Progress: Alice and Finch Compilation

Okay, one of the first projects on this blog was a trilogy of short stories called Alice and Finch. I’m not going to explain it here, because this post isn’t a summary, it’s an announcement.

Alice and Finch will be compiled into a novellette, including the trilogy, Inck, and the Epilogue, running to about 10 000 words. The manuscript is to be completed by June 14th, 2017. Initially it will be available as an ebook for $10, or maybe just $8. Later, much later, I’d like to purchase a second ISBN and release a hardcopy of it through a print on demand service and sell it for $15.

For now I’m just going to figure out this whole ebook, self publishing thing before I purchase actual inventory. I’ll make some updates when I actually have a clue.

Daniel Triumph.
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P.S. I’m aware that self publishing is inexpensive, and people often sell ebooks for $2-4. I am not those people. I charge by quality, not manufacturing. This is how art tends to work, if you undersell yourself, people assume that the content they’re buying is worth less. Thus, I’ll charge what it’s worth. Of course, research will factor into it as well, I’m not entirely dumb! Haha!

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