4: Terrific Fatal Mania, Prelude

Alexandre’s eyes shot open after four hours. They were wide, insane and murderous. She sat up and dashed to the corner of the room where the water was. The cool liquid must have activated all of the pain sensors on her broken teeth because she grimaced. Then I watched something unexpected happen. She smiled.

“I’m starting to like that feeling.” Alexandre said.

I had met her once before, back before Finch quit to go study. Her name was Alexandre, but her peers called her Jutt. Finch and Alice also called her Lex on occasion. Finally, she noticed me.

“Who is this now? A guard? Wait, Natasha? The, the third Prince of the Solune?”

I wasn’t in guard uniform, I was in the uniform of the Solune Agents. I said, “This is the uniform of the Solune Agents. I am no longer a guard.”

“Oh, fine.” She searched the ground and picked up the sword with siderings. I wondered if it actually belonged to her or not. Then she picked up the pickaxe. Then her head snapped around to face me.

“You took his body away?” Alexandre asked me.

“Who’s?” I asked.

“Dez- Wait, he survived didn’t he!” She shouted and then exited the room, carrying her two weapons and leaving a small trail of blood drippings.

It wasn’t the teeth that disturbed me. I had searched the room and concluded that this was a place of torture. I had found the bloody stone and figured the rest out. It also wasn’t the fact that she had exited with two weapons. That was a normal, predictable reaction for someone who had been tortured.

What bothered me was her face. This was not the face of a woman about to seek revenge. This was the face of an insane creature about to kill anything vaguely threatening. At the moment, Mariça was trying to talk down the man in the mansion. It was a sort of interrogation.

Already I could hear, echoing through the open hole into the caves, the sounds of her interrogation being rendered useless. I sighed. I wasn’t going to stop Alexandre, I could tell that she was far stronger than me. Again I was reminded of my own physical weakness. I sighed.

The previous three days I had done nothing but build muscles, and had gotten decent growth. But still, it was nothing compared to her, and she hadn’t been trying. Again I sighed.

I started walking up into the mansion to see if I could help Mariça, not that a Plainkind ever needed help with anything. They were like single person armies. I was very satisfied to have one in my command.

I climbed up into the mansion, and from the neighbouring room heard, “They killed Mhanuel! You Tendril scum! I hope this timeline abandons you!”

So she swore against the Servant of Tendrils. Interesting choice.

I heard Mariça say, “Ah, finally an excuse to start tearing into meat.”

Mariça was the kind of Plainkind that you had to convince not to eat “her prey” after killing them. I had even tried to tell her not to kill any of the targets. It was at that moment that I wondered if her nod of agreement had really been genuine.

Daniel Triumph.

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