The Solune Prince (Act II, Scene iii)

Elliott is based “loosely” on Ekko from League of Legends. Except the hair, which is black, and cut to a uniform length.

First draft disclaimer: This narrative is a first draft, and is therefor subject to grammar errors, repetitiveness, lack of clarity, and other issues. Later drafts will smooth such things over, but for now they remain. Please be tolerant.


Within minutes, Riley and Chloe were friends. They talked of royalty and responsibility, and Chloe pretended she understood the latter. Chloe explained what she considered to be the outward biological differences between the Lussa and the Solune. Unlike her, Riley was not ashamed of his ignorance, and so asked, “What is a Solune?”

To which Chloe replied, “Ah? What?”

“A Solune. I have heard this word maybe, but I am not knowing of its meaning.”

“Me! I’m a Solune.”

“Okay…” Riley stared, still confused.

Chloe said, “It’s a race, like…”

She peered up and down the desolate streets.

“Look, see those workers? One of them is black and one is white.”

“Oh, skin colour? But look, you and I are the same, just my hair is black and yours flaxen, like the sylph!”

Chloe fought past his compliments, “No, no! It’s not like that at all! It’s an internal thing, we’re different on the inside!”

Riley shrugged, so she continued.

“Okay, look. Most of my people can train to use laszor eyes. Can you do that?”

Riley nodded, “Purple beams of light, about thirty cubits away, emitting from the eyes.”

“Ah! What?” Chloe was becoming visibly agitated now, “No! No! Ah!”

Riley stepped down from the staircase and smiled at her. Chloe was taller than him, but he patted her head anyway. For most people, this action would be infuriating, but for Chloe it really did calm her.

She took in a deep breath, and much to Riley’s surprise, drained the fluids form her eyes. They stained her face, adding colour and sheen to her cheeks. Then she fired two beams of pale and transparent yellow light into the iron wall across the street.


“Hey, what in Gehenn is that?” This was another voice.

Chloe quickly stopped and pulled her eye fluids back into her eyes, like drinking in a thin gel. She turned around and saw a familiar silhouette sitting on top of the meeting hall.

“Ah?” Chloe wasn’t sure who it was.

“Hello?” Riley called to the person, “who is this now?”

The figure stood and surveyed the area for police, then, satisfied, leapt down.

The young man was dark skinned, with crazy black hair that flowed upwards, as if his head had reversed gravity applied to it. He had a large, stern-looking nose, and very friendly eyes. These eyes were currently forming an unfriendly scowl.

“Elliott?” Chloe recognized.

“You know,” he said, “you know, ever since that comment about the Riley savages, I’ve been watching your words, and now I know it for sure! I came here to help you out of this faux prison, but hearing you talk like this, like we’re all different on the inside makes me think I’ve made some sort of mistake.”

Chloe squinted at him. “What do you speak of?”

“I’m outta here, you can figure out what to do on your own.” Elliot pushed Chloe back.

Chloe instinctively grabbed his hand.

“No, answer my question first.” Her face had become stiff, almost apathetic.

Elliott had never been stopped like this. He had always been able to make his point and then either leave in victory, or start a pointless shouting match. The joys of arguing with adolescents instead of adults were not present here; he had never been challenged by someone so intent and level headed.

And so he faltered.

“Uh, ah, umm…”

Chloe was cross at this, “what are you accusing me of?”

Riley sat on his step and watched the pair with interest, scratching at his stubble.

“Discrimination…?” Elliott wasn’t sure where he was going with anything anymore. He suddenly felt the urge to question his life’s beliefs, to reform his opinion and make a rebuttal.

Chloe glanced at Riley and read from his expression that this was a term she, in her genius, should know. She didn’t.

“What’s that?” Chloe stated more than asked.

“Eh… it’s disliking someone just because of their skin colour, or gender or some other dumb reason.”

Chloe crossed her arms and raised an eyebrow.

“Well, isn’t that what you’re doing? You seem to have gotten mad at me for some dumb reason I’m not aware of.”

Out of sheer bad habit, Elliott’s brain had decided that being right was more important than being progressive, so he said, “you just hear what you want and nothing else, huh.”

Chloe stepped forward, towering over the average heighted young man.

She stuck a finger into his chest and said, “there are biological differences, and I’m going to find out what they are, but,”  Chloe shouted, “you’re talking about something else, aren’t you?”

At this point, Riley stood up and clapped. Elliott backed up and took refuge in his presence.

“Good show you two! Now kiss and make up.”

Chloe stared at him. He shrugged, “that is the old custom, I am obligated to uphold it.”

Chloe scoffed.

Elliott said, “we can make up later, once I figure out what to say. For now, let’s get out of here.”

“How?” Chloe asked, “they’re blocking me in.”

“Rooftops. Look, if there’s one thing the pops are awful at, it’s climbing.”

Riley said, “you’ll make up sooner or later if you keep interacting so easily.”

They both gave him dirty looks and began looking for a way into the roof.

Daniel Triumph.

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