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On Music: Should you Rock and Write?


Thanks for reading,

Daniel Triumph.
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Okay, but why not?

Alright, it’s a fact that music is a distraction. Especially anything with vocals, or things that sound like voices such as guitars. The truth is that our brains will passively focus on the music and some of our cognitive abilities will be lost, distracted. Right now I’m listening to prog metal, and having a lot of trouble trying to stay focused. I don’t know why I do this to myself, really.

But when I’m writing fiction, crafting a narrative, I listen only to either silence, or the Falling Up album Mnemos (not an affliate link, it’s just bandcamp. I told you I’m paranoid about selling out lol). It’s a chill experimental rock album with no guitars and almost no voices either. It’s much better than going on youtube and listening to alpha waves. Eww.

But really, if you want to focus on productivity and quality music will only hamper you.

If you’re looking to have fun enjoying music while you do stuff, I mean, go ahead, but personally quality is more important to me than music.

Thanks for reading, for real this time,

Daniel Triumph.
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3 comments on “On Music: Should you Rock and Write?

  1. Agnes Krawczyk says:

    When I was in school, my usual go-to thinking music was Vivaldi.


    1. But all the strings! I used to study to Ellie Goulding, but I stopped listening to her a while ago. Now it’s Falling Up’s Mnemos as I said, or Your Sparkling Death Cometh. Occasionally also Zedd or Rick Astley’s new album 50.


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