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Pencil Drawing

I’m very strongly considering making a few art pieces for the book’s final release.

Here’s a sketch of Alice in her teenage years. She went through a short phase of wearing high contrast outfits. Alice’s favourite hobby is dancing, and so naturally she becomes attuned to the visual nature of outfits.

Later of course, she goes back to light, organic colours as one might find in a watercolour painting. Alice likes oranges and light browns, accented with greens and yellows.

Anyone familiar with Solune lore might be wondering if the choker she has on is what they think it is. For those people, I’ll say this. The bronze band around Alice’s neck is as significant as you might guess it is. It’s a future plotline, not a fashion accessory.

Table of Contents: Alice and Finch

Daniel Triumph.

P.S. Check out the Table of Contents for some stories!


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