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Alice and Finch: The Second Night

Table of Contents

(This chapter is sort of an aside. I hope you don’t mind 😛 )

The voice he heard was sweet as as syrup. Finch became consumed with it in moments. His thoughts were not attached to his memory, and would not be again until his blood had grown back. Right now, all he cared about was the voice of the n’juzu as she spoke. The n’juzu, the N’Tariel water spirit, known for beauty and tricky nature. The shining dark body of an Elkin or N’Tariel from the waist up, and the body of a black snake from the waist down. Finch wanted the creature to say more words; to hear its voice.

He reached out longingly, and grasped fabric. He pushed again, and grabbed a shoulder.

“It looks like he’s getting better. You’re sure mom’s left town? We might get him to a hospital,” the n’juzu said.

“He will be fine.” This was someone else. Her voice was not sweet at all. It had a different, more sinister lure to it, “Look, he slept all day today. That’s a good sign. I know how this works, you need to sleep at least a full day to get that much blood back.”

“She’s right, he will be fine by tomorrow. I’m sorry we have to go so soon after helping you, but you know how it is.” This was a man.

“Yeah. I’m leaving for my hunt soon. Drake and I are going to catch Zealott.” The sister said.

“Ah…” The n’juzu sounded nervous.

Finch tried to open his eyes. It sort of worked, and he gazed idly from his half-opened lids. He finally saw the n’juzu. The light skin was even more beautiful than its voice. He had a very strong desire to feel it, but he was too tired to move. His eyes swivelled to the other two.

As for the sister, he recognized her as the woman from the room a long time back. Again, she was wearing her dark jumpsuit. Like Jutt, this woman didn’t bind her chest. He nervously moved his gaze to the man. It was the same man that had been with her all those years back.

He said, “Don’t worry Chloe. Janna and I will be doing the ceremony before we leave.”

The n’juzu, whom Finch now learned was called Chloe, replied, “So you will become her bondsman?”

Finch’s eyes went out of focus but he heard the man say, “Yes, and she mine.”

The n’juzu then came painfully into sharp focus. She seemed relieved but still concerned.

The man and the sister began to talk to each other.

“Drake, is Baracus dealt with?” Janna asked.

“Yes. And in good time too, Alice left this morning. I did too, but it took me a bit longer to get here. That young woman must have Overtaker blood in her or something, to cross land at such a speed.”

Finch felt like he should know who Alice was, or who Chloe was, but right now those parts of his brain weren’t receiving enough blood to allow for the passage of memory.

“Hmm. I like how you speak of her. You talk as though she is some dear sister of yours, Drake. We should meet with her before we go,” Janna nodded, “I would like to give her a few words, and also to see if she lives up to all you say.”

Drake shrugged, and Finch lost focus again. He closed his eyes. The events that he had witnessed receded into his mind. He fell asleep once more.

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