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[Update: Please note that this project has long be dropped. While I do hope one day to write a critical essay on Symphonia, and likely its characters (I think the story has enough to warrant it), the project laid out in this post ended around the time I returned to University. You can still read it nonetheless.]

I wasn’t quite sure what I was going to do when I wrote the first post on Symphonia, but now I know exactly what I’m going to do. I’ll likely do large scale character reviews for each of the nine playable characters, and also some of the non-playable characters.

I’m going to make a lot of “Overview” posts as I go along. Basically, a log of what happened and how I reacted. What I thought of the events as they happened to the characters.

Then, at the end of it all, I’ll be writing two reviews. A spoiler free one for those who haven’t played the game. Maybe I’ll spark some interest! The second review will be gigantic. It will touch on all major elements of the eighty hour game. It’ll be an argument for why it’s such an important game, and why it’s eternal, that it’s not just nostalgia that keeps me playing.

One other thing I plan to do at the end is to write an essay or two. I’ll be thinking of good thesis’ to use, but I’ll be writing straight up academic style essays. Likely I’ll do one on racism, and maybe also the sacrifice of using non-renewable energy (exspheres.) Maybe even one on developed vs undeveloped nations. (Sylvarant vs Tethe’alla, and how racism is only really big in the developed one.)

This is my favourite game of all time. My second isn’t even in the same realm. It might be because I’m not actually a gamer, I just care about a good story regardless of the medium. Because I’m so passionate about Tales of Symphonia, you can bet on my finishing at the very least the overview, large-scale review, and a few character overviews (especially Lloyd’s.) You have my word.

Daniel Triumph.

First Tales of Symphonia Post here

P.S. There’s a good chance I’ll be creating a Table of Contents for all this content, so if you’re scared of getting lost in it all, fear not!


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