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Table of Contents: Alice and Finch

Alice and Finch

This is the old Table of Contents for Alice and Finch.
Most of the content linked here is not publicly available.

Please see the current Table of Contents for your navigation ease.

Alice and Finch is the story of a young boy who meets the village monster, only to find out that she’s not a monster, she’s only a strange little girl. Excitement ensues until the two are separated, Alice is exiled and they work to reunite…

This is the first draft of Alice and Finch. The ending is a little unsatisfactory in my opinion, but overall the point is made and it works out okay. There are also a few strange moments here and there that will be cleaned up, and finally, there is not enough marriage!

All of these issues are to be cleaned up in the final draft, which is set to begin in 2019. Hope to see you then!

Alice is a very small fourteen year old girl from the west. She has the uncanny appearance of the Plainkind and is considered by most adults to be dangerous. Most kids know what she really is though. Alice isn’t dangerous, she’s fun!

Finch is the kind of boy who prefers to follow rules. He listens when his father tells him to avoid the south, and to stay away from the monster who is Alice. Finch doesn’t come to Alice, but luckily for him, Alice comes to him.


Essays and Analysis


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In Other Works

Alice and Finch show up as supporting cast members in the first novella of The Solune Prince. You can see what they’re like as a couple, living together. (That they are married is assumed.)

Specifically: chapters like: The Solune Prince: Alice and Finch; or Posters Part1, or The Solune Prince: Posters Part2; or Alice’s Wondrous Cooking

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