, “put up some notices around the academy, namely the cafeteria and the Philosophy of Kemia building.”

“Although, probably you want everywhere,” Alice added, “so she doesn’t think it’s targeting her. Oh! She’ll think that since she said no, that you gave up on her and are doing this for that reason instead, wow!”

Chloe laughed, then said, “We will, ah, we’ll make her come to us instead of the other way around. Ah, now, how do we actually do all this?”

“Well, since we don’t have a printing press, so I would say by hand,” said Finch.

Alice jumped again, knocking over her chair and shaking the house. “Wonderful! I’ll help!” She bared her teeth, and they left the little house to get craft supplies.


The walk was fairly short, and over it they discussed what criteria they would list as requirements.

“So, Kemia, Anthropology, History, or Biology, right?” Finch asked.

“Maybe open it up to the Liberal Arts kids too,” said Chloe.


By the time they had returned, they had a good idea what they were looking for in an expedition member. When Finch brought up that the standards might be to broad, Chloe decided to add even more qualifications. At the end, they made about fifteen posters that each read:

Help Wanted – Work for the Castle

Summer position working for the Royal Family regarding international relations and cultural research.

Paid position. Travel required.

Academic Qualifications, One of: Biology, Kemia, Anthro, Solune History, Liberal Arts.

Other Qualifications Needed: Preferably a completed undergraduate.

Also Required: Some combat/self defense experience.

This is to be a dangerous exploratory excursion to the Lussa Kingdom. There is currently a political conflict, potential for a civil war. We would remain if any conflict breaks out, and potentially provide aid through knowledge or forces.

Finch asked, “Why does it say, ‘work for the castle’?”

“To see how Alexandre takes it.”

“And fighting experience, and all that about maybe a war? You won’t get a lot of people with that; not at a university!” Alice said.

“I know that, but you said that she was in conflicts before, so she must have something. Also, it’s better that they don’t make the expedition guards’ job harder. I’m sure we will find some people.”

Alice clapped with glee.

Daniel Triumph.

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Link to Alice and Finch; my first novel.


Alexandre’s Inquiry

5 Primary Dusk II

“This course is an introduction to Greek Rhetoric. If this is not your class, and I know it isn’t yours Corey, then please leave now before I start,” the professor said, writing the name and code on the board.

Four people, including the person the professor stared at, stood up to leave. Ansel tried to hold in a laugh. This was his first class of the day, and he was very excited. It seemed that most of the professors were more intelligent than him, and it was extremely humbling. In academia, it seemed, his intellect was far less unique. This did not discourage him; instead it became a driving force. Intellect is nothing without action, and most of these kids (older than him) hadn’t done anything. He had started a band.

And then she walked it, and it was like the first time all over again. Ansel nearly vomited, but he didn’t. He turned away and tried to act all cool. Alexandre Dirge passed by him.

He said, “Nice teeth.”

She froze in his periphery. “What?”

He looked up at her and she staggered, “What!”

“Do you two know each other?”

“Yeah, she’s my bitch.”

Lune gave Alexandre an incredulous look. As far as she was concerned, they were friends now, and men didn’t get away with saying shit like that to friends. Alexandre, to her confusion, blushed.

“Yes, and you’re my slut. And here I thought Degenerate culture was dead.”

“Can’t kill the Degenerate movement!”

Lunesca searched her mind. She had heard of this she had—“Are you Lussa?”

“Nope,” they both said.

“I’m a musician, you know? I played in the Lussa City, although I was centralized in the Djeb.”

“Yes, we go back.”

For the first time, Lune noticed that Alexandre’s teeth were silver. She didn’t feel like asking questions, so she didn’t.

The professor said, “Can you please sit down if you are in this course?”

“Right.” Alexandre said.

They sat next to Ansel, and shortly after the lecture began.

The professor spoke about how Greece was originally thought to be a fictitious or religious location lost in time, until they began finding documents from it. He then handed out the textbook. (All textbooks were free with classes; that is, included in tuition.)

Ansel looked at the publisher’s page first. He wanted to know how out-dated it was. It read 3910, and it was translated by Chloe Rhye.

“Alex… isn’t Chloe Rhye part of the royal family?”


“And isn’t she… pretty young? Like your age?”

“Sort of.”

“Then how is she the translator of a hundred year publication?”

“…I’ll explain later.”

Ansel shrugged.

The professor went on. He was called Dr. Fagen, and he seemed to already know some of the students.

“The Greek Rhetoricians were divided in three. First, there were the Sophists, who were almost universally hated. It seems to me that they were something like infomercials that sold themselves. The Sophist’s texts were all lost or destroyed—or not yet discovered. What we know of them, therefore, is second hand, and it seems that they were quite despised.

“Right, as I was saying, they were like infomercials. They were fairly interesting to the masses, they gave knowledge that wasn’t all that useful but was knowledge nonetheless, and they charged for their services. Most rhetoricians spoke for free, and tried to educate, so their methods were looked down upon by many. The other two were the rhetoricians that were loved, and the rhetoricians that spoke in the courts—usually these were the accused themselves. Later, we will also talk about the philosophers.”

Someone asked what the difference between a philosopher and a rhetorician was.

“Good question. You can be a rhetorician and say nothing as long as you do it in an interesting manner. A philosopher can be as boring as a block of wood and as long as he is pursuing Truth, he is a philosopher.”

Someone else raised a hand and asked why the professor used male pronouns to describe philosophers. It was a woman.

“So far, all the philosophers I have read about or met were men. If you would like to change that, please do. I’ve been looking, fear not.”

He was frowned at.

Ansel laughed, and then he too was frowned at. Lunesca decided to join in, and then Alexandre, and then most of the class was laughing at this strange answer. The professor waited.

He added, “I suspect it’s because women are less interested in pointless fights, about half of philosophy is exactly that. It’s a mark of intelligence in my opinion. Although as far as Sophist rhetoric—well I’d better not say that.”

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Alexandre’s Inquiry

3 Primary Dawn II

Class started, and the professor, Dr. Straker, introduced the topic in possibly the least interesting way possible. Finch whispered, informing his cousin that Reighleigh Straker was one of those professors that only cared about the research aspect of being a professor, and autopiloted through the teaching part.

He wrote the course code on the board, and then said, “I wrote the course code in calcium carbonate. That’s a chemistry joke. Don’t expect any more.” It would be the only joke or anecdote he would give for the entire year.

Alexandre sighed. She would have to get used to it. “Could I skip class and just read the textbook do you think?”

Before Finch could tell her how terrible an idea that was, someone came in late. She was tall, very light skinned, and wore her blonde hair extremely long. Finch had never seen her before, so he figured she was another first year. He noticed that she also wore a metal headband, something like a white-gold tiara. He wondered what it meant. She was also dressed entirely in black, complete with a high-necked top and leather pants. Her belt was studded. She looked like a metalhead, Finch thought.

“Feel free to sit down,” said the professor.

She looked around the class, locked eyes with Finch, and then sat near him on the other side of Alexandre.  Their classroom was large, too large, and as a result, it was only half full. And despite this, she sat down right across Alexandre. They sat, listening to the drone carry on about nothing. Finch whispered that his first classes were notoriously pointless. The tiara-wearing newcomer whispered back to him.

[The writer got up to use the washroom and put on a playlist. Specifically this one:]

“If that’s the case, why haven’t you left yet?”

Her expression was smug, and Finch didn’t know how to reply. Alexandre did instead.

“Politeness, I guess.”

“Hmph.” The woman turned to the front.

They were all near the centre of the room closer to the door. The class passed by very slowly after that. Finch didn’t bother to take notes.

4 Primary Dawn III

Finch woke up to a hand on his shoulder.

“You have to tell me where this one is or I’ll get lost again.”

He opened his eyes and looked around. It was Jutt. He rubbed them and looked at her sheet again.

“Ah…  Right, this one is in the same building as mine. I can show you.”

They went to the Criticism and Law building. Finch didn’t notice that the woman from before followed them, but Alexandre did. She was trained for things like this. The building was in noticeable disrepair. When they went in, it was clear by the rags and buckets that the building probably had a leak. The walls probably used to be white, now they were smoke-beige.

Finch led Alexandre, and subsequently also tiara-woman, to the second floor. The building was rather open-concept, and the second floor’s halls doubled as parallel balconies to the first floor. The ceiling was peaked like a cathedral.

“Make sure you go on the left side. Look, these…balconies don’t connect except at either end, so if you go down the wrong one, you have to come all the way back or go to the other end.”

“This building is quite gothic.”


“Look, there are even rose windows on either end.”

“Please Jutt.”


“What is gothic?”

“Oh, it’s a style of architecture that’s cathedral-like, irregular, and cavernous. That’s about all I know, other than it’s also a fashion style characterized by an excess of black.”

“Gothic architecture attempts to use masonry and glass to simulate the light that passes through the trees, the feelings of intimacy with nature. They don’t necessarily succeed, but it’s an admirable effort.”

The two stopped and turned to who was speaking. It was the girl from before.

“Were you following us?” Finch said.

“She was. I could hear her.” Alexandre said.

The stalker frowned.

“What is your name, Lussa?” Alexandre asked.

“I’m Lunesca.”

“That’s an awful name.”

“I know! Call me Lune.”

“That’s also pretty bad,” prodded Alexandre, “my name is Alexandre Dirge.”

“Yeah, you’re the criminal gang lord, right?”

Alexandre said nothing.

“I thought so. Alexandre? What? That’s, like, three syllables. You’re… you’re Lex.”

“Am I?”

“You are now.”

Finch wanted to say that she already had a nickname, but he was quite intimidated by the women, so he said nothing.

Four people exited the nearby classroom. Finch showed Alexandre the door (it happened to be the same door that was recently evacuated) and then he headed to his own class.

The course in question was quite unique. It was called, “Science, is it useful?” and it covered the opinions of influential natural studies philosophers and other thinkers, and ended on the concept of science and the flaws of the proposed “scientific method” and why it was ultimately rejected in favour of the ancient natural studies. Finch, of course, was more interested in the scientific method than the natural method, or the dialectic method.

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The First of Many

After my previous “avant-garde” poetic endeavour, I figured I’d share another one. This is, of course, dedicated to the person I wrote it for.


“I feel it only necessary to preface a work such as this with a quote.” – [Name Removed]

[Waves] [Close our eyes and count slow,] (Falling Up) (Falling Up)

[In this moment things are getting dangerous.

Oh no.

I can’t find my way.

All these things that left me in their waiting.

—I keep shaking], [feel the wounds (Falling Up)

Hold my hands cradling all the souls] (Falling Up)

But [your body’s empty now,

As I hold you—now gone I miss you,
But I TOLD you—

I remember the bad times,

More than the good.] (Megadeth)

There’s a short list

Of things “I should!”

[I loved you to Death…

I loved you to DETH!] (Megadeth)


[They’re {running} away,

Stirring up dust in the line,

{She} found a place with none of us.

But the words that she said sounded peculiar and strained

Like she couldn’t believe the words that] (Falling Up)

Came from her lips, She said,
“[You’re on you own now, dressed in armour.
If you run faster, you’ll forget.] (Falling Up)


[And now I owe,

I owe the voices in my head,

They said, “were these things miracles?”

Oh-Uaoh, my heart beats like a helicopter.] (Falling Up)

[*Electric noise*

So you want deliverance that {fif}teen years couldn’t bring,

Or you want to bury all the evidence so far down.

All your dreams are always coming true

Either way you still find you take a life

You TAKE A LIFE, OUA– –AOH!] (Falling up)


[Now my heart is shaking and terrified,

But some how you might rescue me.] (Falling Up)

[But you will break your back fighting,

Before you let them break your pride.] (Megadeth)

[Only yesterday
they told me you were gone.

All these normal people,
will I find another one?

I said I need you, does that make me wrong?

Am I a weak man, are you feeling strong?

My heart was blackened, it’s bloody red

A hole in my heart, a hole in my ––––!

I forgot you said,

— —

Who will help me up?

Where’s the helping hand?

Will you turn on me?

Is this my final stand?] (Megadeth)


[Turn the handle to the shadowlands,

Legs will break like shattering glass] (Falling Up)

Asking my

[First mistake—
last mistake.

Next mistake,
no more mistakes!] (Megadeth)

—My swollen bloodshot eyes!


I’ll do anything for peace – I keep waking up

a solemn oath I make

cross my heart please let me sleep…] (Megadeth)


My swollen, bloodlet eyes!

Sees visions in the skies


I have the map, the key and,

I [can see the future.] (Falling Up)

An outstretched hand,

Leave in my sutures.
I pray, if it Please you.


[No lost memories,

they’re just a dream, a fantasy;

in agony, lost family,

and lost for a dream.

Gone now! Yet I’m full of hate] (Fractal Cypher)

[In this world that I created,

I’m intoxicated.] (Lacuna Coil)


THIS WAS MY FATE—] (Megadeth)

[I’ll probably end up in flames

Before the end of the night] (Icon for Hire)

[—A visionary that made it.] (Zedd feat. Logic)


[I like the way that I make you itch

And all the reasons I give you to bitch] (Megadeth)

[I swear we’ll flood your city,

No choice it’s what you’re getting.] (Falling Up)

[Come on take my hand and follow,

Open virgin eyes to see,] (Anarchy Club)

[I like the way that you let me in

The way you look

when the walls cave in.] (Megadeth)


[Don’t play the hero,

There is no past there is no future.] (Fractal Cypher)

[Attack the church dynamic, attack the family

Keep the public undisciplined till nothing left is sacred] (Megadeth)



[This open wound will kill us all.] (Fractal Cypher)

[—But strength is born from weakness,

And this is where I fall.

I step up to the enemy

And rise from where I crawled.] (Halford)


[This could be all the heaven you need

Life can be wicked, mean and cold

Could this be the end of your living terror?

Come with me, and I’ll train your soul …

Just one thing that I want you to know] (Megadeth)

You can leave, am I a fallen fool?

Come with me, you’ll know what it’s for,
Soon enough—*chokes*


[You’ll never see, a ray of daylight,

So far in debt, you’re struggling to survive—] (Megadeth)

[God is dead. God remains dead. And we have killed him]; (Nietzsche)


[What water is there for us to clean ourselves?] (Nietzsche)

[Detonate the human bomb, hands are all awash in blood.] (Halford)

[…who will wipe this blood off us? …Must we ourselves not become

gods simply to appear worthy of it?] (Nietzsche)

[Upon my podium, as the / Know it all scholar

Down in my seat of judgement / Gavel’s bang, uphold the law

Up on my soapbox, a leader / Out to change the world

Down in my pulpit as the holier- / than-thou-could-be-messenger of God!

… Holy Wars.] (Megadeth)

[Carnage of the scriptures, Slaughter of the lamb.

Break the neck of the white dove, Rundown by the tracks of blood.] (Halford)


[I am, I am really afraid,] (Falling Up)

[Because I don’t say it,

don’t mean I ain’t Thinkin’ it,] (Megadeth)

[But maybe it’s meant to be this way, {rough},

‘Cause we are the young in love.

I am, I am really afraid,

But I am your protector!

You kno-ow,

You’ll be never alone again…] (Falling Up)

[Father, Healer, Deliver me from broken love.

Stay here, Closer, Let me hear your voice of love.

Saviour, Redeemer, Bring me to this place of peace.] (Falling Up)

[The human charioteer drives his in a pair;

and one horse is noble and of noble breed,] (Plato)

[Jesus, garden,] (Falling Up)

[and the other is ignoble and of ignoble;

The driving of them of necessarily

gives the human a great deal of trouble.] (Plato)

[My broken heart is so in need.] (Falling Up)


[Can you hear my calling?] (Fractal Cypher)

[Lost in a room of mirrors,

There’s only one way out.] (Halford)

[Down on the streets below

Bright city lights would glow

The energy would rise

And through the heat I’d gaze

Still counting empty days

With fire in my eyes] (Judas Priest)


[And I don’t know where I’m going

But I know it’s going to be a long time] (Ellie Goulding)

[I like the way that your stomach knots] (Megadeth)

[You didn’t go to heaven, You’re down in hell with me.] (Megadeth)

[Pearls of wisdom hit the floor, There’s nothing you can do.] (Megadeth)

[But don’t say a word.] (Ellie Goulding)


[In some magnetic trance

Our beating hearts would dance

And crash down from afar.

Oh how strange fate is.

Never dreamed of this,

Fever—You set my soul on fire,

Fever—You fill me with desire,] (Judas Priest)

Fever—[I’m more alive I’ve ever been] (Ellie Goulding)


[—So now I give you all my sin


I’ve chosen you; I’ve chosen you—

But don’t say a word.

And if I save us, and I fall down

I will leave your words behind now.] (Ellie Goulding)

[If you never, held me under,

If you never] [lost your dream (Ellie Goulding)

Why are we marching

In perfect harmony?
‘Cause you carry the burden,

Lost in this nightmare.] (Far From Reality)

[A storm is coming, get ready] (Megadeth)

You hesitate, I don’t care

Here I am, for I have come—

[Louder than an atom bomb {and}

Brighter than a thousand suns!] (Judas Priest)


So [Like a good old-fashioned beating

Within inches of your life;] (Megadeth)

[All the little cuts will bleed!] (Falling Up)

And [Don’t ask anyone for help,

They won’t know what to do,] (Megadeth)

[Every day, passing by,

seems closer than yesterday] (Far From Reality)

[The quickest way to end the war

Is lose.] [You never hear my thunder.] (Megadeth) (Ellie Goulding)


[Goodness Gracious, I can’t seem to stop] (Ellie Goulding)

[I could almost be the ghost of myself] (Fractal Cypher)

[And there is a law of Destiny,

that the soul which attains any vision of truth

in company with a god

is preserved from harm until the next period,] when (Plato)

[I have returned, armed with pages of text,

Till I saw a clear way to die] (Far From Reality)

[With mankind resurrected

Forever to survive

Returns from Armageddon to the sk{y}] (Judas Priest)


[—You better learn to dance in the rain,

Instead of wait for the sun,] (Megadeth)

[Spread your wings and take flight over the hills,] (Almah)

[Flying high on rapture

Stronger free and brave] (Judas Priest)

[Now walk the earth!] (Falling Up)


Life ends when we feel no pain—

—Until then, we strive—

Choked that the beginning—

[You exhaust me in the most beautiful way.

You inspire me at my most terrific

And at my most degenerate.] (To be Continued)

[Now I know that I’m alive,

All the loneliness is filled

By you, inside] (Falling Up)

(Stay) Listen to

All my dreams, love that lasts, pain that heals

And take, take your time

But move so fast, ’cause hearts move on—

This ti-i-i-ime it means something

(Dreams will fall, love will spill)
This ti-i-i-ime it means—

*guitar bridge*
THIS TIME.] (Falling Up)


[Seems this house is bursting at the seams.

Oh no.

Is it fine to say I’m ready to believe?

Stay here,

Closer.] (Falling Up)

[My life is everything

That feeds my thirst

That causes sin

My wants are all I care

No shame and guilt,

there’s nothing there] (Megadeth)

[My heart, it hurts, ‘Cause it never catches its breath

—I’m still staying when I should have left

Come to where the waters meet the shore—I’ll be there

And I will stay, leaving you] (Falling Up)

[Flashing sharp, don’t be afraid,] (Falling Up)

[In this moment things are getting dangerous,] (Falling Up)

[Against your heart; don’t be afraid!] (Falling Up)


[The names of the artists were added later, to prove plagiarisms.]

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