The Snake (My Submission, Part 1 of 2)

Hello, all. I’m trying to get into a creative writing course (finally!) at my university. I had to write a couple exercise pieces, so that’s what I’ll be sharing with you this weekend. Hopefully, after this chaotic week, I’ll be back on track. For now, here is a short prose piece.

A snake, slithering through grass, will refuse to cross a spider’s web.

The snake, in avoiding a web of lies, it may call itself the nobler. Only one lie cannot hurt, it says.

The snake starts with this thought, but eventually it grows. One utterance to cover another, then another, then another, and the serpent lengthens.

And once it gets too long, it might turn around and bump into itself. Game over.

But even so, a chain of deceit is more virtuous than a web.

Like the serpent, we find morality in our leaning tower of lies. We’re better than the spider, creating its network of tales and never getting caught. It’s okay to be a snake, getting caught is a form of honesty.

The serpent is the only noble creature.

Daniel Triumph.

Part 2 Here.

Alice and Finch Epilogue 2

What Happened to (Henry) Artus Zephophile

Artus moved up swiftly in the castle guard’s ranks. Soon, he became a member of the military, and later became a tactician for the army that fought in the Legendary Event. He was knighted, and became Sir Tact. Artus Hellion Zephophile, a high title for someone in their early twenties.

Shortly after his knighting, he decided to take advantage of the kingdom’s new freedom and access to the outside world, and so he joined a rock band and toured the world. Obviously, as a non-musician, he plays the easiest instruments, vocals and the bass.

He is on good terms with the guard, and hopes to return to their ranks in the future.

I’m not sure how much you’ll get this weekend, I’ve got a lot of homework, so I’ll be studying 😥

(Also, as you know, writing is a real pain in the a** while depressed, so… I’m sorry. I’ll do my best. On Monday.)

an internal and depressed discourse

This is a personal blog post, not a story 😮

and I think the worst part about being depressed is that you question your fundamentals.

Why am I in University? Why for English? Why not Biology? Why pursue something you know for a fact isn’t your ‘passion’? But wait, isn’t passion built by doing something you like over and over until it sticks? Until you get really good? Do I actually like English?

Why did I even take the English degree? Well, when I actually bother to plan, I write a pretty mean essay. And, it’s something I can do decently whilst depressed (or so I tell myself). Whereas anyone who’s been depressed knows that math, at the very least, becomes very troublesome for the mind, no matter how talented you once were with it.

Also, I really like storytelling. I’ve created, since the later parts of high school, a large narrative world.

But wait, just because I’ve been world building for four years doesn’t mean it’s good. There’s a stark lack of documentation. And plus, look, the world was originally built to be experienced through roleplay, not reading. But wait, there’s a lot here that’s changed, that works better as a narrative than an interactive experience… right?

But wait, none of that matters. I’ve always had issues with characters, and they’re what really matter to me. I feel like in an RP setting, I can’t really express the entirety of a character, I can’t step in their shoes. It’s because they’re underdeveloped, isn’t it. I need to work more on revision, on revisiting character and developing them. But how?

I’m bad, right now, at writing fiction, and I don’t really love it… but I like it enough to do it. Maybe that’s enough. Maybe I just need to learn, and let’s be real, YouTube makes for a thoroughly flawed teacher, especially when all the advice is given by people without credentials, whose work may or may not have any actual quality… How do you know it’s not the blind leading the blind?

Read their work? But I’m not a huge fan of reading, I mean, I read manga… but only sometimes.

That’s another peg against English as an area for study. I don’t really like reading all that much. Or maybe I’m just lazy? It’s hard to tell, because so far I’ve been an expert at avoiding the readings and not actually failing the courses. I… hope to change that and do the readings. Learn a bit about myself.

It’s very hard, to figure out what to do with myself, because, well, there’s no advice. And the only advice is wrong! Get a good paying job? And then what, torture yourself for the rest of your life as it slowly eats your soul?

I’ve realized that I’m very much an artist. My creativity right now is raw, altogether quite crappy. Worst of all, it’s inconsistent. I feel that… I should work more on the fundamentals of art. Writing? I need to learn more about structure and plotting, but especially on how to edit and rewrite.

When I look back, the only piece I really liked was Alice and Finch. So, I want to do the second draft of that as soon as possible. But beta readers…. don’t read. I feel like I’m editing in a bubble. But maybe it’s better that way? Maybe internalizing the mistakes as part of my overall structure is to be a signature of my writing? I don’t know. Maybe with enough revision, it’ll be great. But really, I need to get into the habit of revising. At that might come at the expense of blog post frequency, I’m not sure. Maybe I’ll post second drafts.

Or should I save it until I sell it? Should I self publish? Or perhaps, should I get an agent and go big? All the books that turned into movies, that actually got exposure to the masses were traditional, weren’t they? I don’t know. I’ll have to make a whole post on this debate, I’m still on the fence. I’m really thinking I should do both.

For drawing? Well, I think we can all accept that my art isn’t amazing. Some of it worse than others. Most frustrating is that I can’t seem to draw what I want all of the time. Sometimes what I draw becomes complete garbage, and feel like I’ve lost the talent entirely, by neglecting it.

Take this pair for example, both drawings of the same character, Yaska. On the left is the one I drew first. It was all wrong. Quality aside, it just wasn’t the correct face. The Plainkind isn’t Yaska. On the right is a much better drawing, at the very least more accurate. But I can’t get Yaska to look like Yaska every time, and it’s frustrating. I don’t know how people do it, but my guess is that it’s a good handle on the fundamentals.

So, I have a lot of work to do between the two arts, but then time’s an issue.

Even depressed, and questioning everything, being unable to figure out what’s best for me, I have a semblance for what “the dream” is. It’s that I can just explore art, take those readings or performances to heart, and then write off of it.

I just got back from a public literary reading at my university. I wasn’t a huge fan of all of the poetry, but I really liked some of it. The reading inspired me to write this post, that I need to write. I need to learn.

I need to learn about the fundamentals, and about revision.

Specifically, the fundamentals of visual arts, and the planning and revision process of writing.

Walking to the library, I thought about this, the dream. If I could dedicate all my time to experiencing art, and then making art… that’s the dream! The inhibitors are time, time to learn both writing and drawing to my fullest potential, and money. But, both are overcome if I manage to generate a livable income doing them.

So maybe English is the right path? Or maybe history? Because as much as I like Biology, it’s tangential to art. I can do that through independent research… hopefully. (Or marry someone who’s taken biology, I joke to myself.)

At the moment, it is simply vital that I improve. Oh, and figure out what the hell to major! (Looks tentatively at History.)

Daniel Triumph.

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I should outline The Solune Prince in more depth, so that it’s a better read for everyone.

The Solune Prince (Act II, Scene ix)

First draft disclaimer: This narrative is a first draft, and is therefor subject to grammar errors, repetitiveness, lack of clarity, and other issues. Later drafts will smooth such things over, but for now they remain.


Reagant smiled at her. “It is not a game to me, but it is to Venus. All will bow to the will of Venus. I simply serve his will, noting more.”

From behind them, Elliott said, “So that’s what it is, huh?”

Reagant’s eyes moved, and Chloe’s head swivelled. She said, “what do you mean?”

“Well, the whole deal with how this mess got started in the first place was that this guy, the police captain, went out to find the king… and instead he returned and is starting to take over.” Elliott nodded to himself, coming to a conclusion, “so this Venus guy’s behind it all, right? He’s your boss, and he wants the city?”

“The powerful seek power.” Reagant shrugged. “Anyway, like I said, I am off duty. I only stopped to say… hello.”

And with that he put his helmet on and drove away on his motorcycle. Chloe wondered what powered the wheels, as it clearly wasn’t his feet. There were no other vehicles like that around, that she knew of.

“Hey, are you okay? You just kind of left, you know?” Elliott asked her.

“Yeah, well, it’s just frustrating.”

They walked back into the building and found sat on the thick carpet, leaning on a wall.

“So is it true that you’re part beast?”

Chloe sighed, “sure. My mother was a Condor, okay? It’s very strange for me too, because they were hunting us, the Solune, in far more recent times than they were hunting the Lussa.”

“The angels will still get you if you leave the city, you know.”

“I didn’t know…” Chloe looked around, “but it’s just… they were the enemy, and my father ended up with one as a wife. It’s a very strange… juxtaposition for me. He didn’t know for the longest time, because they, ah well, we look so similar to others without our wings. It takes a lot of energy, to grow out your wings, but you can get rid of them quite quickly.”

“Well, I noticed you, like, grew them out back during that fight with the…”

“The Riley.”

“Yeah, the Riley. And now they’re gone?”

“Right, I released them shortly after I let Reagant take me in.”

“You let him capture you?”

“Yeah, I thought, ‘what could he do?’ And I was right, not much happened. He seems to just want me out of the picture.”

Elliott nodded, “I wonder why…”

“I think it’s Venus really. I have a feeling that he has some very specific goals, and he didn’t really account for my presence. As for why, I’m not sure. But, I feel like I’ve heard that name before, Venus. I feel like my dad may have mentioned him”


They sat in silence for a few moments.

“Wait, why not send a letter to your father? We have couriers, you know.”

“Oh, that’s a great idea!” Chloe jumped up.

Elliott followed, “it just came to me. If we want to know something from your father, why not just ask him, right?”

“Right!” She replied, and then, getting a little excited said, “thank you. You know, out of all the strange people down here, you are the easiest to talk to.”

“Really?” Elliott’s eyes darted around. He hoped that no one was coming down the stairs to see where they had gone. “What do you mean?”

“I don’t know. Everyone seems so quick to judge or label, but you don’t really assume.”

“Well, I like to see all sides of an argument before I choose which is better. And sometimes, both of them are, well…”

“A bit wrong?”

Elliott nodded, “yeah! Sometimes both are a bit wrong, and I can’t agree completely with either.”

Chloe took his hand and said, “Elliott, I think we’re going to get along just fine.”

Bashful, Elliott turned away. “So, what about that letter? We should ask Lillith to help. You know that Riley’s keeping you here, right?”

Chloe looked around, “well, it’s quite lavish, I can’t say I mind. I just have to figure out how to communicate effectively with Lillith.”

“I’m sure you’ll figure something out.”

“Yeah. Let’s go ask for some papers, then.”

Daniel Triumph.

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Sorry it’s so late, my weekend was a bit of a mess. A very low point. I might have to slow down my schedule for quality reasons, but I’m not sure. For now, enjoy.

Alice and Finch Epilogue 1

What Happened to Alice “Jessica” May Däwngale

The third floor was finished by the time Alice had moved in, and the entire royal family’s rooms had been moved up with it, to keep away from the noise of the first floor. The second floor was now half guard’s quarters and half guest rooms. Between both was Alice’s room.

Alice learned all she needed from Chloe to get her secondary diploma. Afterwards, the two girls studied history and bloodlines together, without any sort of curriculum. After Lex left, Alice started training to become a guard.

Once the year had passed the guard Captain retired, and Natasha took her place, transferring from the Castle guard to the City guard. Alice joined soon after, and slowly befriended literally the entire city. Alice and Finch worked together for a few months, but he left soon after to follow his own goal of going to school.