The Mayonnaise Machine

Okay, this is a real off-beat post, but stay a while, and let me tell you how I put mayonnaise into my computer to make it run cooler.

Interested? Well then let’s go.

It started about two weeks ago. I got this computer, right? I had a plan, a simple, cost-effective plan. Anyone who watches ReviewTechUSA’s videos might have seen this one. For those of you who are skittish around links, let me break it down. This guy, Rich, build a gaming PC for only $250 USD. That’s around $340 CAD. How? Simple, get a base computer with a good processor from eBay or Amazon, and then buy upgrade parts. RAM, a power supply, and a nice graphics card. Sweet! Sounds pretty easy. So, I get it all together. I spend $250 on a base, quad core i5, then $150 on a graphics card. $50 on a PSU. Skip the RAM, the computer has 8gb of Kingston installed in it anyway. That’s pretty good, $450 before shipping.

So I wait. Continue reading “The Mayonnaise Machine”