The Solune Prince (Act I, Scene x)

First draft disclaimer: This narrative is a first draft, and is therefor subject to grammar errors, repetitiveness, lack of clarity, and other issues. Later drafts will smooth such things over, but for now they remain. Please be tolerant.

Daughter of the Conqueror

Chloe stalked into the dark city. The walls shone to greet her. Everything here looked so grey. Chloe figured it was the moonlight, but then realized that everything was made of iron. She saw orange flecks of rust tainting the occasional corner or windowsill.

“Wow. Where did they get all this ore? Iron is expensive back home, is the Lussa city filled with rich people?”

Chloe, apparently asking to be assaulted, stepped into an alley. Three cloaked men leapt down, spears ready. When they attacked her it quickly became clear that she wasn’t going to be an easy target. First, one of the men became impaled. Chloe was shocked at how easy it was to drive her weapon all the way through his stomach, and then dismayed at how hard it was to remove it after. She let go of the King’s Sword for the second time and took the man’s short spear.

It was very hard to breathe. She guessed that the entire Underside had thinner air and hoped that she would get used to it. Until then, she was getting half the air, and was fighting at half her strength, which seemed to be more than enough.

Chloe spun and used the momentum to launch her spear into the farthest man. After that, she brandished her short claws and snarled at the last one. He stepped back. Normally, Chloe’s temperament would have told her to give the man mercy, but instead her mother’s training came to mind. Gwenhime was a renown Conquerer, a Napoleon of her time. Never let anyone escape, or you’ll be fighting more.

So, in response to this, Chloe’s mind came to the conclusion that it was merciful to the reinforcements to take this man out. He turned and she leapt upon him, not unlike the Riley from earlier.

When it was over, Chloe surveyed her handy work. She hadn’t killed anyone, and so her good conscience remained. Contrary to the assertions of many a fiction writer, Chloe found that in real life it’s extremely difficult to kill someone. It doesn’t happen by accident, otherwise manslaughter would be more common than murder.

She sat on the ground and thought of what the hell she was going do to. Her mind quickly gave up on the thought, and she began to rant.

“I hate horror literature for that reason. They die so easy. We evolved specifically to survive and we got really good at it!” Chloe shouted into the air.

All this time, the fourth man had not dropped down from the roof, but was instead listening to her. He figured that if he popped his head over to see what she looked like, he would instantly be spotted. He was correct in this assumption.

Instead, he was now going back down through the abandoned building and entering the street. He casually walked by the alley that Chloe was ranting in and shouted out in mock horror.

“What did you do to all of those officers!” He shouted.

Chloe looked at him, a man with pale skin and black hair wearing a black uniform. She surveyed the men scattered around. She didn’t flinch or react, just continued leaning on the warm metal wall.

“Self defense.”

The man rose his blackjack. “I don’t want to hurt you, but you should come with me.”

Chloe stood, “Fine.”

The man put away the sap and took out handcuffs. He stepped closer to Chloe and was greeted by a deep fear of her.

Chloe’s gaze was murderous. She was exuding, on purpose, a threatening aura.

If you’ve ever been around someone with a lot of power, perhaps a rich CEO or the president, you would know this feeling. More accurately, if you’ve ever been in the presence of real royalty, you would have encountered this aura.

Auras are the natural reaction of people weaker than you. It’s what separates leaders from followers. Chloe’s aura was so oppressive that the policeman shuddered and put the links away again.

“Maybe you’ll just come with me voluntarily?”

Chloe gave him a smile filled with contempt, but replied, “Sure.”

What could he do?


ressure1.jpgDaniel Triumph.

P.S. The group featured is the band Halford, a very rough approximation of the men Chloe fought.

The next part is partially inspired by the Halford song “Drive,” so if you want to bother looking that up on youtube or something, feel free.

Until then, see you!

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