The Solune Prince (Act I, Scene iv)

“Natasha is posted as a government official, I of course, am King, and the rest are abroad.”

“And of your wife?”

“She holds no title. Further, she has been stripped of all her previously held titles as punishment, and would thus make a poor ambassador.”

The Lussa man nodded. Chloe had come to learn that his name was Dool.

Dool said, “What then?”

And as he spoke, Chloe quickly came to the realization that it was she who must go. And so as her father said, “Chloe the Seventh Prince will aid you,”

Chloe was the only person other than the King who was not surprised.

“She is very young!”

“And so was I when I was called to lead.” The King was flat. His proposal would not be changed by anyone except Chloe.

But Chloe knew that her father was right. Only eight months had passed since she had been given the exalted title of Legend for her actions during the invasion of her mother’s people, the Condors. Since then she had grown restless. She had to prove herself, prove that she was not only worthy of the title Legend, but also worthy of the title of Prince of the Solune. And what better way than to reach out to ancient allies in need.

Chloe mustered all of her authority and stated, “Whilst I might appear to be juvenile, in truth I have lived within this kingdom for centuries. Doubt not my wisdom nor my ability.”

With this Dool was silenced. From behind him, a loud applause erupted. It appeared that Elliott was attempting to sneak into the room from the foyer. The foyer, being a town square of sorts, was filled with people. The people, full of reverence for their King and his daughter, had been paying attention to Chloe’s speech and found much pride in it. It was this pride, the pride of the Solune in the face of these foreigners, that caused them to alight.

“Very well.”

Daniel Triumph.

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