Of Heirs

Eight day of the The Month of Resz, 4011th year of the Solune Standard calendar.

Monarchy can be a very touchy subject for some. It is not for me. Corporations have begun to appear in the Lussa and Djeb realms, and they are akin to dictatorships. What I have in my Kingdom is far more pure. I have been around since the foundation of this nation, I, in fact, founded it myself. Very few of my citizens question or take issue with my rule.

Tomorrow I will be announcing my stepping down, I will be announcing my heir. I have spent three centuries considering all the options. I have made many conclusions. My conclusions are not to be questioned by those who have not been considering their subjects for less then a century. Thus, most of the people in the Solune Kingdom are unfit to argue with my decision, and I doubt that they will. My considerations are thus:

  1. Mortals, especially those with mundane life expectancies, are too unwise to rule.
  2. Those who have eclipsed adulthood are unfit to rule. Their brains have finished developing. Thus, a ruler should ascend before her mind is made, that she may develop with the people, for the people. The Metch mind finishes forming at twenty-five, the Riley at twenty-three, Plainkind, we assume, during the late twenties. The Solune, at twenty-eight.
  3. She must not be violent. A ruler should lead by example and inspire respect. Only brutes lead with fear.
  4. The people must come to, if not like, at the very least respect their leader. She must be someone whom no one us unhappy following, someone with drive and decisiveness.
  5. My one weakness is a lack of progress. I am extremely old fashioned. We have not stagnated, but we are close, especially when you look to the Djeb, the Lussa, the Metch, with their science, trade, and industry. Our next leader must be progressively minded. Youth is particularly inclined to such ways of thought.
  6. Finally, it would be best if the heir is not one of my own children. This might cause jealousy, or suspicion of favouritism among my followers and peers.

I have a shortlist in mind, and yet, only one person stands out… and she does not fit my own criteria. And not just by one point. No, if I follow my heart instead of my mind, my kingdom may fall, just as the Djeb had.

But, would that be so bad? A revolution often brings great peace and change. We will have to see.

Daniel Triumph.

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