The Solune Prince (Preview)

Two armies rush towards each other. They do not stand on a battlefield, not a proper one. They come together in the city, the Lussa City. The fight here, shamelessly. One side defends the city, the other defends its royalty. How could the police have come to oppose the royal family?

Outside influence. The promise of power. Chloe was absolute on these two points. See, she gained a lot useful information from one of them before he realized what she really was. Chloe was member of the Solune royalty, a direct blood relation of the Sollussa, and therefore part of the Lussa royal family. They were to be enemies.

And now, she watched herself rushing towards him, a subtly curved, singe edged sword in hand. The police had iron riot shields and they were defending themselves against jitzer incendiaries.

Chloe realized that she might be leading a charge of some sort. Her enemies the uniform uniformed police. Her allies appeared to be both the rich, likely lording class in support, and the poor. She had no idea why a majority of her group was rag tag citizens, but she also had no idea why she was leading an army.

She watched herself closely. Her sword drew sparks from shields, her strong left arm rending them from the grasps of the police and launching them into the opposition. Around her, a crowd rushed for the opening, some still thrown incendiaries that shattered across the steel walls of buildings.

Chloe studied her duel against that man, the unwary informant. She appeared to be talking to the man, but couldn’t make out her own words, and they did not lie in her memories. This was not a vision of the past. The man shouted back in a flurry of parries and blows. Chloe noticed that while she was clearly overpowering the officer in both skill and strength, she didn’t seem to be trying to actually hit him.

And then, just as things got interesting, just as the tides might have been shifting, Chloe awoke to a knock at her door.

Narcissa Rhye stood at the open threshold. She held two sheathed sabres at her side, clasped between her strong forarm and her hip.

“Come on, dear youth, it is time to practice.”

Chloe sat up. If what she had dreamt really was a vision of the future, she had better improve her abilities, and by quite a large margin.

Every once and a while, you write a few thousand words into a first draft and then realize that you’ve constructed a giant mess, full of contradictions and useless plot lines. Worse, the foundation plot has no clear resolution, even in your, the writer’s mind, and you wish it didn’t exist at all.

For me, that story was the Solune Prince, the story of Chloe’s first experience outside of the Solune Kingdom. The problem is, I knew that I would have to return to it at some point. The Solune Prince is an important part of Chloe, it’s her transition from a ditzy genius to a ditzy genius conqueror. She follows in the footsteps of her mother, you see. This is to be either the next, or next next project: The Solune Prince.

This project is an indirect sequel to Evidence.

Daniel Triumph.

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