Alice and Finch: Nulliary Dusk

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When Finch finished his shift, he headed for the castle. He wanted to ask Chloe something. He wondered if maybe he could start taking night classes with her. It wasn’t like he did much after work, especially now that his friends had stopped playing and started working, or taking schooling more seriously.

Up until now, he had either played war games against his father, or sat in on classes with Jutt. There were also a few times that he and Jutt simply walked around town and discussed things.

They were together now, walking in the dusk. These conversations had led Finchto come up with the idea of requesting part-time education. He was always eager to ask her everything about her experience at post-secondary school.

Jutt had grown into a very interesting young woman. She was three years older than him. At eighteen she had started her career as a full-time student at the university. Finch was proud of her, but also extremely jealous. He would much rather be an academic than a guard. He began to wonder why he had became a guard in the first place.

“So, what are you studying?”

“Chemistry and biochemistry,” She said, “It is very interesting.”

Jutt always spoke in very flat tones, but Finch had learned to pick up on her more nuanced emotion. It was clear to him that she was enjoying her studies.

“I am also minoring in music.”

“Music?” Finch didn’t know how to feel about this.

“I have always wanted to learn the violin. And the piano.” She nodded.

“I never knew.” Finch said.

They exited the town and reached the field he liked so much. The sun had almost set. It was very dark. Jutt and Finch’s eyes adjusted easily to the dark, due to their Riley ancestry. Even in the dim greys of night, the field was beautiful. He wanted to call it something, to give this place a fittingly beautiful name.

And then Finch stopped, grabbing Jutt’s arm. He had heard light breathing. He blinked, looking around at the blue and grey landscape. He saw something unusually bright, a tall figure with light coloured hair. It was a Plainkind woman.

Now I’m going to tease you for a couple days before I start releasing the final parts, the Nights.

Daniel Triumph.
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