Kompendium of Man

See Also, the Encyclopædia Léxis Exígisi

This is an Compendium of Dawngale Characters. It will be updated as needed, and serves primarily as a public point of reference for myself. The Επιτομή των ανθρωπότητα (Compendium of Mankind) was written by Chloe Rhye, and exists within Dawngale as well as without.

Traits may be subject to change in the future as I retcon and adjust for consistency and improvement. Stars* denote areas that are to be filled in when the information needed becomes available. They also note names or titles that are placeholders. [Square brackets] indicate side notes. Treat them as footnotes.

The Kompendium of Aνθρωπότητα

This version of the Επιτομή των ανθρωπότητα is organized by family name of the female line first, then by place of birth for those that lack or do not identify with their family. The Royal and Servant families are prioritized.

Sur-Name (Label) Middle-Name Auxiliary-Name(s), Given-Name.

The Servants of Dawngale

Nature (Mother) Däwngale, Genisis.

Also known as the Servant of the Overside.

Nature (Father) Duskríde, Origin.

Also known as the Servant of the Underside.

The Children of Genisis and Origin a Nature.

Nature, Diasical.

Also known as the Servant of the Innerside. Also known as Newman, creator of the listwalkers.

Nature (Death),

Nature (Birth)

Nature (Conciousness)

Nature (Balance)

The Servants that have committed apothœsis.





The Apprentice Servants

Dawngale (Friendship) May Zeth, Alice.


See, “Children of Genisis Däwngale Nature.”

Rhye (Sovereignty)(The Solune King), Issacc.

See, “The Solune Royal Family.”

Children of Genesis Dawngale Nature.

Däwngale Rheya May, Yaska

Yaska was the first solitary creation of Genesis, and she was possessed by her from the day Yaska left Village #4 to the day she defeated (Death).

Yaska is a Tier 1 being, meaning she is as powerful in body, mind, and spirit as Genesis and Origin. Yaska is the most physically powerful being in the universe, proven by her sudden surge of power after Genesis gave up possessing her.

Däwngale Maya, Reyla

Yaska’s older sister. She is of Djeben blood.

Däwngale May Zeth, Alice

Attached to Finch Dirge May Zeth.

Domains include: The Solune Kingdom, the East Metch Kingdom, The N’Tarial Plains, and the Djeb.
Apothœsis condition: Befriend the Elken, the Obsidian, and the Lussa, as well as one civilization from a far off land.


The Solune Royal Family

Rhye (Sovereignty)(The Solune King) “Mars”, Issaac.

Elham founded the Solune Kingdom, and is of the first generation of Solune. He and most of his family are nearly immortal.

Yaska, Chloe, and Elham were the only Dawngale characters that I made before creating the Dawngale world.

Rhye (The Conqueror)(Mistress), Gwenhime

Gwenhime was once a vicious, barbarian-like conqueror. Her husband often accompanied her conquests, and when he did the result was something akin to colonization and assimilation. Her exploits are the reason why most nearby kingdoms speak Solune. She conquered the Djeb and the East Metch Kingdom, and intends to conquer the north and south in the future.

Gwenhime has no claims to the throne, and no will over it outside of advice to her husband. Thus, she is a Mistress of the Kingdom, but not a Majesty.

Rhye Crystal (Majesty)(Mistress), Jealousy

The oldest child of Gwenhime and Issaac. Occasionally swaps consciousnesses with herself either two years in the future or two years in the past.

Rhye, Zealott

Thought to be evil, and stripped of his Majesty. Left the kingdom.

Very close to Janna Rhye

Rhye (Magistrate)(Sir)(Majesty)(Mistress), Natasha

Ex-Captain of the Murdock City guard, and current Captain of all five guards. She also ran the Solune Agents for a time, but the King took the task back after he began to need them for diplomatic missions.

Magistrate Rhye has constructed a new set of laws, specifically around punishment and law enforcement. She created 27% of the current law, and modified 84% of the remainder.

Natasha is known for her loyalty to her kingdom, and her uncanny competence. She is also adept at managing complex systems, especially mathematical, temporal and navigational. This is what made her a prime Captain.

Natasha and Kain are twins.

Shinn Sootie (Mistress)(Magistrate) Rhye, Kain

Kain lives a peaceful life in the Sol-Metch State. He married a Djeben traveller named Isabelle Sent Sootie. When they married, he took her last name to avoid the attention of having a royal surname. They intend to have many children, but Isabelle has troubles child bearing. (The will still have many children regardless.)

Kain is also an ordained Magistrate like his sister. Kain as dropped Majesty from his titles, but he technically still retains its powers and respect.

Kain and Natasha are twins.

Rhye (Majesty)(Mistress)(King), Janna

Janna is the primary heir to the Solune throne. She has a violent temperament, but she grows out of in by the adjusted age of twenty-six.

Janna is attached to Drake.

Rhye, (Majesty) Drake

When they became each other’s protectors, Drake took Janna’s last name. He did not like his master Aeisticht, who was very selfish.

Attains the Majesty title upon Janna’s coronation.

Rhye (Master)(Majesty)(Lussa Princess)(Doctor)(Mistress) Yaska Duskríde, Chloe

Chloe is one of the most intelligent people on the planet. She is also brave, a trait that surprises even herself at times.

Chloe is quite beautiful, as is to be expected of a Prince. Chloe Rhye is two tiers of beauty higher than most other people, which is lucky for them as she is beyond compare, and therefore no one else is expected to look as stunning as she. (See tiers in the Lexis.)

The Riley Royal Family

Prince's Family2.jpg
Daniel Triumph, 2013

Rhye (Prince)(Doctor) “Pluto”, Ishmiel

Ishmiel, most often called Pluto, is married to Honor Nature. He is extremely devoted to his family, if only by accident. He met his wife in the northern wood, and over many years courted her. After much effort, she fell for him completely, and abandoned even her own domain.

Pluto’s devotion to his wife has never wavered, and when they accidentally had their first child, that devotion changed from one to a woman, to devotion to his family.

Rhye Nature, Honor

Honor is the wife of Ishmiel. She was once a spirit, a child of mother nature’s, which is why she bears the name Nature. She left her domain out of her devotion to Pluto, effectively becoming a Fiend.

Rhye, Millie

Millie Rhye is the oldest and only daughter Pluto and Honor. She has some of the fiendish features of her mother, whiskers, a split cat’s-lip, and cat eyes.

Rhye, Gaul

Gaul Rhye is the youngest and only son of Pluto and Honor. He is very spirited.

The Other Rhye

??? Venus, Rhye

Venus is most often seen as Janna’s uncle. He is the older brother of Mars and Pluto, and has difficulties comprehending and applying morality. He is deeply interested in robotics and combustion engines, and also leads a large, neglected slave ring.

Lillith Duskride Rhye, Nature

Like Pluto, Venus found partnership with a spirit. Immortal beings tend to find each other, if given enough time. Lillith met Venus shortly after training Chloe Rhye in the art of sabre fencing.

They met on the battlefield and it was (and I know my fellow romance writers will hate this) love at first sight. He swiftly incapacitated her, and the met up after the conflict, in secret.

The Solune Legends

Yaska Rheya May Däwngale

Chloe Yaska Rhye

Janna Rhye

Drake Rhye

Salt Resz

The Gladius of the King

From the Legendary Event

Jin Resz Sing

Wallace Aura Ceramar

From the Wall of Bones Conflict

Natasha Rhye

From Duties to the Kingdom

(to be studied.)

Musings (on the Riley)

The Riley are easily identified by their jet black hair, dark skin around the eyes, and pale skin.

If you looked at any map of the Solune kingdom, the Riley town of FACE is labeled as “somewhere in this forest.” Only its residents and the Solune Agents know the town’s true location, for anyone else it remains hidden like a Riley in the night. Setzer jogged down the forest trail leading to his home town. Eventually it opened up and FACE stood before him. He waved to the town guards, Carl and Miles, as he stepped in.

The people of FACE held all sorts of regular jobs, from the two guards at the front, to the people who hunted in the northern woods near the mountains, to the innkeeper, Kasuga and her husband who was a woodcutter. Other residents held less honest ones as burglars, thieves, cutpurses and scammers. People who led such lives were allowed into FACE, but it depended heavily on what they stole. Encouraging the authorities to find the exact location of FACE is considered a high crime. There were strict rules put in place to keep the town a “low threat” in the Solune Kings eyes. This is the primary reason why Miles guarded the area. She would search the entrants to ensure that nothing that would make them a “high threat” or put the town “in need of investigation.”

Setzer walked past Miles without getting stopped. He actually worked for the king as a scout and investigator, as a Solune Agent, and therefore did not need a search. In fact he could end up being the one to look into the town if it was thought something expensive or important had been smuggled in.

—The Riley Town of FACE

The Selection Trilogy (v2.0)

This review is a second draft of a post from my first blog. It was originally released two years ago. I’ve omitted the parts that I now blatantly disagree with, and have put in [square brackets] some other parts that I want to comment on.

Later, I’ll be releasing a review of the second series, the Heir and the Crown. So far, I like it much better, but I’m not very far.

I must be a very boring person, because whenever I try to share my interests, they get passed over and ignored by my friends. [In the two years since I wrote that sentence, I’ve come to realize that the reason I don’t share interests with my friends is because they are nerds and I’m an artist.] Anyway, I made a deal with a friend. We book swap and do reviews, I gave her Ookami to Koushinryou (get em hooked on a series, right?) This was not a bad book (it really wasn’t). [the rest of this sentence was cut.]+

The Selection


The Selection seems to be written as some kind of dizzy wet dream for whoever the target audience was. The audience did not include me, but I have to say that the book did it’s part to keep me entertained. Here’s the run down. A bunch of girls are sent to the castle to do a not-that-weird dating game with the prince. he can’t go around courting girls since he’s so busy doing prince things (which we never read about), so he brings the girls to him. He befriends the main character after she knees him almost in the groin and it’s all uphill from there. Let’s break this down, and then at the end I’ll [break out] the feminism terminology, since I’ve studied feminist critical theory and I’d love to try it out outside of class.

Looking back on it now, the main character is your typical “out of place teenage girl” with a punky attitude, also fairly typical. She does what she wants and is NOT interested in the main love interest, Prince Maximillion. (it’s actually Maxon, but you know what the author was going for.) I thought this was interesting, but then I remembered that two different Anne Hathaway movies already did this, Ella Enchanted and Princess Diaries II. Not that original. Their encounters are pretty generic, but still manage to be interesting enough that I kept reading.

[Keep in mind that it takes a lot to keep me reading a book. I prefer audiobooks. Nowadays, only Michael Crichton and Madeline L’Engle have presented anything compelling enough to keep me turning the pages. I actually put down Harry Potter, and would not have finished it if it weren’t for the audiobooks. I don’t really like Rowling as an author. I think this whole issue was created because I went to school to study English, and everything I read was of much higher quality, so I can’t switch back. I’ve been spoiled by the English Canon!]

The rest of the selection gets weeded away as the book progresses, making one think that the author chose too high a number (35) and didn’t want to do editing or draw it out too much. You can guess from the start, based on character development, who is safe and who will get cut. The main character is safe, although the book would have been interesting if he sent her home at the end of the first book and the second was from Mixon’s perspective (trying to politricks her back in). The main character’s friend, Marlee, is also safe.

There seems to be some kind of weird political subplot. This is a post WWIV world, where America has been lost to monarchy. It’s weird and I feel like the main country Illéa is the real bad guy. There are attacks from the rowdy North (Canada?) and from the deadly South .(Mexico? Due to Racism?) Nothing other than rebel attacks come up for politics in this book. It’s probably the most intriguing thing about it.

Feminist Critical Theory Applied

Alright, here we go. I took notes.

Apparently in a post WWIV world, men still expect to be the bread-makers (pg 50). Aspen does nothing but insist on such patriarchy. “I am a man, I’m supposed to be a provider”

Delicacy, nice hair, a nice dress, and so on… is what really make you a lady, still? After around a hundred years women are still defined by such meaningless and out of control features? Why?

“I wouldn’t call leadership one of my strong suits,” despite the fact that she seems appropriate for the task, the author makes sure the reader knows that America (the main character) will never rule.

The Selection does nothing for women, and actively enforces patriarchy, but I mean, it basically promised it. Just think about the slogan: “35 girls. 1 Crown. The competition of a lifetime.” Competing for one man, that’s a woman’s competition of a lifetime. Great.

Maybe I’ll get the audiobook of the second, if only to exercise my feminist criticism.

[I was a fairly fervent feminist in the twelfth grade when I wrote this. Even now, I’m all for equality, but I’m a little less… aggressive about the patriarchy. If anything, I’d say I’m probably one of the few feminists that is willing to question the patriarchy’s existence. It’s a divisive and dangerous theory.]

The Elite


The Elite
This dress looks like bricks…

When I first started listening to The Elite (audiobook), I was expecting more of the first. Which isn’t bad, but certainly isn’t good, as you read above. Anyway, The Elite was a fantastic book. So good and so overarching that I go as far as to recommend you SKIP the first one. You simply don’t need it, nothing important happens. It’s like that one boring chapter in a book that adds nothing.

In The Elite, the main character, America, continues with the selection, competing for the prince’s hand in marriage. The difference is that instead of having 20+ flat, one dimensional contestants (and Celeste), there are only six. It’s like the Dragonball world tournaments, where we’ve moved on from the qualifiers (which they started skipping, because they are boring and pointless) and gone to the full tournament. The fights, err, competitions are meaningful and the opponents have purpose! You learn about the competitors and the competitions are actually relevant, like when they have to make banquets for foreign visitors. My favourite element of The Elite and its sequel, the One was the rebels. It turns out that I’m not the only one who though that this aspect was interesting. You delve deep into why the United States has become a monarchy and the differences between the two rebel groups. You meet rebels, instead of them just being people who attack and destroy. You finally get to see their full destructive potential, before it’s washed off of the walls.

The One

This all continued into The One very cleanly. It felt like the same book, but in a good way. The girls got whittled down to four, then three. My favourite character, Celeste, finally got redeemed. I was hoping we’d get to see the side of her I liked and excited when it happened. The ending of The One, however, was terrible. I could tell it was rushed. It was like the author thought, “How can I get the king out of the picture in case I need a sequel?” or “How can I make sure that they have no guidance when the ascend, in case I need a sequel?” AND now my favourite can’t appear in any of those supposed sequels. Just, very aggravating. The One

Now I’m going to talk about the upcoming book, err, it’s actually out. This time we focus on the child of the two main characters from the previous trilogy. I have only heard reviews, so here is my impression and thoughts.

The Heir

I am very disappointed that we aren’t sticking with the old couple and doing ANOTHER SELECTION. I know there’s a twist, since it’s a reverse harem this time, but STILL.

I don’t know why content creators think that once the couple is together, they have to move on, but it’s simply not true. Case in point, Love Hina. It’s a manga where the main two get together in, like, chapter 40. of 120. [Now I’m reading Hajimete no Gal, which is amazing and the main pair are together and making out in the first volume. It’s wonderful!] I would have loved to see the two run their country and implement Maxon’s “magic plan.” I would have loved to see them develop further, and join forces with the Northerners, and deal with the Southerners. I would have loved to see the south towns get fixed, and for them to stop being considered the slums, but no.

I am going to give this (audio)book a chance though, and judge it for what it is, not what I wanted it to be.


Daniel Triumph.

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Freedom Press’s first publication: Investigating the Scandalous Royal Family

DoP: 4016.07.22

If you were to investigate the Solune Royal family, you would find out many things that most people already know. Digging deeper will garner only anecdotes. If you wanted to learn anything of interest, second hand research will only present you with dead ends.

So, I decided to use first hand research. I talked to my wife about it first. I was about to interview members of the Royal family. Most people forget that if they weren’t royalty they would have only the following titles:

  • Warlord
  • Conqueror
  • Exile
  • Deserter
  • Dethroned
  • Criminal
  • Omni-Ace
  • Guard Captain

I’ll list them again, with names and Royal titles.

  • King Elham “Mars” Rhye, (Warlord)
  • Princess Gwenhime “Gwendalyn” Rhye (Conqueror)
  • Prince Crystal Jealousy Rhye (Exiled)
  • Prince Zealott Rhye (Deserter)
  • Prince Sir Natasha Glass Rhye (Poet, ex-Guard Captain)
  • Queen Kain Soote Rhye Shinn (Dethroned)
  • Prince Janna Rhye (Criminal)
  • Prince Chloe Yaska Ellis Rhye (Omni-Ace)

The key investigative targets will be the exiled Jealousy, the conqueror Gwenhime, and the Omni-Ace Chloe. For those unaware of what an Ace is, it is someone who has completed an eight to ten year degree in a subject, and are therefore an academic expert. Chloe is one of the five people I know of who have completed every single available degree. (The other two are Bradley Jeremy, Joss Resz, and Jin Resz Sing and Salt Sing Resz.)

So far I’ve only interviewed Sir Natasha Rhye. She is extremely protective of her family, and I gained no useful information. She will not crack under any investigative techniques, so it isn’t even worth trying. I will now move on to Gwenhime or Chloe, as they are in the same city, then I will search the wilderness for Jealousy.

Until next publication,

Wallace Aura Ceramar.


Update: 4016.07.23

Chloe was willing to talk to an outsider without appointment. I say outsider, because these people are Solune. I’m in the Solune Kingdom. Do you understand what I am not? That’s right, Freedom Press is run by a half-Metch, or half East-Metch, half N’Tariel.

Gwenhime claims that she has a long waiting list and has put me at the bottom of some list. I only have to wait half a year’s time! Only that!

Chloe asked that I give her a day to finish her current experiments, and I obliged. She seems very mild and noble, so this may end up being a pleasant interview.


Update: 4016.07.24
I’ve recorded, word for word my interview with Mistress Chloe Rhye. It’s entirely incredible and also entirely unreadable. I’ll have the formatting done and plates made tomorrow. Wax and acid are all well and good, but I think that we will find ourselves a proper printing press for this article. See you on 4016.07.25!

Wallace ❤ !

Written by Wallace Solaris Ceramar.

Edited by Daniell T.A.

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Darkling Dreams

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Unfortunately that didn’t go to plan in the slightest, and I’m not really sure what happened that screwed every intention I had.

My last post — nearly a month ago now — was right before Camp NaNo began, and I had talked about getting ready for that, and I possibly also ranted about work… *Looks off innocently*

I suppose I could account part of my “falling off the blog wagon” incident to work and how much of a hell situation is was a month ago, but that has smoothed over for the most part again about two…

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