Saotome Senshu, the Boxing Manga

I am in love all over again! After I caught up with Hajimete no Gal, I struck out in search of another romance manga, and I’m so happy I did. I love Saotome Senshu!

The champion and her trainer.


Like many romances, Saotomi Senshu has chosen to lower the complexity of the story in order to focus on the romance. Let me tell you a secret. This is a game-winning idea. Most of the best romances have decent stories, but instead they have amazing characters. Boxing must be bigger in the East than I thought, because this is the second time I’ve seen it in a manga. (The other one was Kurokami.)

The reason Saotome Senshu, Hitakakusu gets a rating as high as seven is for two reasons. First, the two main characters get together early on, and their relationship has actual progression. You never feel like you’re being led on, or that filler is being thrown in because the author is afraid of actually letting the main couple get together. (Leers at 90% of top romance anime…) Second, I’ve never seen a coach/athlete combo. Not just romance either, like, in anything ever. Points for originality.

Story? 8/10.


And here we go. The main character is timid and shy. Oh no, you might be thinking. Well, fear not, he’s also dedicated, driven, and focused. Satoru is a huge boxing fan, and knows all about it, but he’s really bad at actually boxing. Saotome confesses to him, something I’ve never seen a female manga character do.

And then they have natural relationship progression!! Augh! I’m so in love ❤

Anyway, fawning aside, the coach makes Satoru into Saotomi’s trainer, so that they have an excuse to be together all the time. (Because Saotomi is famous, and you don’t want people talking, right?) I remember there was a scene where their really pushy friend Mito ask them what they’ve done together.


Sex? No. Kiss? No. Have you two even held hands?

And the couple just stare at her proud and sparking like they’re in a shoujo.


Among all this the pacing remains natural. They really get to know each other before they move to the next step. It’s not like Akikan or Elfen Lied where they’re just making out after meeting each other for whatever reason.

Anyway, back to actually talking about characters, Mito is really interesting. I think we all know someone who loves shipping characters, right? Well, Mito has shipped the main characters, but she’s actually in the story with them. So what happens? Well she’s really pushy, and so she’s doing whatever she can to get them closer. Like stealing their clothes. What fun!

Characters? 10/10.


I am a simple man. I see buff girls, I like.


Jokes aside, the mangaka has a really unique style, and it looks beautiful, like anime that was inspired by western art. I’m a huge fan. Satoru looks really shabby but entirely lovable, and Saotomi has a stoic, piercing gaze. Expression is top notch, with people like Mito giving us all sorts of interesting looks.

Also, it seems to be a trend among artists to not give their female characters any muscle mass whatsoever. I personally live by a very simple principal: if a character uses weapons, give her the muscles necessary to wield those weapons.

Shyvana Yaska.jpg
Yaska, the woman who could wield a tree if she wished. © 2016 Daniel Triumph

Art? 8/10


Honestly, this might become my new favourite manga. Hajimete no Gal is great, but its release schedule is really long, like once or twice a month. I’m not sure what Saotome Senshu’s is, but it’s really fast. Weekly maybe?

Overall, if you like romance or boxing, or sports, or just a good drama, read Saotome Senshu, Hitakakusu. It’s wonderful!

Verdict? 9/10.

It might even get higher, depending on how Hajimete no Gal goes, and how it goes. Both series are just starting, and I need a lot more information before I can place a final score on either.

Daniel Triumph.

My previous manga review.

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