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“If you know about the cycle, you cannot leave.”

The Shriken woman took a step forward. Marisa ripped her sword from her back and pointed it forward. Marisa had only ever used her sword against wild animals. She wasn’t sure if she could fight a skilled opponent.

The Shriken sighed and then leaped forward. In an instant she was in front of Marisa. Her arm swung low, into the girl’s stomach. Marisa fell to the ground coughing. She felt a foot on her back, and then the Shriken woman spoke.

“I don’t know what to do with you,” she sounded uneasy, “but I cannot let you go. I will take you to the rest of the council.”

The Shriken stood Marisa up and grabbed her by the shoulder. Marisa held tight to her sword with the other hand as she was led back out through the cave. When they got to the entrance, Marisa pulled her arm upwards and swung at her captor.

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