Update 2 – The First Day of Many

Hey, all! I’m here to announce a few things.

As I stated in “My Life as of August,” today is my first day without work. I have eight days to move to Windsor from where I am (it’s a twelve hour drive) and get settled in before University starts. Honestly, I’m a little frightened, but despite that I’ve already got some blog changes incoming to mirror my life changes.

Schedule Shift

Right now my schedule is as follows:

Saturday – Off Beat
Sunday – Hybrid
Weekdays – Stories

I’m now cutting Sunday and Wednesday from the schedule. That means that my new schedule will look like this


That is, no more Sunday or Wednesday releases. It seems that Tuesday is consistently my best performing day, and Saturday is a day for more unique posts. So, here’s the new schedule:

Saturday – Off Beat
Sunday – Usually nothing, unless I go on a spree or have an urgent update.
Monday – Serial or Short Story.
Tuesday – Hopefully a longer, or higher quality piece. Otherwise, expect a story as usual.
Wednesday – Usually nothing.
Thursday – (See Monday.)
Friday – (See Monday.)

The two extra days will be for editing scheduled posts, and for finishing my Current Project.

My Current Project

I desperately need to finish Alice and Finch. I did that thing where you set it aside for a few months to let it simmer. Supposedly this makes it fresh when you go to edit it, so that you catch more mitsakes=,

I sent it out to five beta readers, and NONE of them replied to me or gave feedback.

So, I’m going in blind. And that’s fine with me, I don’t need anyone’s help! (I just would really like it…)

So, full steam ahead for Alice and Finch! I want to publish and have it ready for readers in November. Get ready to buy it 😛

The Other Stuff

The next book on the writing list is Alexa Jutt. I want it out by December. I’m not waiting on betas this time, I’m going to edit when I feel I’m ready.

Absolute Magazine is no longer coming out in October, but instead whenever I get all the pages filled.

Tales of Symphonia is finally getting some more content. It will either be in podcast form or as a stream, maybe both!

My Harry Potter Overview will eventually come out, but low priority.

Next update will be around September 6th or 7th! Bye!

Daniel Triumph.

The Solune Prince (Act II, Scene ii)

I hope you like this chapter, in my opinion it’s a really good one!

First draft disclaimer: This narrative is a first draft, and is therefor subject to grammar errors, repetitiveness, lack of clarity, and other issues. Later drafts will smooth such things over, but for now they remain. Please be tolerant.

The Fall

Riley sat at the conference, completely uninterested. This was really more of his father’s kind of scene. Technically, Riley wasn’t even an Heir, he was adopted. But the Lussa Queen refused to come, and so she sent him in her place.

“And so, as a result we’ve concluded that the Royal family is to be ousted.”

” Yep.” Riley had no idea what he had just agreed to.

The room he was desperately trying to ignore stared at him.

Reagant said, “really?”


“You agree, then, that the Royal family should step aside and let the law take over.”

“What? No! Even if I did, I would fix the laws first! Everyone, every single citizen knows that the Lussa’s laws are ridiculous and convoluted! That’s why court takes so long, a lawyer can find a contradicting law with ease and counter any argument, and then counter the counter… No, we need someone at the top or this place would grind to a halt.”

The room was large, half the size of a royal dining hall and with a similar long wooden table running down the centre. The walls were made of stone, a rarity in these lands. The seats were cushioned, but made of iron.

“There will be someone at the top.” Reagant stared, unblinking and monotone.

Riley waited, but Reagant didn’t continue.


A mechanical smile curled across Reagant’s face. Riley had interacted with this mild Police captain before in the past, but he was never one to smile in the presence of a superior.

Reagant said, “Venus Rhye.”

Riley had never heard this name, but he stood up and began to act as if he had, “leave this room.”

Reagant continued smiling.


“You are not to leave this city block.”

That’s what Reagant had said.

Chloe strode back and forth down the sandy street. She approached the edge of the block, and was stopped by a hand. A policewoman stared at her.

“You must wait for Reagant, royal.”


The officer gave her a stern, almost threatening look.

“Is there a economist here?”

“No. Reagant may take you to one if he chooses, upon his return.”

“Where is Dooll? Or Elliott?” Chloe figured she might as well try get some information.

“Dooll has been detained.”

“And Elliott?”

“We are not to discuss this topic with you.”

Chloe crossed her arms, “okay, fine!”


After strolling around for a few hours, Chloe concluded that there was nothing to do. All the stores were in the neighbouring district, and all the restaurants weren’t accepting her money.

Like most royalty, Chloe had no financial troubles. In fact, thanks to her mother’s exploits as a warlord and conqueror, the Solune family could stop taxation and maintain their current lifestyle for over a century.

Chloe had a lot of different bronze coins which were worth quite a bit in the Kingdom, but here, where Gwenhime and Isaac Rhye’s face were unknown, they hold only at face value. Her pockets, once lined with wealth, now held only metal pieces, who’s value amounted to little more than enough for a glove or kerchief.

Around her neck she held her only hope. A small pouch filled with Solune coin made of gold. No one would accept it here, but they all assured her that a money-changer or economist would convert it to a large sum.

That would have been her first priority, if she had been allowed to see one, but she had not. Instead, she was now strolling about the district in straight lines until a policeman or policewoman stopped her. Then, she would turn around and continue this habit.

She wondered at the iron buildings that collected rust around her. Even more unusual was the pavement. Unlike the cobble or tile she was used to, the roads here were usually unpaved. They were just caked sand. She would have hated to go out barefoot, in fear that the ground would suck out all of her moisture through her feet.

And then the areas that were paved, such as in front of churches in the northern blocks, or the large halls in her current location, were paved with iron again. The sky was grey, the sun unusually silver, and her entire world was bathed in monochrome. Chloe couldn’t believe how otherworldly the Lussa city appeared. The only thing that wasn’t grey or brown was the red and orange oxidation that flaked from most of the walls and fancier pavements. The expensive buildings seemed to have been sprayed, and some had workers brushing away rust every hour.

Besides the workers, there were very few people in this district, and those who did come seemed to be very important and well dressed. Chloe felt out of place in her travelling clothes, but she could neither find a place to change, nor a store to purchase new garments. She would gaze longingly at the crowded and forbidden adjacent streets.

Eventually Chloe came upon a man sitting on the iron steps of a grand hall. His face was concealed in his hands, and he appeared to be pretending that he was not crying, when in fact she could hear he was.

The man exhaled sharply, and inhaled in broken breaths. His long black hair covered most of his face and arms, but on the back of his neck was a silver band. Chloe touched the bronze band about her own neck and wondered if the man’s necklace was also a signifier, or if it was just an accessory.

He mumbled something that sounded to Chloe like, “We have fallen.”

“Excuse me, are you alright?”


Riley had been physically escorted out. Him, a member of the royal family! The injustice was simply too great, and Riley became wrought with emotion. He simply sat on the steps and wept. The muddy water of his political position had been purified, the sediment settling at the bottom and revealing his true lack of power.

“We have fallen.” He whispered.

And then, “Excuse me, are you alright?”

Riley blinked away his tears, and then looked up. He saw a glowing figure from behind his hair.

“What radiance!” Riley spouted, and then frantically worked his hands into motion, brushing his hair from his face.

“Pardon?” Chloe gave him a small but resolute smile.

The man’s legs moved of their own accord, and Riley decided it was right for him to play along. He reached out with his two hands and grasped Chloe’s surprisingly large right in his.

“I am the Princess, Riley Lussa,” he said.

“Excuse me? Princess?”


“Ah…” Chloe had not heard of this title, but she figured that it was right of her to introduce herself before asking for elaboration.

She said, “I am Chloe Rhye, Seventh Prince of the Solune.”

There was immediate change in Riley’s face. He stepped back, almost tripped on the stairs, caught himself, and then caught on fire.

Still holding Chloe’s hand, he kissed it. Chloe, having never experienced this formality, and much to his astonishment, she copied his action. The royalty stared at each other for a moment, letting the calm world take these few seconds of their time. They both became flushed.

Catching himself, Riley let go of Chloe’s hand, and put his other foot on the higher step. He was suddenly filled with energy and hope.

“There is an angel in our presence!” He spoke. He had the kind of voice and tone that would no doubt draw a crowd, if the occupants of the streets weren’t currently on paid time.

Riley continued, “I have asked the Solune for deliverance, and they have done no less than send me this beautiful apparition of the sun, a true exalted Celestial, her flowing silver hairs and fertile loins, Chloe Rhye!”

Chloe was unused to such stark and public praise, and even less used to being referred to as something akin to a goddess. As a result, the redness her face had previously acquired did not fade, and instead became deeper. Then she finally realized who she was talking to, and her hands came to her face in shock.

“Oh, was it you the? You who sent the letter? You’re Riley?”

Riley smile grew even wider, “I have come up with quite an arrangement, would you not agree?”

Chloe gasped, smiled, and then clapped her hands in praise, abandoning any attempts to hide her compromised features.


Daniel Triumph.

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Sorry I’m a little late today! It was my last day at work, and it took me a bit of time to wind down. I hope you understand!

The Solune Prince (Act II, Scene i)

First draft disclaimer: This narrative is a first draft, and is therefor subject to grammar errors, repetitiveness, lack of clarity, and other issues. Later drafts will smooth such things over, but for now they remain. Please be tolerant.


Alice had decided that they should go north. Finch had told her that there’s nothing up there except the N’Tarial, the Elken. To his dismay, Jealousy, who was with them, piped up.

“Well, there’s also the Dead City.”

And then Alice got excited.

And that’s why now, hours later, they were headed north. Somehow Jealousy had also become part of the group, and she had brought along Alice’s adoptive father, Jithin. Finch had a very strong suspicion that they were courting, but Alice seemed oblivious, and Jealousy hadn’t said anything so he figured he would keep his mouth closed.

The route they were taking would pass the hole, but continue north into the dark woods.

Crystal Jealousy was expecting to encounter Riley, but she wasn’t worried. Unlike her half-sister Chloe, Jealousy knew their language and could speak it without the accent.

They reached the hole without incident.

Alice jumped around at it, “Look! What’s that! It’s a big cave!”

Finch came behind her, “You really should watch out.”

Alice kept jumping as Jealousy said, “It’s dragon hole. It’ll take you to the Underside.”

“What?!” Alice’s eyes opened wide, “What is that?”

“Alice, it’s the other side of the planet.” Jithin boomed.

Jithin was a middle-aged man, around the physical age of Jealousy. He was bald, although Finch couldn’t tell if it was by choice or not. Like most bald men, he also had a full goatee. His face was wrinkled in all the places that moved when one smiled. He had had a mostly good life, apart from the loss the family he had before Alice.

Alice stared at him, expecting more, an explanation. He didn’t have one, he knew nothing about the Underside.

Finch, an educated youth, said, “That’s where the Lussa are. They’re like the Solune but more… diverse.

Alice’s eyes sparkled, and Finch got nervous again. He had the feeling that Alice was going to make a sudden and large change in their plans.

“Let’s-” She was cut off.

“We should find a place to pitch the portable house.” Jealousy said.

Alice, now becoming a little angry, continued her sentence, almost yelling it into Jealousy’s face.

“Let’s go to the Underside!”

Crystal Jealousy stared at her adoptive daughter for a long time, then shrugged.

“Fine, but it’s getting really unstable down there, politically. Last I heard the King died.”

Daniel Triumph.



“You want to know the definition of lonely?” Natasha was yelling at her parents. She was twenty-nine, so she was allowed.

“The ideal body. Small waist, large hips, giant breasts, a little neck. Killer thighs, beautiful eyes. An okay personality. Driven, confident.”

Natasha showed herself off.

“But I have this long, masculine face, this deep voice, and hold the highest paying position in the kingdom, Guard Captain-Commander. I have. And that’s enough it seems.”

“What are you saying?” Her father, the ex-King, asked. His wife already knew exactly what the problem was.

“I am unapproachable, and I’m the kind of woman who prefers to be approached.”

Gwenhime, her mother, said, “Perhaps that’s the real issue here? You have a lot of options. You can find a nice artist, they really don’t care about income or masculinity. They are above all that, at least that’s what they fancy. You can give up and be lonely. You can be deceitful and pretend you don’t hold any accolades, although that might hurt the relationship in the future.”

“Yes, I have tried that. It is a plan destined for failure.”

“And finally, you can approach people and hope for the best. There are tens of thousands of people in the Kingdom, so it might work eventually.”

Natasha frowned, and then the Captain of the castle guard entered the throne room. He was a tall blonde man with beautiful piercing eyes.

“I apologize my interruption, but the Communist Emperor Hannah is here.”

The ex-King said, “The King is in her room, expecting. Send Hannah there.”

Hannah and Janna were very close, and would casually visit each other, completely ignoring all social and formal conduct that was expected of a King and an Emperor.

Vinth turned and relayed the message, then bowed on one knee. Before he could stand, Natasha strode over to him, fixing her hair.

“Vinth Lawrance, would you like to court with me?”

Vinth quickly turned blood red. All of him. He covered his mouth with a cherried hand and inhaled as much as he could, trying to cool himself down.

The three members of the Rhye family stood before him bewildered. No one had expected this from Natasha.

Vinth spoke.

“Excuse me,” He gasped, “you must have mistaken me for someone else.”

Natasha had the urge to touch his face, so she did. She put two warm, calloused fingers to his cheek, touching salt skin, and said, “Come now.”

She wasn’t asking him to compose himself, she was asking him to follow.

She lead her new suitor up to her room and sat him on her desk’s chair, facing the bed. Then she sat on the bed and stared at him awkwardly.

“I am not sure what I was intending to do once i got here.”

Vinth decided that he should start a conversation and said, “So, it seems that Janna has become friends with the communist leader.”

“Yes, maybe she can talk some sense into Emperor Hannah. I’ve heard the emperor is quite a brute.”

Hours passed, Natasha laughed a few times, Vinth became fervent over some issue he had with patrol routines. Natasha asked him something personal. Vinth asked her what novels she liked. They found common ground in their interest in alternatives for capitalism and tried to see if there were any that were superior to Janna’s new system of meritocracism.

And then Vinth went home. But, not before he stole his nerve and ask if Natasha would meet him again, tomorrow night. Perhaps in plain clothes. He then tugged at his uniform’s collar and exited. Natasha stared at the door for a long time, and then lay back in her bed, wondering what it felt like to have company there.

Daniel Triumph.

Finally, the romance I hinted at way back during Alice and Finch begins.