Alice and Finch: Nonary Dusk

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Finch sat the roof of the Kingdom Hall of Enforcement and Taxation. Artus had been placed in the Castle Guard, so they hadn’t ended up working together. He gazed across the city.

It hadn’t been hard, what he had done. Again, people were calling him a prodigy, but this time about his guarding. This, he knew, was not true. Finch had practiced and learned for years. He knew every single relevant law and had memorized the entire handbook.

It made sense that he would become Vice-Captain eventually, everyone agreed. Really, it was only luck that he had taken the post so young, at the age of sixteen. The previous Vice-Captain had been the husband of the current Captain, who had retired.

Finch smiled at this.

The current Captain was an aged woman, who seemed to be permanently angry. There was a very specific reason that Finch hated the Captain, but he couldn’t remember it. It didn’t matter though, she too was going to retire, and in only one year. Finch knew he was the only one eligible to become Captain. It was so easy!

He lay back and stared at the sky. The dawn was approaching, and the sky was getting brighter. Soon Horith, the leftenant of the night watch, would finish his shift, and Finch would start.

“No, you can’t do that. That isn’t how it works.” Finch told the scowling man.

“Yes it is! Look, I found it, so it’s mine!” He shouted.

Finch sighed. He hated dealing with people like this, but it was part of the job.

“Look,” He said, “The wallet has identification in it. This belongs to…”

He took a closer look.

“It belongs to Janna Rhye. Wait, what the-” Finch stopped, not wanting to swear on the job, “That’s the Prince! Would you steal from royalty, Mr. Silch?”

The man, Silch, looked dumbstruck. He didn’t even speak, just shook his head. Finch told him to move along, and strode to the castle. He met up with Alm along the way and told him he was making a quick stop to the castle.

The Captain must have seen him through her window, because as he passed the guard tower, she rushed out to yell at him.

“Zeth!” She shouted, “What are you doing out from your post!”

Finch revealed the wallet.

The Captain stared at it. She figured out who it belonged to. Then, she yelled at Finch again.

“Where did you find this? I’ll be returning it! Get back to your post, child!”

Finch scoffed then walked off. Only one more year of this, right?

Daniel Triumph.
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